Leopard, and Plaid, and Ruffles… Oh My! an OOTD story…

The daring among us have never been afraid to mix prints, but over the last few seasons mixing prints has become a full blown trend! One that may or may not be embraced by the less daring fashionista, but a trend indeed.  I will say that I love it when I see it on other people, but haven’t really stepped out there and really tried it for myself.  In order for it to work, it has to be the right print, the right colors, the right fabrication, and you have to have a neutral grounding piece (like the black jacket the model is wearing) to create perfect balance between prints…or else you end up looking like a damn fool!  But, when it’s done right, it looks oh-so-chic!

Today, I took a small baby step off into the wonderful world of mixed prints pairing a blue plaid shirt with a leopard belt, grounded with super basic boyfriend jeans and nude shoes.  This leads me to my advice for those who like the trend but are not sure how to pull it off.  Start out small with off beat printed accessories.  A bright floral clutch paired with stripes, or checks.. an animal print belt paired with a floral dress.  Sometimes having fun with accessories is just enough!

What I’m Wearing…
~ Plaid “penelope blouse”
~ Leopard “madison belt”
~ Boyfriend jeans (thrifted)
~ Wild Pair nude wedges (are you guys tired of these yet?)
~ Bakers handbag (I’m warning you know, this will be my go-to summer bag. Sorry in advance)
~ Chandelier earrings that I’ve had forever. I have no idea where I bought them???
So what do you think? Did I do okay with my mixed prints ensemble? I think it worked out well.  There are few things that made this look work, IMO.

  1. The blouse is plaid, but it’s in light and airy sheer fabric.
  2. The wash of my jeans blends right into the the blue shade of my blouse, making them a perfect neutral grounding piece, as opposed to a dark wash jeans.
  3. Nude shoes…I think that says it all!

How do you feel about mixing prints?  Do you have any pics of yourself rocking mixed prints that you’d like to share?  If so, email me your pics at fashionista.next.door@gmail.com.  I’d love to feature your pics in a Mixed Prints update post.

I am pretty sure my fiance is gonna hate this outfit.  For some reason he detests shirts with ruffles??? and he (like many men, I’ve found) is not fond of boyfriend jeans. He says they do nothing for my figure…LOL…such a man!

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo,
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