Black Friday Buys

So, I didn’t buy much on Black Friday. I resisted the urge (not that I had much of a choice considering my budget) to actually hit the streets and go shopping but I did buy a pair of shoes on Go Jane for $17.35 and they arrived today…and I LOVE THEM! I’ve had new red pumps on my shoe wish list for a while now, and these Anne Michelle Pleated Bow Back suede pimps were perfect, and at the price hey were a must have!  They are faux suede with a pretty satin bow detail on the back, and a 4 1/2″ heel and a hidden platform… right up my alley, right!

Anne Michelle Pleated Bow Back Pumps via Go Jane | $26.50 (regular price)

 While, I didn’t venture off to the mall on Friday, I did make my way to to the mall on Saturday and I picked up these lovely LEOPARD PRINT pumps at Nine West on sale for $34.90! You all know I am obsessed with leopard. I had a pair of Steve Madden pony hair leopard pumps that I wore into the ground. I mean these things literally began shedding and they had bald spots… no lie! I finally had to lay them to rest last year and I’ve been looking to replace them ever since.  Saturday was my lucky day!

… and guess what these babies went perfectly with my engagement party ensemble Saturday night.  I mentioned that I didn’t have any good outfit pics but I do have some family pics that I figured I’d share.  ummm, I just realized you can’t see the shoes in the picture, but you guys can use your imagination, right? Lol!

(L to R) Mom-in-law | Fabrice | Me | Brother-in-Law Eric | Sister-in-law (Eric’s Wife) Karen | Brother-in-law Trevor | Sister-in-law Audrey (Audrey is Fab’s sister; she and Trevor were also celebrating their engagement) | Dad-in-law

I promise I will start taking outfit pictures again at some point this week. LOL!  My full time job is kicking my butt! I usually take pictures on my lunch break while the sun is still out, but I haven’t had the time or inspiration to step away from desk over the last couple days!  Bear with me!  I’m sure I’ll be itching to wear my new shoes, so that should provide some inspiration.  I also need to take some time to put together my Outfit Inspiration Calendar for this December.
Oh, and shout out to all my readers who knew that the “ducks” in my last post were actually Canadian Geese! and thanks for all the warnings about how nippy they can be.  Next time I see them, I’ll definitely be more cautious. I would have been so confused if they’d tried to to attack me with my silly camera! Lol!
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