Who…What…is Ife’ (ee-fay)?

First of all, I’d like to give a quick shout out to all my new followers! Welcome and thank you for stopping by the neighborhood! I hope you enjoy my fashion and goofy pics! If nothing else, they are sure to make you smile :)

Today was a rough day at work, but you guys sure do know how to cheer a girl up! I was pleasantly surprised to see all your comments on my last post coming in my inbox throughout the day.  I had a lot of fun with that outfit.  It was more “weekend Eboni” than “9 to 5 Eboni” but that that was my mood yesterday so I went for it.  My job is laid back and pretty fashion forward so I can get away with that from time to time.  For those who liked the skirt, go pick it up at Express!!! It’s on sale for $29.99 + an additional 20% off at checkout!!! (They also have it in black and white at regular price.)  I also got a lot of compliments on the Fringe “Necklace” which as I mentioned was a detachable fringe from a dress I have.  You can get a very similar look DIY style…check out this fabulous Fringe Necklace DIY post on Love Maegan.  This was actually my style inspiration  about a month ago when I ran across the post which is actually from last summer.  I’ve been waiting for the right outfit to wear my fringe “necklace” with since I wasn’t too fond of the way it looked attached to the dress.

I had fun with today’s pics too.  My skirt totally felt like a twirly flamenco skirt (not that I’ve ever worn one of those! ha!) but I was playing with it all day.  I’ve actually had this skirt for about a two years and I’ve only worn it once, and even then I wore it as a dress.  The waist band actually folds over kinda like yoga pants, but there is something about the way it flares at the hips that just doesn’t work.  I’ve tried wearing it several times and I just didn’t like it.  Well, today I was DETERMINED to either wear it or throw it in the Buffalo Exchange pile.  Well this skirt got its act together real quick when it heard that it was getting ex-communicated from my wardrobe.  I think it worked out well.

What I’m Wearing…
~ White tank
~ Solitaire tie dye skirt, purchased at random boutique in Carson, CA (Fashion Trend???)
~ Brown braided leather belt, purchased at Target (I think)
~ Arden B. necklace
~ H&M jean jacket
Someone asked me about my tattoo, which is my middle name Ife’.   Anybody who knows me will tell you, I am obsessed with my middle name.  I am always trying to get people to name their daughters Ife’ and if I ever have a daughter of my own, Ife’ is at the top of the list! :)  Ife’ is a Nigerian (Yoruba dialect) and it means love or lover of art and culture.  If you’ve ever studied African naming customs then you know that names are very important in most African cultures, and are thought to influence/reflect a person’s true character.  My parents were very involved in the Pan-African student movement at SF State back in the 80’s.  Similar to a  traditional African naming ceremony, my parents got together with their buddies in college and chose a name that embodied the characteristics they wanted me to have…they came up with Eboni Ife’…loosely translated as “black love” or “black lover of art and culture.”  Ironically, as I came into myself it became apparent that my name did in fact embody the women I had become…a woman with a passion for the arts and a deep appreciation for cultural diversity, and of course rich sense of pride in my black-ness.
Thank you for stopping by!!!
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  1. tjlubrano says:

    Ciaooo Ife'!!!! I saw a post on Citizen Rosebudz's site with your interview and I just had to pop over. Glad I did.

    I just LOVE your name :D and your skirt is just stunning. I love those colors. My grandma is from Africa, but she grew up in Cabo Verde. I don't know much of the African side, which is a shame. It's a bit hard to know more about the past as the way they registered information in the past isn't that accurate or complete. My dad did start a research about our heritage, so who knows what we will find!

    Keep up with the awesome work with your blog ^_^

    My recent post Storytelling Time- Its A Ducks World

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