Grillin and Chillin (plus an OOTD)

The weather here in LA has been pretty moody.  It’s been warm but gloomy (in the South Bay that is).  I guess that’s why they call it June gloom. Today, the sun peeked out long enough for me and the family to throw some food on the grill! There’s nothing like grillin and chillin with the fam on a Sunday afternoon!  There were only three of us but we cooked enough food for a small village.  We grilled up some hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, chicken, chicken kabobs, shrimp kabobs, and meatball kabobs, along with some baked beans and salad.  I know, I know, way too much food.  But we had a great time… oh and let’s not forget the game! Go Lakers (right now they are up by 3 with 5:45 seconds left in the 4th…crossing my fingers!!!)

What I’m Wearing…
~ Mossimo Sweater Vest circa 2008
~ Old Navy, navy and ecru striped dress circa 2008
~ brown belt circa 2006
~ Wild Pair nude wedges, purchased last week!
(If you’ve been following my blog, you know that finding these nude wedges was quite a fashion triumph!!)
~ Forever 21 necklace
~ Bakers purse
~ Mossimo sunglasses
Throwing a few shrimp skewers on the barbie… and yes, those are slippers…LOL
First day out for the nude wedges… What do you think?? Not bad for 20 something bucks…
Okay, so I mentioned before that my fiance’ reads each and every post.  Well, this post is dedicated to him. He asked me why I’m always looking down and cropping my face out of pics.  He told me “look at the camera and show people how beautiful you are.”  The truth is I am very insecure about my face in pictures.  I have a  very “round” face… well in pictures sometimes “round” can be captured as just plain old “fat.”  My fiance’ thinks I’m crazy. But either way, this next picture is for him (and you’ll also notice that I didn’t crop my face out of any of the pictures in this post!)
Pardon my eyebrows. I am growing them out after a threading job gone awry.  I should know better than going to a new person… oh well! they always grow back.
As I’m finishing up this post, I am sad to report that the Lakers lost. Boooooo… Oh well, we gotta get our acts together in game 3!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!! 
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