Goofy Pics: Today’s Outfit…

Hey ya’ll!  I’m still trying to get the hang of this self portrait thing.  It doesn’t help that I lost my camera charger and have been using my iphone to take pictures.  My boyfriend and I have an ongoing iphone vs. blackberry war… I have to admit that the camera on his blackberry storm puts the iphone to shame… smh.  But in all other respects I HEART MY iPHONE! Apparently the camera on the 4th generation is going to be killler! But seriously, I can’t buy a new iPhone every year! so…

Dear Apple, please just get it right this time!  Thanks, Loyal iPhone User

Sorry for that tangent!  The point is I need to stop being cheap and go buy a replacement camera charger.  It’s gonna cost me about $80 (could buy a nice pair of shoes with that!) to replace the charger and the data cable, so I’m actually thinking of just buying a whole new camera….

Anyway, here is today’s outfit + a few pics from yesterday that I didn’t post because it was all about my little sister’s prom outfit!!!

What I’m Wearing…

Satin blouse  (no longer available)
Mossimo Gray Cropped Cardigan (This particular cardi is from last year but Target has great Mossimo brand cropped cardigans right now for $14.99)
Wax brand motor cross skinny jeans (snagged at Buffalo Exchange consignment shop for $19.00.  They’re an inexpensive brand but very cute and very comfy!)
Burgundy DKNY Belt circa 2003??? I stole adopted (hi Lisa!!!) this belt from my college roommate at some point while we were living together.  It’s one of my fave trusty dusty belts! Can’t seem to find this color so I’ve held on to it, and actually have a couple pairs of shoes that are a perfect match.
Burgundy Patent No Name Peep Toe Shoes. Tag says “Wanted” There is a random spot called the “$9.99 Shoe Store”, in the city of Hawthorne right on Hawthorne Blvd across the street from Hawthorne Police Dept.  All of the shoes are… you guessed it… $9.99.  Now, obviously for $10 these are not going to be real leather or anything like that, but I have found some really great, cute, trendy shoes there.  They have tons of cute sandals for summer and they don’t LOOK cheap, which is really all that matters for me.  I don’t expect them to last forever, but they’re cute and I get definitely get my $10 worth out of them.  I went this weekend with my little sister and  snagged these cuties!  I loved the wooden heel and they are super comfy! 
I originally intended to tuck the shirt in and wear the belt through the loops, but my blouse was doing that gaping thing we all love! ugh! Therein lies the problem with having breasts! I wear a size x-small or small in nearly everything, but I am a 32 DD making it nearly impossible to find a button up blouse that fits my waist and but doesn’t pull at the buttons.  I usually wear a cami under the blouse or pin it.  Today, I decided to just let the shirt tails hang out and button the cardigan to cover the pulling.  I was determined to wear the belt, so I cinched the waist instead of wearing it through the loops.  I thought it looked pretty cute that way!
Bonus Pics from Yesterday!

What I’m wearing…

H&M Jean Jacket
Chain and Pearl Necklace (I bought this at Macy’s a few months ago. Unfortunately, I don’t know who makes it! sorry!)
Pearl Studs
INC Lace Top circa 2006  (I bought this top at Macy’s years ago, but I found a great alternative at Click Link!)
Basic White Tank ($9.00 at Target. click here. I love their cotton tanks I own multiples in every color)
Black Skirt (Don’t you just love skirt and dresses with pockets!!! It was actually knee length when I bought it so I had it shortened. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available.)
Black Xhileration Footless Tights ($5 at Target)
Black & Taupe No Name Ballerina Flats (also from the $9.99 shoe store)

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3 Responses to “Goofy Pics: Today’s Outfit…”

  1. Simply Me says:

    Love the outfit, super cute!

  2. Fashion Rehab says:

    I really love the combination of the short sweater with the belt. It worked out nicely.

  3. Ife says:

    Thanks, ladies!!!

    Simply me, I am already following your blog!!! LOVE IT!

    And Fashion Rehab, I started following yours today! LOVE that beautiful tunic you're rockin in your latest post!

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