Do these shoes really exist?

My good friend Gylli can attest, I have been looking for the perfect pair of nude or tan wedges for at least a year now.  I searched and searched all summer long last year and couldn’t find a pair that tickled my fancy (though, I did find a really cute pair of tan platforms instead *smile*)!  There was something wrong with every pair…wrong color, didn’t like the straps, didn’t like the wedge, didn’t like the toe, it had studs, it’s an espadrille, blah, blah, blah, they just weren’t right!  I really just want a fairly simple wedge, no studs, no patent leather, no extras.  Much to my delight, I opened my April mags to a plethora of Cynthia Vincent for Target ads for the PERFECT pair of tan wedges… the Cynthia Vincent Gladiator Wedge Sandal and to top it all of they were only $29.99!!! JACKPOT!!! or so I thought!  The Cynthia Vincent for Target collection hit Target Stores on 4/19 and I was online first thing in the morning…Roadblock #1 - you can’t buy them online. They are only available in-store. Bummer, but not the end of the world.  There are 2 Target stores within 5 miles of my job so I headed right over to Target on my lunch break.  Much to my dismay, these beautiful wedges were no where to be found. Sad and hungry, I headed back to work and went straight to Target’s website.  I figured I’d just check the in-store availability rather than driving all over LA looking for these shoes… Roadblock #2 - Well, much to my surprise, EVERY SINGLE STORE in the LA area was SOLD OUT! Are you kidding me?  I thought to myself, maybe they just haven’t received the stock yet, so I checked back every day for about a week. Well, you’ve probably already figured out that they damn shoes never showed up! (Oh, did I mentioned I actually went to 4 different Target stores, and called about 10!!!)  I made my last attempt today calling a Target Store nearby that showed “limited availability” online.  No luck. :(

So I guess my search for the perfect nude/tan wedge continues… Suggestions???

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