Remember my convention shoes?  The black aerosoles that kind of look like glorified bowling shoes…yep, those are the ones.  Well, they have officially been replaced…okay, not for this year since I’ve only got two more days, but next year my little aerosoles will be getting the boot, and I’ll be replacing them with a fabulous pair of Nike Gladiator sandals….oooooh aaaahhh… they’re kinda like a hybrid boxing shoe/ gladiator sandal, right?  I don’t know, but I like them…a lot!

Now, it is my understanding that these debuted in Spring ’09 (please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).  Since I never ever ever shop for athletic shoes (aside from gym shoes), these FABULOUS babies were no where to be found on my radar…until today.  One of my co-workers was sporting a black pair today and I fell instantly in love….

…and then she told me the best part! they come in bronze!  Now as far as I’m concerned, metallics are just as neutral as browns, blacks, and nudes and I love the idea of metallic athletic shoes.  It gives them a girlie quality, don’t ya think?  And I hear that these shoes are super comfy…perfect convention shoe replacements.  Well, that’s it, I NEED these shoes in my life!  They are about $80 on zappos.com althought I don’t think all of the colors are available there. I had to do some googling to find the lilac.  What do you think of these shoes? Which color do you all like best?

In other news, I was browsing the Slaves to Fashion blog on Glamour.com and I ran across a fashion faceoff post feature Liv Tyler and Keri Hilson both wearing the same striped blazer from the Givenchy Spring ’10 RTW collection.

Coincidentally, I was browsing through the August issue of In Style last night and ran across this almost identical Anthropologie “Hello Sunday Blazer” for $98 in the Deals & Steals section.  I am totally diggin’ stripes these days and I love, love, love this blazer.  Obviously the Givenchy version is totally out of the question, but I think I might be able to swing the Anthro version, especially if I catch it on sale.  We’ll see…Anyway, talk about a look for less!!!  I just had to share.  By the way, who do you think wore it best?  I am pretty sure that Liv Tyler gets my vote!
Well folks, thanks for bearing with me over the last few days with no outfit posts.  I’ll be back on the ball next week!  And of course, thanks for stopping by!!!
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