An Outfit Inspiration Calendar

Lately, I have been lacking inspiration in the style department.  I know that this is largely due to the fact that my lifestyle has changed so much since I moved. Back in LA, I was living the working-girl-about-town lifestyle.  Most of the outfits you all saw were outfits that I wore to work every day, and of course those outfits had to be appropriate for any after work, happy hour activities! Lol!  Nowadays, I spend most of my time in the house. I work from home, and I work on Pacific Time so my day here on Eastern Time starts late and ends even later.  Often times, I’m getting “dressed” at the end of the day and quite frankly I’m too drained to care at that point.  I am slowly starting to get to know my way around Atlanta and have started to try and dig into the social scene, but my for the most part weekends are filled with trips to the grocery store, Target and Walmart… not exactly fashion showcases.  I have totally gotten all dressed up in what I think is a fabulous outfit and changed into a t-shirt and jeans before leaving the house because I just felt silly.  Don’t get me wrong, I am totally enjoying my new relaxed lifestyle, but needless to say it has taken a toll on my sense of style. Well folks, I have reached the end of my ropes.  I can’t live in lounge clothes any longer. I just can’t!
I was browsing Fab Finds Under $50 and Eureka! There was the key to me quest to get my groove back. An “Outfit Inspiration Calendar”…duh! Kimberly, you are a genius!  Sure, I have casual inspiration board so to speak, and I rip pages out of magazines when something catches my eye, but the idea of putting it all in a calendar seemed like a much more proactive approach.  Of course, I am the type of person who can’t pick out clothes at night because by morning I will have changed my mind.  With that in mind I tweaked the concept a little:
  1. First, I chose 30 looks that I had saved in an “Inspiration” folder on my computer, and I made a collage/inspiration board (I used Shape Collage.)
  2. Next, I made a list of the looks and assigned them Days 1 – 25 (some of the looks were combined). 
  3. Finally, I went through each look and listed the trends or styling details that attracted me to it
November Inspiration Board
(click image to enlarge)
So, here is the plan.  I listed the looks as Day 1 – 25, but they are really in no particular order. Each day, I will choose one look and either recreate my own version the look itself by utilizing the trend or styling detail that I loved about the look. The idea is not to recreate an identical look, but to use different elements  of the look to create my own look.

I definitely wont be sticking to a schedule (that is totally not my style) and of course I am not bound to this list at all if I want to stray. The goal is really just to jump start the my creativity and get the the inspiration juices flowing! I don’t anticipate that I will get through the whole list.  I’m sure my lounge clothes will continue to make appearances throughout the month, but this will kinda force me to make a little more effort :)  Wish me luck!!
Stay tuned for the the first look inspired by my little Outfit Inspiration Calendar! Oh, and I will also include the exact pictures from the collage above that inspired the outfit for the day.
Thanks for stopping by!!!
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