Special Delivery: Forever 21 Polka Dot Platform Mary Janes

Look what was sitting on my porch waiting for me to get home last Thursday night….

Pardon the little elastic tie. I was in such a hurry to try them on, I didn’t realize I hadn’t removed it until I uploaded the pictures to the computer. Lol!
Don’t worry, I will remove the stickers… Lol!

I love them so much!  I’ve been wanting to blog about them all weekend, but I went away for a weekend camping trip with the girls, so no blogging.  The inspiration behind these lovelies is no mystery…the Miu Miu Sparrow platform mary janes, retailing for a whopping $590…

Well to be perfectly honest, I am not sure that I would have rocked the birds even if I could afford them… but I will most definitely ROCK THE HELL out of the Forever 21 polka dot version and for only $25.80!!! SOLD!!! This is actually the first pair of Forever 21 shoes I’ve ever bought so I didn’t know what to expect in terms of quality.  I have to say that I have no complaints at all. They look great and I can’t wait to wear them.  Seriously I’m feeling like the possibilities are endless with these babies…dresses, shorts, jeans, socks, tights…LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.

So, I would love to link you guys to these but they have vanished off the Forever 21 website. I literally just ordered them last Tuesday, so I can’t believe that they would have sold out so fast but maybe they did. I have seen a couple other bloggers post about them, including Karen at Where Did You Get That? so all of her 3000 readers may have jumped right on and ordered them on the spot. I haven’t seen them in store here in LA, but I do believe they have them in store in NY.  Has anyone else seen them in store?

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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