Goofy Pics: OOTD

Pretty busy day at work today, and I’m feeling a little drained.  I was barely able to sneak away from my desk to snap a few shots. Btw, shout out to my official photographers at work — Colleen and Ronnie! These lovely ladies get to see me acting all squeamish in front of the camera. I don’t know why taking these OOTD pics makes me feel so dorky! Anyway, today’s shots came out a little dark (still waiting to receive my new camera charger!).

What I’m Wearing…
~ Perwinkle-ish camisole that actually came with a sequin blouse that I can’t find :(
~ Off-white Amanda Smith silk blouse, thrifted from the Goodwill.  I love how feminine and flowy this blouse is.
~Black Vest
~Trouser Jeans.  You can’t really see it in the picture, but these jeans have the cutest vertical railroad stripes.
~ Steve Madden peep-toe booties, purchased at Macy’s.
~ Black patent skinny belt that came off of an H&M dress I never wear! Love the belt though :)
~ I ended up not wearing the necklace, but I purchased it at forever 21.  I love necklaces with leaves for some reason.  I  buy them all the time.

photo 5


05252010 (4)

05252010 (22)

05252010 (1)

05252010 (2)

05252010 (6)

05252010 (19)

05252010 (25)

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4 Responses to “Goofy Pics: OOTD”

  1. VJDesarden ~ Ronnie says:

    Luv it!!!! You are doing pretty good at keeping us updated!

  2. L ~DIY Diva~ says:

    love your blog and your style….go girl!

    new follower by the way.

    fashion DIY @ Avidaccents.blogspot

  3. Ife' says:

    Thanks for following, L! I'm following your blog, too! Gotta love DIY fashion! Keep it coming :)

  4. tay903 says:

    I love this look. The shoes are hot.

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