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I am always thrilled to feature fellow fashionistas here on The Fashionista Next Door!  I have to say that I absolutely LOVE today’s fashionista.  Her style is right up my alley.  It’s feminine, it’s chic, it’s everyday glam, it’s effortless…should I go on?  I am not quite sure how I found Fashion Butter but I am glad I did! Sooooo, without further ado, meet Tex!

Couldn’t you guys totally see me wearing this dress!!?!  The best part? The dress is a one of a kind Fashion Butter original! That’s right folks, this little diddy is completely DIY. You guys know that I am obsessed with DIY bloggers.  I feel like this is a talent that I am lacking soooooo I live vicariously through you all…Lol!  (btw, I have not forgotten about my DIY trouser shorts).

Anyway, I love everything about this dress, which Tex dedicates to our dear friend Mrs. Roper…that’s right, Mrs. Roper of Three’s Company! ha!  After all, she is the QUEEN of the printed caftan!  Well, this isn’t quite a caftan but I am pretty sure Mrs.  Roper would approve of the lovely print! My fave part is definitely the crocheted collar… FAB.U.LOUS. 

Tex gives the run down of how she put the whole thing together and it sounds soooo easy. Still, I have a feeling it is probably a tad bit harder than it sounds…

“The black crochet collar you see on this dress was part of a tunic I had in my closet.   I loved the idea of the crochet neckline but wasn’t into the material it was originally attached to anymore, so I decided to attack the entire thing with the seam ripper.”

“After removing the crochet collar from rest of the tunic, I took apart the body of the garment section by section.   Then, like the magic that is Larry Dallas in a leisure suit, I instantly had my sewing pattern appear right in front of me (which I already knew fit me – yay!)   Using some brown and black print material I picked up during a trip to Bali several years ago, I pinned, ironed and sewed the dress according to the lines of the original piece of clothing.   I did leave extra material for a longer hem, and at the end of the project added the tapered side vents.    Honestly, the hem was all trial/error and some freestyle sewing, but I really like the way it turned out.  Regal Beagle, here I come!’

Seriously, how much do you LOVE the Balinese fabric?  It really is quite gorgeous! and I love the asymmetric hemline.  It adds a little something, something that I adore. Tex, we are loving this dress! and I love the simple accessories with it….no muss, no fuss! stack on some bangles (or thee bangle) and go, is right up my alley as you all know :)

Tex really is wonderful, and of course, you can find more of her fabulousness on her blog Fashion Butter! Go…now! Oh, and she’s also got a wonderful giveaway going on right now for one of these beautiful sterling silver initial rings.  The last day to enter is Friday, July 16 so hurry on over and check out the details and entry rules.

Since my blog is fairly new (less than 4 months old) I kinda feel like a small fish in a really big ass pond, so I was THRILLED to learn that Tex was a frequent reader of my blog…aaaaand she even leaves comments, which I very much appreciate (from all of you!).  I was very honored when I received her Featured Fashionista Next Door submission, and her timing was perfect since I am still in convention mode over here!

Would you like to be the next Featured Fashionista Next Door? Email your submissions to fashionista.next.door@gmail.com!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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