SATC2 Review + Miranda’s Look for Less + Giveaway

I meant to do this yesterday but I got so wrapped up in my nude wedge find and I ran out of time. Well, I have to say that I loved the movie! Actually liked it much better than the first movie. The first one was such a prototypical drama and it just didn’t stay true to essence of the show = 4 best girlfriends sharing their lives, getting into trouble, and having fun along the way. In the 1st movie, the addition of the Jennifer Hudson character, the fight between Miranda and Carrie,and Samantha being all the way in LA made took away from what we all loved about the show… watching the girls together. Now, that’s not to say that i didn’t enjoy the 1st one, because I did, but the 2nd one really stayed true to the show.  It was all about the girls, having fun, getting in trouble, and sharing whatever was going on in their lives… and I loved it!  I know it didn’t get great reviews from the critics, but what do they know (Lol)… I definitely recommend checking it out!

Now, of course, it goes without saying that the clothes were AMAZING!!! Carrie was her normal fabulous self.  The thing that I love about Carrie is that it looks effortless (more so on the show, than in the movies). Now of course, we know there is a team of stylists behind every look, but there’s something about her character that makes me feel like I could be equally fabulous.  I don’t roll my eyes and say “I could look like that too, if I was a millionaire,” ya know?  I walk away feeling like I could put together some equally fabulous looks on my thousandaire budget :)

Now for all the hardcore Sex and the City fans, did you guys catch the throwback Dior Newsprint Dress Carrie brought back from Season 4?  It’s the dress she wore when she stalked Natasha to apologize for wrecking her marriage…What an awesome throwback…

photo credit: Entertainment Weekly (click for original article)

On that note, the character that gets the I Want Her Style Award is actually Miranda.  Call me crazy, but I just don’t remember Miranda Hobbes being all that stylish on the show.  She was kinda plain and…well…I don’t know, but it wasn’t stylish.  They’ve completely revamped her character’s style.  Now, I’m not complaining…I’m loving her new found fly-ness.  One look in particular was etched into my mind, and I’ve just got to have it!  This gorgeous white Hermes button down shirt dress paired with a white blazer and white straw hat is TO DIE FOR!  Honestly, this picture does not capture how fabulous she looked, but it was the only one I could find.

Obviously, an Hermes dress is totally out the question, but I took a stab at recreating the look, and was able to find some great, affordable alternatives. What do you think? Don’t be surprised if you see me around the streets of LA channeling my inner Miranda…

I have been unbelievably lazy this weekend! I’m probably to young to be spending holiday weekends in the house… in my undies… blogging, but the truth is doing NOTHING has been great! Lazy weekends are a treasured rarity!  The weather is really nice in LA, so I should probably get out and enjoy it.  Maybe I’ll go to the beach and walk around…read a book…If I can manage to pull myself out of bed and get out of the house today, I have a really cute OOTD in mind…stay tuned…

p.s. Is anyone else totally excited about the Eat, Pray, Love movie??? Julia Roberts + Elizabeth Gilbert = Fabulous! I can’t wait!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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