Earth Laughs in Flowers..

“Earth Laughs in Flowers” 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Hamatreya”

… and apparently so do I.  My fiance’ asked me “why are yo so giddy today?”  For a Monday, I guess I was in a pretty jovial mood today.  Perhaps, that explains my floral outfit choice today???  My giddy-ness could also have something to do with his “Good Morning, you are beautiful email” that I received as soon as I powered on my computer this morning, but of course I was already dressed by then.  For those that don’t know, my fiance (Fabrice) and I have been in a long distance relationship for about 10 months and he sends me sweet emails every morning since he’s three hours ahead.  I always look forward to them.

I can assure you that my jovial mood was NOT the result of the small earthquake we had in the LA area last night.  The faults have been pretty active lately.  Last night’s quake was very quick, but it was a jolt-y one (I know that’s not a word).  Of course, I’d rather not have an  earthquake at all, but if we must have them, I prefer the rolling quakes.  The don’t rattle my nerves as much as the jolt-y ones.  Nonetheless, I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning.

What I’m Wearing…
~ Bebe floral ruffled halter top circa 2008
~ black “peplum cardigan” circa 2007
~ “tencel trouser” (these pants literally feel like PJ’s) circa 2009
~ Mossimo wedges circa 2008
~ Forever 21 dangly leaf earrings

Oh, and how could I forget!!  I received some exciting news today from our friend Chanel over at Chanel Craves! I was the lucky winner of Chanel’s $50 Forever 21 gift card giveaway!!!! Yippee!!!! (This was an AWESOME day) I can do a lot of damage in Forever 21 with $50.  That’s like a full outfit!  Thank you Chanel!!!!  Head on over to Chanel’s blog when you have a moment.  She’s too cute! I just love her sassy style, and all her FABULOUS accessories!!!.  (On that note, you may have noticed that besides belts, my accessories are pretty minimal.  I’m taking notes, Chanel!)

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo,

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