Inspired by H&M’s Holiday 2010 Collection

Last night I ventured off to the Cumberland Mall with my sister in law who is in town for Thanksgiving. Besides going to Atlantic Station, you guys wouldn’t believe that I hadn’t been to any malls in ATL. I know, sad! Lol  Anyway, I stopped into H&M (duh!) and picked up the lovely black jumpsuit pictured above from their Holiday Collection. It’s super simple, and super chic and it was only $19.99! It’s 100% polyester but ultra soft & floaty, and slightly sheer.  I love the zipper in the front and the tapered & cuffed legs.  This little jumper can easily be dressed up or down for the holidays!

This Saturday, my fiance’s parents are throwing a double engagement party for us and his sister, who also got engaged this summer. The attire for the party isn’t dress by any means, but there will lots of picture taking.  Don’t quote me on this yet, but I think I’ll wear my new jumpsuit.  The bow in the picture doesn’t actually come with the jumper but I have an old gold satin bow pin from an old dress that would be perfect.  It’s slightly smaller than the bow in the picture, but should give the same effect and the gold will add a little bit more flare.  I’ll probably top it all off with a sequin cardigan left open to expose the bow and voila! Super comfy and fabulous all at the same time!  I’ll TRY to take actual outfit pictures this weekend, but it’s tough with all the family around. I get embarrassed! LOL :)

Here are a couple more of my top picks from H&M’s Holiday Collection. Both of these dresses are dirt cheap but I passed on them because I don’t have any holiday party plans (pretty depressing, I know).  If I get invited to any shindigs, I know just wear to go!

Can you believe this red dress is only $9.99!

And this gorgeous number is only $19.99.  I think I might need this one just for kicks. I can wear it under a blazer for everyday. Damn it! Why didn’t I buy it?
*all of the above images are property of H&M.

Have a Fabulous Thanksgiving!!! xoxo…
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