Special Delivery + Goofy Pics: OOTD

Wednesdays are always particularly hard for because I have a 7:30 am staff meeting.  Only 30 minutes earlier than usual, but if feels like 3 hours, and I’m usually a full on zombie! Anyhoo, I was getting settled at my desk waiting for my Outlook to load when I received a delightful, yet unexpected special delivery… my Style Your Dream Wedding book! Those of you who follow my Loving Long Distance blog know that I got engaged last week!!! I am still floating on cloud 9, *sigh* but I get overwhelmed every time I even think about planning a wedding!  Is that weird? Am I the only 28 year old woman that truly has no idea what she wants her wedding to look like?  Well, my mom and I headed over to Barnes & Noble last week to skim through a few wedding planning books.  I fell in love with this book, but not the $49.99 price tag.  I decided to delay gratification and buy the book on Amazon.com instead, which of course means I had to wait for it to be shipped.  Well, I received notice from Amazon last night that my package had shipped but did not expect to receive it within 24 hours! Go Amazon!!! And the book was only $34.99, plus free shipping! Can’t beat that! This book has a ton of useful information to inspire bewildered brides-to-be like myself… color palettes, stationary paper recommendations and printing methods, fonts, ceremony and reception ideas, etc and it breaks it all down into “wedding styles” –Classic, Beach, Contemporary, Countryside, Garden, Fanciful, and Exotic.  Well, I don’t know exactly what I want just yet, but I do know that it falls somewhere between Garden and Countryside… stay tuned to see how it all unfolds (I’m curious myself! ha!)  There is one thing I am sure of…. THE DRESS!  I want strapless and I want one of two silhouettes — Mermaid or Sheath.



The Mermaid…


The Sheath


What I’m Wearing Today…

~Ryu jacket purchased at Philthy Ragz
~Old Navy White V-neck T-shirt (hiding under jacket)
~Brown Skinny Belt
~Boyfriend jeans, thrifted
~ Nine West sling sling-back platform circa 2005
~ Gold tone hoop earrings from Target













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4 Responses to “Special Delivery + Goofy Pics: OOTD”

  1. Ms. A. says:

    I see you in more of the sheath look

  2. Ife' says:

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing, but I always love mermaid style dresses. They are so glamorous to me…

  3. dana says:

    Love this outfit..I am so glad to have finally found a blog where I can wear the same clothes as the blogger..some bloggers' clothing are so over the top..

  4. Ife' says:

    Thanks, Dana!!! I guess the name says it all… I hope my blog provides inspiration for the girl next door, because that is certainly the category I fall into…

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