Not So Mellow Yellow…

First things first, yes! These are the same jeans I wore yesterday. Lol! What can I say I love the fit.  Now that we got that out of the way let’s move on to the top….

 This blouse is yet another one of my thrift store finds. I was drifting from rack to rack at the Goodwill, and I saw the bright yellow sleeve poking out from the blouse rack.  I rushed over and pulled out the blouse to reveal a gorgeous cowl neck collar.  It was ALMOST love at first sight…almost. In theory, I love the bright yellow but in reality it is not really my yellow.  It’s just a tad bit too mustard-y, and in my opinion it washes my complexion out. I do better with lemon-y yellows.  So, I decided to pass and I hung the blouse back on the rack.  But, I got that feeling…you know the one where you feel like you can’t live without it? You start styling it your mind… you pick out shoes, and accessories…yep, that feeling… and then SOMEONE ELSE PICKS IT UP!!! and you could just kick yourself. Well, that is precisely what happened.  Someone else picked it up… but…they put it back and that was all I needed. I rushed over, grabbed it, and threw it in the basket. At this point, I still wasn’t sold but I didn’t want anyone else to snag it… at least not while I was still in the store!  So, I grabbed all my goodies and went into the fitting room, and that is where the magic happened…

 I slipped this beauty on over my head and it really was love at first sight. I really loved the fit, and the shoulder action and the sleeves…I still had concerns about the color, but I figured I could fix that with the right accessories.  I happened to have a pair of jeans in the fitting room with me because my original purpose was finding a pair to cut up for a pair of cutoffs (another story for another day!).  I threw on the jeans and instantly decided that this blouse had to be mine.  The bright mustard-y yellow looked FAB.u.lous paired with denim and that was all I needed!

I picked the blouse up from the cleaners last week, and I’ve been looking at it every time I open the closet, but in true Eboni fashion I was waiting for an occasion to wear it.  Well, today, I just couldn’t resist any longer (my overflowing laundry basket didn’t help!), and I figured why not get more use out of my new favorite jeans.  I thought my trusty dusty scarf tied as a belt added a nice classic-modern touch, and paired with my navy blue vintage clutch (also thrifted), this outfit is so super ladylike and fun!

I got a few comments about my new earrings! Not that any one is counting but I’ve had them about a week and this their third appearance. I absolutely love them! As I mentioned before they are the “High Glam Hoop Earrings” from Forever 21.  They retail for $5.80 and you can buy them online here.

Now, I have to tell you that I was thrilled when I found these because I had just seen these gorgeous POParazzi Swarovski Crystal Bamboo Earrings.

photo borrowed from FASHION du jour

Our friend Leslie over at Fashion Du Jour received a pair from her hubby a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been lusting for them! You guys know how I love hoop earrings.  They retail for $120 and that is just not in my budget soooooo I was very pleased to find the Forever 21 embellished hoops, and of course they were right in my price range.  That is not to say that I wouldn’t LOVE to have the real deal, too!! But I am happy for now :)

One last thing! I have meaning to say THANK YOU to Miss Catherine over at the ABC’s of College! Catherine was so kind to contact me for an interview for a feature she runs on her blog called “Dress Like a Fashionista.” Catherine’s blog is focused primarily on advice for prospective college students, but I love that she throws in an element of fun with her fashionista feature.  Besides, we’ve all heard that old adage you have to Dress for Success.  Anyway, it was a great honor to be asked to participate.  It’s always such a great compliment when someone admires your style.  Head on over to Catherine’s blog and check out the interview when you can!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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