Arden B. Booties, Lace, and Beer

Do you guys ever have those days where you LOVE your outfit and HATE your pictures? Ugh! Last night, I just didn’t have it. I just look awkward and over-posed in all my pictures but such is the life of a fashion blogger. Some days you have it, and I suppose some days you don’t!  What I hate most is when I don’t have any good shots of the outfit. I mean, I can crop my head out of anything if I’m looking too crazy, but what’s important is THE CLOTHES.. Lol!

Tank: Old Navy ($2) | Lace Dress: Thrfited | Unkown: unkown | Booties: Arden B. (circa 2009) | Necklace: Dots ($8)

I’m thinking I would have felt better about things if I had put on some makeup. It was one of THOSE nights.  Anyway, I’ll stop complaining now and focus on the good stuff…

The Dress
 I bought this wine colored lace dress at one of my favorite thrift shops some time ago. It didn’t have a slip or anything, but eh… who needs a slip anyway. I would probably never rock it as just a dress anyway, and if I did I’d probably prefer it over a contrasting color rather than wine. When I bought the dress I instantly knew that it would make the perfect layering piece…especially for fall…wear it over leggings, over jeans, under a long cardigan and belted…ummm I could go on and on, but I think you get the point!  The color is great, the length is perfect, the open surplice neckline is fabulous… what more can I say! and it was like $3. SOLD!

This is my first time wearing it, and I was pleasantly surprised that Fabrice liked it. He said it was “pretty.”  For some reason, I thought the lace dress over jeans things was going to be a little over the top for him, but he liked it… go figure!

The Shoes
I have been itching to wear boots, but it’s still too hot so I appeased myself with a pair stiletto booties.  I’ve had these for a couple years now, but they don’t get much wear because they KILL my feet so I try to only wear them on outings where I know I’ll be spending most of my time sitting pretty… Lol!  A friend of mine also has these and she said she put them in a box and forgot about them after one tortuous day out.

The Necklace
There is something about tassel necklaces that I love.  I picked this necklace up at Dots along with the pleather shorts.  By the way, thanks for all the feedback on leather shorts. It seems that nearly all of you agree that leather shorts are a definite YAY! I can’t wait to debut the shorts some time soon!  Anyway, back to the necklace.  I thought it was really great because it has a layered chain and a pretty big tassel.  I definitely see myself wearing this necklace a lot this fall. It will go nicely with all my sweaters!

So can you guys tell that I am lusting for fall? Everything in my last couple posts has been about what’s gonna work well for fall. hehehe. You would have thought that the Spring/ Summer collections at Fashion Week would have incited at least a tad bit of excitement for the remaining weeks of warm weather ahead, but no, no, no. I am beyond ready to step into my boots and get this fall show on the road. What about you?

Do you like to layer dresses over pants/jeans? 

Would you wear a lace dress over pants/jeans?
Would you wear a lace dress at all?

Oh, and I can’t forget to tell you guys about WHERE I wore this outfit.  Fabrice and I went to check out a brand new restaurant in downtown Atlanta… Der Biergarten.  The German indoor/outdoor biergarten restaurant opened Tuesday, and serves a variety of beers and traditional German cuisine with a twist. Okay, so the restaurant was themed a.k.a slightly tacky (okay, maybe I shouldn’t say that, but Fab has been to Gerrmany and he agreed that it was a little overdone!) BUT I loved it.

I would definitely go back. The food was really good, and the outdoor atmosphere was nice. It is an ideal place to go with a large group because of the Biergarten seating (long communal tables and benches).  And most importantly, they had a great beer selection. Fab got the Oktoberfest and I went with the Konig Ludwig. Both were delightful!

Side Note: Seriously, I’m kinda pissed that the shots of the restaurant are better than my outfit shots… ugh! Whatever! Oh, and can I just voice my frustration about all my pictures being taken at night these days. Since I don’t really get dressed until after I get off work (at 7pm) photo hour has been pushed to the evenings. Not sure how I feel about that. hmmmm.

Anyway, I have to apologize for the bratty nature of this post. Lol! I promise to be in a better mood for the nest one. I guess we’re all entitled to these days…

Thanks for stopping by!
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