Update: Nude Wedge Search Continues…

The hunt for the perfect nude wedge continues. Shout out to my girls @dellsmoomie and @ronnies_look (as they are known on twitter.)  They passed along these great recommendations…

Steve Madden “Feaver”, $99.95 (check out the website)
…this lovely number comes in nude (blush) and cognac (tan).  It’s aaaalmost perfect. my only issue with them is the gold and silver studs. hmmm :?
Dollhouse “Tunally”, $44.55 at DSW (check out the website)
…this one is actually very cute.  It has a rustic kinda vibe that I like.  Still not quite what I’m looking for.  I think I want something with straps.
While I was on the Steve Madden website checking out the “Feaver” wedge, I actually ran across these super cute wedges that I LOVE!  They actually might be a winner… not making any promises, but maybe… they are espadrilles, so that might be a deal breaker, but the cute floral detail might just make up for it.
 Even with all these great options, I’m still on the hunt… anymore suggestions out there???
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5 Responses to “Update: Nude Wedge Search Continues…”

  1. Timmera says:

    I love those Dollhouse wedges, I want them now! I'll check the Target up here to see if they have the nudes when I go tomorrow.

  2. Ife says:

    haha! oooh yay! 44.95 for the dollhouse wedges! go for it! they are super cute!

  3. lucia says:

    you know whats funny is I love the fauntain but didnt think youd like them lol, so I didnt even bother to mention them. I liken your style to that of my daughters, since I would wear them I know she wouldnt lol.

  4. lucia says:

    well geesh lol they put my whole real first name on there, its me Dellsmoomie Miss Ife lol

  5. Ife says:

    haha! yes, yes, I knew who you were! haha! I'd have to agree. Saw your daughter's pics and she reminded me of myself. I do have an eclectic clothing personality though… I like to think of getting dressed as playing dress up.

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