I Heart My Rachel Roy "Oma" Wedges

As I am sure you guys have already figured out, when I love something I tend to wear it over and over again. Last Friday’s outfit repeats two of my current faves — 1) the cutoffs and 2) the Rachel Roy wedges!!! Love and LOVE!

I am so glad that I finally worked up the nerve to wear cutoffs to work because I am LOVING this look!

Blazer: Up Against The Wall | Top: Target ($17.99) | Shorts: DIY | Shoes:  Rachel Roy “Oma” | Necklace: Forever 21 ($6.80) | Bangle: H&M ($3.95) | Bag: Thrifted | Sunnies: H&M (2 for $10)

This look was totally inspired by my friend Megan over at The Frugalista Diaries, but wouldn’t you know it, I got my Look of the Day email from InStyle yesterday and Rihanna was spotted in NYC rocking cutoffs and a blazer too…great minds think alike?

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The Blazer:  A black blazer has to be #2 on my list of fashion must haves. I have SEVERAL black blazers actually, and they are all slightly different… this one is “the boyfriend” black blazer…I also have a black tuxedo blazer, a double breasted black blazer, one with gold buttons, one with fancy lining in the sleeves (looks fab with the sleeves rolled), a classic Kasper black blazer…hmmm is that it?  Maybe… I doubt it, but of all my black blazers this “boyfriend” blazer gets the most wear because it compliments everything so well. It is just dressy enough to jazz up jeans, (or cutoffs) but casual enough to throw on over a dress that you wanna bring down a notch or two.  True to the “boyfriend” look it has an over-sized fit through the body, but it also has great fitted 3/4 length, ruched sleeves that gives the illusion of pushed up sleeves without the extra bulk and the hassle of rolling and fussing with your sleeves all day. I love it, and the best part is I got it on the clearance rack at Up Against The Wall for about $30.  That was many months ago, but I did find this great option on online at Dillard’s for $49.50 (click image to buy).

Stoosh at ShopStyle

The Top: I went a little top crazy at Target a couple days ago. They have SO many cute basics right now for $20 or less.  This top was only $17.99.  Now here’s the thing about shopping at Target…we all know that in like 1 – 2 weeks the price on this top is gonna drop to $13.13 or $10.80 or something ridiculous. I usually hesitate to buy anything at full price, but I made an exception for this top, and a couple others that I really liked. Anyway, they have them online too if you’re interested. It’s very sheer so I layered it over a black silk cami.  I love the look of black under light colored sheer fabrics. I think it’s sexy! What do you think?

The Shoes: I have searched high and low on the web for these Rachel Roy “Oma” wedges online for you guys and they are truly no where to be found…unless I just suck at googling…which is always a possibility.  I did get them on clearance at Macy’s and they didn’t even have them online, so my thought is that they are truly gone for good, which is rare in this age of online shopping. I am pretty sure they’ll pop up on eBay soon.

The Necklace: I bought this at Forever 21 a couple weeks ago.  Of course, it was super cheap at $6.80 and I just LOVE it.  I know I’ve said this before, but I am seriously the worst when it comes to keeping up with accessories, so I tend to stick with really cheap costume jewelry.  If I lose it, so what…I’ll go buy another one. Forever 21 has the best prices on cheap and trendy accessories by far.  H&M also has some great buys sometimes, but I’ve noticed that some stuff is overpriced, when compared to similar pieces at Forever 21, and I am not sure the quality is that much better.  What do you guys thing? Do you buy accessories from either of these places? If so, do you think there is a difference in quality that would account for the price difference?

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  2. lynn says:

    How did I miss this post! Thanks for linking back to it! One, for the shoes and two, because I purchased this top on sale for some ridiculously low price and never wore it! I couldn't figure out how to wear it! Thanks for the inspiration, forget inspiration, I am totally stealing this look, and maybe the shoes too! I love it, thanks
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