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Today’s Friend Friday topic is an interesting one.  It is something that I actually struggle with quite a bit.  When it comes to self promotion…how much is too much? Or as it applies to bloggers, when it comes to blog promotion, how much is too much?  To be honest, I hate promoting my blog. I do it because I know that no one is every going to read it if they don’t know it exists but it just feels so tacky!  Anyway, before I start rambling, let’s jump into the questions.

Q. How do you promote your blog?
A.  I mainly promote my blog on Facebook & Twitter. I am linked to both so my posts are automatically published to both mediums.  On that note, I often feel guilty about bombarding my friends and family with my blog via these mediums, but this guilt is totally self-imposed.  My friends and family often “like” and comment on posts so clearly they enjoy reading them.  It’s also safe to say that while they have great intentions, if I didn’t make my blog easily accessible for them, they might not read it at all.  Not all of my friends are blog readers, but they all either tweet or Facebook.  

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do is get business cards.  I get a lot of compliments on my outfits when I’m out and about but I feel utterly dorky saying “oh thanks. I have a fashion blog, you should check it out.”  If I had a card, I would feel a lot more legit.  My mom on the other hand likes to tell everyone on the streets about my blog… she is my free publicist… THANKS MOM!

Oh, and I also used to always leave my link behind when I left comments on blogs that I have never visited before.  I think this is one of those things that is highly debated in the blog world. Some bloggers feel like you’re only commenting to get them to visit your blog, too.  I think there are definitely bloggers out there who blog hop and comment on every post just to get a return visit, but that is not representative of all bloggers. You can kinda tell if this is the case by the nature of the comment  When people leave sincere and insightful comments, you will automatically want to visit their blog anyway because you want to see who this insightful person is.  I personally appreciate when people leave a link so I can check out their blog.  I’m always looking for a good read!

Okay, one more (is this not the longest Friend Friday response in history!) — GIVEAWAYS!  I sponsored my own first giveaway and it was partially to show appreciation for my readers, but also to promote my blog.  With most blog giveaways, the requirements are that you have to follow, and you have to tweet, and you have to blog about it, and you have to like it on facebook… blah blah blah.. in the end its all about blog promotion for you and advertising for the sponsor.  That being said at some point the tides turn for some of the bigger bloggers.  They no longer need to promote their blogs, but the companies still need to promote their product.  And isn’t this the level that so many bloggers are trying to reach with all their shameless self promotion?

Q. In your experience, what has been the most effective form of self promotion?
A, Hmmm. Well, I’d say its a tie between Twitter and Facebook. I am always surprised when I get a random email or tweet from someone that I didn’t even know read the blog.  It reassures me that these are worthwhile means of promotion.

Q. Do you think there is a wrong way to promote yourself or your blog?
A. Hmmm. Honestly, no I don’t.  In my opinion, tt’s all a matter of taste. If the way some one is promoting their blog is a turn off to me, then I just won’t read it but there is probably someone else who will. As I’ve said many times before, blogging is such a personal thing.  It’s totally the blogger’s prerogative to promote their blog as they wish.  As the saying goes, “All publicity is good publicty.”

Q. When it comes to others pushing their products, what annoys you?
A. I don’t know if there is anything that really annoys me. Advertising and promotion is what it is.  I guess I will just say that I do not read blogs that are clearly contrived… where the author is clearly just on a mission to have as many readers as possible and their content is sub par.

Q. A post by one of our fellow Friend Friday bloggers was actually the inspiration behind this weeks questions. On her blog, Dressful she says “it’s impossible to respect someone who wants all the attention, but brings nothing worthwhile to the conversation.”  We were asked if we agreed?
A. On the surface, I’d say that I do agree; however, what is “worthwhile” is subjective.  There is a certain uber popular blog that I won’t name that I  can’t stand to actually read.  The written content is just horrible in my opinion, BUT I keep this blog on my reader because I like to see this bloggers outfits. I could care less about what she has to say, but I love the outfits. I’ve never left a comment and I don’t care to engage with this blogger, but damn it, I like the outfits.  If you are looking for rich, thought provoking content this blog might not be considered “worthwhile” but if you’re just looking for pretty clothes, it’s right up your alley.  By the same token, my blog is very light-hearted and is primarily my fashion diary with a few affordable fashion finds sprinkled in here and there.  For those who are looking for high fashion or editorial type posts, and thought provoking fashion commentary, my blog is probably not “worthwhile” either.

So what do you guys think? If you’re a blogger, how do you feel about self-promotion?  If you’re not a blogger how do you feel about being bombarded with blog post on your social networking  timelines and via email?

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