Goofy Pics: Outfit of the Week

Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and say that I definitely did NOT miss my calling to be a model…trust me when I say, there was just no calling (not that I ever thought there was. LOL!!!)  I feel goofy, and so incredibly awkward taking these pics which is why I’m cracking up (or holding in my laugh for dear life) in all of them. Nonetheless, I said I’d try this whole self-portrait thing at least once a week, so here it goes…
This is actually a repeat outfit from last Saturday.  I went to a fight/pleasure party and was running late and rushing.  My fave scarf was lying on the floor next to a basket of clothes fresh from dryer.  For some reason I had my mind set on wearing my black Aldo “Imming” thigh high boots  (replacements for the boots these boots which I actually returned after deciding the Aldo version were more my taste…a bit simpler).  Of course, these boots are a statement piece in and of themselves, so I originally planned on throwing them on with a pair jeans and a white t-shirt, but the scarf seemed to be calling my name and it was a bit chilly out.  I figured I’d go for the scarf and no jacket.  Now the scarf is HUGE! A girl at my job mentioned that it was big enough to be a table cloth! ha!  So I went to fold the scarf in half diagonally, and thought to myself, hey! why not just throw it on as a halter over my t-shirt.  Well, I was so pleased with my little scarf top, that I decided to repeat the outfit to work today with a few small changes (repeating weekend outfits allows me to sleep in about an extra 30 min during the week! ha!).
Saturday’s Outfit
Today’s Outfit
Thigh high boots just didn’t seem appropriate for work (or at least I haven’t got the courage to wear them…yet) so I swapped them out for bronze J. Lo sandals circa 2007 (snagged from the DSW clearance rack).  They have the cutest little bow detail.  Instead of a white t-shirt, my scarf topped a gray sweater tube top.  Originally I planned on wearing my trusty dusty thrift shop boyfriend jeans (shown below) but on my way out the door I changed my mind and opted for classic Levi’s high waisted skinnies.  They are super long and have a relaxed fit for a skinny jean so I rolled them and they kind of had the same boyfriend vibe.
I really can’t take myself seriously with these pictures.  I am seriously LMAO if here…smh
Now, I have to admit that while I was quite pleased with the look of my little top, by no means did I feel that it was an original concept.  Tying scarves to make cute tops is pretty common, but I did have quite a few people stop me to ask how I folded the scarf.  So if you’re wondering…

1.  Fold scarf in half horizontally to make a triangle.

2.  Grab the 2 ends that form that top point of the triangle and tie around neck like a halter.
3.  Gather 2 side points and tie a not in the back.  (I tied mine pretty tight at the smallest part of my waist, but you could also tie it loosely around your hips for a more draped blousy look.)

Okay, so I feel like I posted a million pictures bringing back awful memories of my awkward, goofy photo shoot.  Hopefully I’ll get better at this eventually.
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