These Metallic Cage Heels Are a $15 Must-Have!


Ladies, for $15, you need these shoes.  I mean, look at them!  Metallic. Cage. Heels.  They’re just all types of amazing!  I’m actually pretty shocked that they’re still in stock.  I’ve seen many a shoe sell out on ShoeDazzle long before they hit the clearance section.  I won’t question it…I’ll just relish in the fact that […]

Style Me Friday Is Back with a Little Inspiration from Olivia Palermo!


I can’t even tell you how many emails, tweets, Facebook messages I received asking what happened to Style Me Friday? I don’t know what to say except it was stressing me out…and that honestly could have just been a symptom of my overall exhaustion with the blog, but it just stopped being fun.  I was totally […]

Good Hair Days, and Another $12 Dress


Remember when I posted about my $12 green dress that I picked up on sale at Target, and I mentioned that I had bought the dress in two colors?  Well, this is the other one. The print is so cute, right?  And, right on trend with the black and white craze that’s been hanging on […]

Hmm, How Do We Feel About Tall Open-Toe Boots?


Alright y’all, inquiring minds wanna know, how do you feel about tall open toe boots?  Over the years, I think we’ve all accepted open-toe booties as totally normal, but for some reason a tall open-toe boot feels a little different.  That’s not to say that I don’t love the look…quite the opposite, actually.  I was […]

#ManicureMonday Julep Maven “Jeanne”


Ladies, can you believe I haven’t painted my nails in like 3 months.  A shame, right?  I generally sit through several LONG conference calls a day for work, and randomly last week, it dawned on me that if I wasn’t leading the meeting or using my computer to follow along, I miiiiight be able to paint […]

On The Boulevard…


Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty good.  I spent my entire Saturday running errands…grocery shopping, Target run…the usual.  And, I had to go to the gym to make up for missing bench press day last Friday.  Then yesterday, I made my way down to what I think is considered the Grant Park/Cabbagetown area […]

Is it Fall Yet?


Prepare yourselves for at least 4 more weeks of me whining about the weather. Lol! I wish it would just be fall already.  If I’m being totally honest, this summer in Atlanta has been relatively mild.  Some rainy evenings, we may even get a nice breeze.  I took advantage of one such evening, and broke […]

#FitFriday 30 Day Push-Up Challenge Link Up!


Alright, ladies! I’m 5 days in to the 30 Day Push-Up Challenge.  Today’s challenge was 10 push-ups, and guess what…I did 20!!! BOOM! I mean, I didn’t do it on purpose, but we had to film the video twice, so ya know…you gotta do what you gotta do for the blog. Lol!  Like I mentioned in […]

These Damn Cutoff Shorts… Again!


I know you guys are probably so sick of these shorts.  I’m sorry, y’all.  They’re my favorite.  In fact, I have drawer full of shorts, and I’m pretty sure these are the only ones I’ve worn this summer.  What can I say…they go with EVERYTHING.  Plus, I am a big fan of mixing super casual […]

30 Day Push-Up Challenge – Let’s Do This!


Alright, ladies! Remember our 30 Day Abs Challenge? Well, I’ve got a new one for you — a 30 Day Push-Up Challenge.  I actually started yesterday, so I’m on day two and I can proudly say that busting out 5 push-ups in morning is a breeze…and not the “girl push-ups” on my knees…I’m talking real pushups! But, […]

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