Getting My Ducks in a Row…

I think it’s time for my cyber vacay to end.  After neglecting the blogosphere completely 4 days, I started browsing my fave blogs today and found myself feeling inspired. Unfortunately, I also did not take any proper outfit pics during my vacation.  I guess that’s what a vacation is all about, right. I wish I had at least taken pictures of the outfit I wore to the engagement party, but oh well.

Anyway, I did have some pictures from the Saturday before last that I never posted.  This is yet another outfit inspired by my Outfit Inspiration Calendar for November (I’ll be doing another Calendar for December).  The inspiration was this lovely utility vest + sweater dress combo from the 2010 Love 21 Fall/Winter Look Book (via Fabsugar).

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Well, you all know how obsessed I was with my Old Navy utility vest when I bought it last summer.  I honestly thought I’d be wearing it much more than I have so far this fall.  Oh well, I’ve still got a few months of winter ahead of me!  Anyway, I paired it with a purple sweater dress I bought from a cheap mall boutique many years ago.  You’d think the thing would have fallen apart at the seams by now, but it’s holding up.

Vest: Old Navy | Dress: Some Cheap Store | Belt: Old & DIY’d | Tights: Walmart | Boots: Bakers | Bag: Nine West via TJ Maxx | Necklace: Forever 21

I decided to leave the scarf behind because it just wasn’t that cold and I might have died of a heat stroke with the combination of the turtleneck dress and the scarf.  Instead I opted for my Forever 21 chandelier necklace. Have you all noticed that it’s my new favorite?

I belted my vest with an old cheetah print belt.  I was lusting after a pony hair leopard belt, and as I scoured the internet looking for a great deal I remembered that I already had one… duh! (last seen here) but it had a big cowgirl style buckle on it that wasn’t really what I wanted… and then I remembered the buckle was completely removable…so I swapped it out with the help of a box cutter and buckle from another cheap belt that came attached to a dress (I despise the cheap belts that come with dresses…why do they do that?). 

The most exciting thing about these pictures! The DUCKS! I drove by a church parking lot that was being overrun by ducks. It was amazing! (yes, I am still in awe of all the nature in my new neighborhood).  I didn’t want to get to close because they started running away, but this is less than a quarter of them!

So, how was your Thanksgiving? and how was your Black Friday? Did anyone find any great deals? I  bought a couple things that I can’t wait to share with you guys so stay tuned! (sorry, I don’t feel like taking pictures right now…I’m getting my groove back…slowly!)  My Thanksgiving was great.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before by Fabrice’s family is vegetarian so it is a completely meatless Thanksgiving over here.  It drives Fabrice crazy, but it doesn’t bother me at all because the food is GREAT! His parents are amazing cooks and I didn’t even miss the meat.  They do make a DELICIOUS vegetarian dinner roast that is to die for.  I’m not a big turkey fan anyway, so I’ll take the vegetarian dinner roast any day.  Besides Thanksgiving is all about the sides in my opinion! I tried my hand at making a vegetarian mushroom dressing.  It was my first time making dressing without meat of some kind and it was quite delicious!  I also made my famous macaroni and cheese, which I HATE making but Fabrice would let me get away without making it.
I hope you enjoyed some quality time with your family this Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to Christmas for more holiday fun.
Thanks for stopping by!!!
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