Friend Friday: Does Size Matter?

I am very excited to be participating in my first Friend Friday.  To learn more about Friend Friday, or to participate check out our friend Katy’s blog, Modly Chic.  Katy came up with Friend Friday as a way to give fashion and beauty bloggers a forum to share their thoughts on a variety of topics and get to know each other a little better!

This weeks topic is… SIZE!  Katy asks…

Q. Should someone’s size stop them from fashion blogging or having a voice in the community?
A. HECK NO!!! In fact, I feel strongly that there is a need for curvy, plus-sized, full figured (or whatever name they prefer) fashion bloggers. Unfortunately, plus-sized women have traditionally been ignored by the fashion industry at large when it comes to representation in magazines, on the runway, etc.. One of my favorite things about fashion blogs is the diverse group of women they represent… and inspire.

Q. In your opinion, can the term “curvy” and “plus-sized” be used interchangeably when it comes to fashion?
A. Honestly, since I am not plus-sized or curvy, I guess I don’t feel qualified to answer this question.  I guess women should be called what they want to be called (that is if they like these titles at all).  I might have said yes, if you’d asked me a couple months ago; however, our friend over at Curvatude recently wrote a post after conducting a poll where she asked what description plus-sized women prefer… curvy, full-figured, large, or plus-sized.  Check out the full post to see the results, but here is what Miss Curvatude says about her preference…

“Personally I call myself Plus Size.   Why? Because I have just owned the phrase for myself for years now! My old blog was called The Plus Size Diva, so for me the phrase Plus Size has always been this really positive description that I applied to myself  It described my body AND my life!.” – Curvatude

Q. Many people make the argument that catering to plus sized women would promote being overweight as “okay”. What do you think? Should more designers be catering to plus size women?
 A. This is just ridiculous. I could really go on and on and on this one, but I won’t. Seriously, it would be like an essay.  I won’t bore you… I’ll just say this is bullsh*t, and designers should DEFINITELY be catering to plus-sized women.

Q. Should the mainstream fashion industry be showcasing more plus size models?
A. Absolutely! It’s almost as if they assume that plus-sized women don’t care about fashion, or worse that plus sized women can’t be fashionable, or some other lame ridiculous assumption.  Plus-sized women should definitely be represented more in ads, and editorials, etc.  There are so many gorgeous, fabulous, fashion forward plus-sized women looking for the perfect pair of jeans for their figure, or the perfect dress to wear to that cocktail party, or whatever.

Q. For you personally, how do you view your size, the struggle with it through the years, your ideal size, etc…
A. I have always had some body image issues, but I am on the other side of the fence, or rather I was on the other side of the fence.  Growing up I was actually pretty skinny, I guess. I didn’t have ANY curves whatsoever, and in black culture, curves are a must. When I got to high school, there were even some boys that said I was “cute, but I didn’t have any ass” or I was too skinny.  All I ever wanted was some hips and a little booty.  After gaining weight in college, apparently the word spread back home that I went off and “got a body.” Whatever that means.  Looking at my body now, I am still not the curviest girl, but I do have some hip action, and maybe a half of a booty. Lol!  The crazy part is that when I finally got some slight curves, I didn’t want them anymore.  My jeans didn’t fit, my teeny mini skirts now looked trashy instead of sexy, and in my mind I was now “fat” so I hit the gym hard and lost 25 pounds after college.  I got all the way back down to a size 2, and tried my hardest to replace my new found curves with muscle.  That lasted about 2 years, and I slowly started to gain the weight back.  I only recently came to terms with the fact that I am a woman, and I now have the body of a woman.

I’d love to hear your opinion on any of these questions… what do you think?
Thanks for stopping by!!! (and stay tuned for Goofy Pics!)
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