H&M + Mentor Foundation: "We Do Fashion, Not Drugs"

Update: This awesome collaboration was also featured on Teen Vogue along with a shot of the second woman’s tank in the collection.  Check it out here!

A couple weeks ago I was contacted to share a collaboration between H&M and the Mentor Foundation with my readers.  H&M has a reputation for staying at the forefront of social responsibility, partnering with the DAA (Designers Against AIDS), WaterAid, and UNICEF to name a few.  On October 21, H&M announced its latest partnership with the Mentor Foundation and unveiled a collection of wild and crazy tanks for women and tees for men, retailing at $12.95 to $17.95.  The print on these things is awesome! They have a funky collage sorta vibe that is pretty cool.  The t-shirt collection is currently available at 45 stores across the US and 25% of the proceeds is being donated to the Mentor Foundation!

T-shirt Courtesy of H&M

Now, I have to tell you guys that this particular cause is near and dear to my  heart. My parents have dedicated their lives to helping and rehabilitating former drug addicts. I have WATCHED the people they work with struggle to pull their lives back together after a long hard battle with drug addiction.  Anything that we can do to prevent people from becoming addicted to drugs in the first place is a worthwhile cause. Prevention is what Mentor Foundation is all about, with a focus primarily on youth. Needless to say, I was MORE than happy to share this awesome collaboration with you and feature my cool new t-shirt here on The Fashionsta Next Door.  I only wish H&M had online shopping here in the US so I could link you all to the site.  But of course, if you’re interested in purchasing one of these shirts, just call your local H&M to see if they have them in store!  The woman’s tanks include the pink tank I’m wearing and the white tank below.

Image courtesy of H&M


I am not sure if you can tell, but the women’s tank has a really great cocoon like fit. It’s like your standard muscle tank (you know what I mean, right?) at the top, and it kind of balloons out in the bodice and tapers back in at the waist.  In the picture above you can see that the tank is baggy and then tight around my hips. Well, my hips aren’t that wide! Lol! That is actually just the fit of the tank.

The weather was a bit chilly so I layered my tank over a black American Apparel cowl-neck tunic, and threw on one my many black blazers. I love that the cowl neck kinda has the appearance of a scarf! I also decided to throw on my chandelier necklace for a little extra pizazz.

We won’t talk about what’s going on under that hat. LOL! Let’s just say the hat was very much needed…. Anyway, you may notice that I am wearing the SAME jeans from my last post.  Ummm, you guys know how I roll. If I like something I wear it out and be it that I just rediscovered these jeans on the bottom of my jean pile, they’ll probably be getting a lot of wear!

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