December Outift Inspiration Calendar

The Outfit Inspiration Calendar returns for December! I actually think I’m gonna try to keep it going.  Not only is it a great source of inspiration, but it is also a great way for me to shout out all of the fabulous bloggers who inspire me everyday, too.  On that note, I worked on the format of my “calendar” to make it easier for you all to follow along.  The same overall concept will apply, but I’ve made a few changes.

  • I chose 25 inspiring looks that I was drawn to for one reason or another. (Actually, I choose 21 looks.  You’ll notice that the last 5 looks are all variations of the same look.)
  • I’ve listed the trends or styling details about each look that I was attracted to.
  • This time, instead of assigning them by day, I combined them into groups of five looks each.  Next, I assigned them weeks 1 – 4 plus one group of bonus looks (which are all variations of the same look.

This time around, I am going to make  a commitment to choose at least two outfits from each week to inspire me!  Now remember, the idea is not necessarily to recreate an identical look, but rather to recreate my own version the look by utilizing the trend or styling detail that I loved about it.

So here are the women who are inspiring The Fashionista Next Door this month….

Week 1: Inspired by…

Week 2: Inspired by…

  • Dirty Hair Halo’s chunky knit scarf, cropped sweater, striped tunic/dress, and fabulous lace up boots
  • Late Afternoon’s heavyweight Norwegian flyaway cardigan and sequin skirt.
  • The Blonde Salad’s sequin blouse and edgy lace up boots.
  • Style Underdog’s vintage blazer turned vest.
  • Annalynne McCord red pumps and scarf “necklace” (not sure where I got this picture…sorry!)

Week 3: Inspired by…

  • Dirty Hair Halo’s shirt dress, polka dot tights, socks and lace up boots (basically the whole outfit)
  • Style Scrapbook’s navy stripes and leather mini; black & navy.
  • Zoe Saldana’s playful striped tee and casual black skinny jeans via Fabsugar
  • The simplicity of Frankie Sanford’s light colored flyaway blazer, long pendant necklace, and over-the-knee boots via The Vogue Diaries
  • Lucky’s “girl-on-the-go” street style feature — leather leggings and a denim shirt tied in the front and topped off with bold scarf

Week 4 – Inspired by…

  • Keiko Lynn’s bright red coat and patterned tights.
  • Love Maegan’s over sized sweater and camel shorts.
  • Teal & camel (not sure where I got this picture! hmmm)
  • Gwen Stefani’s plaid blazer (hmmm… yeah, I don’t know where this is from either. Sorry!)
  • Atlantic-Pacific’s rugged utility vest, soft feminine color palette, and ladylike wedges.

Bonus Looks - The following are all variations of the same look: cutoffs + tights for winter. I am pretty much obsessed with it, and all of the fab ladies below pull it off so well!  The idea behind the bonus looks are to just throw them in here and there just because I love them!

*A special note to all the fabulous bloggers featured here on my Inspiration Calendar — as you can see, I have borrowed photos from your blogs and linked back accordingly.  I hope you don’t mind; however, I completely understand if you prefer that I not use your photos in this public inspiration calendar (you’ll still be in my personal inspiration board!). Please just let me know by leaving a comment below or emailing me at and I will take them down ASAP!

So, what’s inspiring you this month?

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    I'm inspired by creation, my own moods, and most of everything from the

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