J @ The Look 4 Less: Threadsence Giveaway

Hey ya’ll! Our friend J. at the Look 4 Less has partnered with Threadsence for a giveaway! (We LOVE those!) To participate you’ll need to create on look using only items from the Threadsense online store using Polyvore.  Check out J’s “The Look 4 Less” blog for more info and contest rules.

If you like Urban Outfitters you’ll love Threadsense!  It has the same urban hiptser kinda vibe and the same reasonable prices! Their new spring collection is loaded with floral dresses and blouses, flirty tanks and tees in stripes and solids.  They have the most wonderful oversized tops to pair with with this season’s hottest trend — Jeggings! which they also have in stonewashed black and denim… My personal faves are the Rose Mesh Leggings and the the Laced Corset which comes in nude (HOT) and black!  They also have TONS of cute and inexpensive accessories.  SHOUT OUT TO J. @ THE LOOK 4 LESS FOR PUTTING ME ON TO THREADSENSE!  This definiltey won’t be the last time I visit their site!

Now, I have never used Polyvore! Where the hell have I been??? This is such a fun site. It basically allows you to go on to any online store and “clip” images from their shopping to mix and match your own outfits!  Not only does it pull the images, but it pulls all the shopping cart detail (price, description, etc)so you can easily reference (and buy) it later.  Once you’ve completed a look you can save it as a “set.”  I created 3 looks this morning for J’s contest, and I had a ball!!! (you can only submit one look for consideration.)  I’m not really an online shopper because I have a need to try things on, but this might actually inspire me to make a few purchases online.

Anyway, here is the look I submitted for J’s contest…  I call it “Girl Power”

I think I’m still stuck in fall/winter, but who cares! I love it! I’m definitely going to be purchasing the HOT pink cardigan (I know I’m not German, LOL, but I love it) and I’m considering the Corset too.

Here are the other two looks I created.  I LOVE the rose leggings.  They remind me so much of my friend Sunset.  She is the QUEEN of leggings.  She may even have some like these???

“Feminine Punk”

“Punk Chic”
this look actually combines the black corset from look #1 above and the rose leggings.  My two fave items on Threadsence.  Now that I’m looking at these all side by side, I kind of wish I had gone with this look for the contest.  This was actually the first look I created… oh well! too late now!

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2 Responses to “J @ The Look 4 Less: Threadsence Giveaway”

  1. J @ The Look 4 Less says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the mention!! I love the looks you created, and honestly this contest is going to be SO hard for me to judge – everyone's looks are fantastic. Again, thanks for mentioning my blog, I appreciate it! <3

  2. Ife says:

    My pleasure! I absolutely love your blog!

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