Goofy Pics: OOTD + Seven "Dojo" Jeans @ Costco for $100!!

Don’t ask why I’m up at 1 am blogging.  I’m having a little trouble sleeping. Perhaps it was the nap I took at 6???  This really sucks because I actually feel tired, but I just can’t sleep so here I am.  I actually meant to post my OOTD earlier today, but I was feeling a little lazy, hence early evening nap.  These pictures were taken by my cousin/roomie, Nathan in the Trader Joe’s a.k.a. the best store ever, parking lot.  The other night he asked me who takes the pics for my blog, and why I look like I’m on the verge of hysterical laughter in all the pics, to which I replied…didn’t you read the title “Goofy Pics?”  I’m not on the verge of laughter, I am actually laughing… hysterically! Lol.  Today he asked me to go run errands with him, and I told him that he had just earned himself the Photographer of the Day award! Yippee!!!!

What I’m Wearing…
~ Sheer Blouse
~ Brown leather belt
~ Boyfriend Jeans, thrifted (You guys probably think these are the only jeans I own. Lol. What can I say they are so damn comfy!
~ Jessica Simpson “Sember” slingback peep toe bootie
~ Bakers “Beack St.” handbag (seen here and here)
~ Mossimo sunglasses from Target.
~ Gold tone hoop earrings from Target

While we were out I picked up the latest issue of People: Style Watch.  For some reason, this is the only magazine that I read faithfully but do not have a subscription to. I think I should cancel my Marie Claire (not sure why, but it doesn’t tickle my fancy) and get this one instead.  It’s a great magazine for pics. There aren’t really any articles… Just a ton of pictures and it always tells you exactly where you can buy the clothes. I like to rip the pages out for style inspiration.

I look about 18 in this picture…smh.  Oh well, I hope I look 10 years younger than my actual age when I’m 50.

Trader Joe’s always has the most amazing flowers at the most amazing prices.  Last week that had amazing peonies in bunches of 5 for about $7…Peonies are SO expensive usually.
One of our other stops while were out today was Costco in Manhattan Beach. They had 7 “Dojo” Jeans for $109.99. Great price! If you live in the LA area and you’re looking for a great Trouser Jean, go check them out!

They also have really cute Levi’s Boyfriend Jeans for the low, low price of $17.49.

Lol…Nathan is holding the jeans up while I take a picture and he’s quite embarrassed :)
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