A Natural Hair Experiment: Conair Wave Clips

Update: Thank you so much to readers Antwanette and Ana! they both happened to send me the link to the Conair Wave Clips on the Ulta website. You guys, I swear I looked for them… really hard, too! Anyway, I am just glad to be able to share them with you guys now! So you can find them here on the Ulta website for $13. I am definitely going to buy another pack!

Ana also shared a link to a similar product on Golden Market Beauty Supply called Ryler Deep Wave Rollers, and they are a tad cheaper for $10.  I am probably gonna stick to the Conair Wave Clips just because I already  know what the result will be.  (If ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?)  But, if anyone tries the Ryler Deep Wave Rollers, I’d love to hear how they work for you!

When I did my bantu knot out a couple months ago, I told you guys that I had been on a quest for the perfect “coffee shop hair.” Lol! (Fabrice’s term for BIG natural hair).  Unfortunately, while my hair is naturally very curly, it is also very fine.  Acheiving BIG hair is pretty much impossible.  Well, when I saw Jada Pinkett’s hair at the Grammy’s I longed to replicate her look.


Photo Credit: Fashion Bomb Daily (click image)

You see, it was big but not round… much more doable for my hair type.  A couple of hair blog’s revealed that Jada’s hair was the result of a simple braid out.  So, I washed my hair,  slathered on some Shae Moisture Curl & Style Milk and braided my hair straight back into two cornrows.  In the morning, I woke up excited to see the result… FAIL!!! LOL… It just didn’t work. My hair was only slightly wavy at the ends, and it was SUPER FRIZZY!

Discouraged, I brushed my hair back into a bun but I resolved to try again later than night! Well, I just so happened to stop into ULTA in search of some OPI Black Shatter nail polish.  Of course, I had to browse the hair products and I stumbled upon Conair Wave Clips.  Sorry guys, I searched high and low for these things on the web and it’s like they don’t exist.  I am so sorry that I have nothing to link you to but as you can see below they are real. Lol.  If anyone else can find them online, I’d be happy to update this post.

So, once again, I washed my hair and slathered on my Shae Moisture Curl & Style Milk. I sectioned my hair into 1 1/2 – 2″ sections and clipped away.

The Cons

  • I bought two packs of 12 for a total of 24 clips.  I quickly realized that these things were not very user-friendly for longer hair.  My hair, which is  layered, reaching past my shoulders except in the front around my face , and as far as my bra strap in the longer layers in the back.  For my hair, I had to use at least 3 clips per section and in some of the longer sections I just had to leave the ends unclipped because I ran out.
  • I also became aware of how heavy these things are.  Unlike rollers, where the weight is balanced by clipping or pinning close to the scalp these heavy monsters are hanging so you really feel the weight of them.
  • My hair is relatively fine, so in some cases the clips just slid right off the ends of my hair.  In the future, I will try bigger sections to see if that helps.

The Pros

  • The results were FABULOUS.  The wave pattern was perfect and totally blended with my natural hair texture at the roots.
  • I did not need to use any hairspray or gel and the waves were completely set.   I did use Paul Mitchel Flexible Hold Hair Sculpting Lotion, which is basically just a setting lotion.  I you roller set your hair with setting lotion, I am sure the same product would work.
  • The waves lasted FOUR days!  Well, kind of.  To preserve the waves, I reverted back to my original braid out plan, but since that was a fail on its own, I am convinced that setting my waves first with the wave clips did the trick for getting the  definition I wanted  and eliminating frizz.  Some of you asked about my hair in my last post — that was day 2! and days 3 and 4 are coming up this week!

Above is what my hair looked like when I took the clips out.  You can really see how defined the waves are and my hair is really shiny and frizz free!  Woohoo! this is promising.  Next, I put a little Smooth ‘n Shine Hair Polisher on my finger tips, and I began to pick apart the waves a little and blend the parts where the sections were.  Then I flipped my head upside down and began to lightly scrunch the waves to blend them even more and create volume.  This was the end result!

Not quite Jada Pinkett, but cute none the less! I loved it, and like I said above I loved it even more as the days went on and my waves were still in tact!  You are looking at one happy, braid-out challenged sistah.  I can’t wait to give them  another go and I am curious to know how they’d work on straight hair??? Lord knows those wave irons are deadly in the heat department.

What are your natural hair styling secrets?

The Fashionista Next Door

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27 Responses to “A Natural Hair Experiment: Conair Wave Clips”

  1. Monique says:

    Very cute! Next time try using a diffuser on your hair to make out bigger. As far as the corn rows go, try teasing your rootd before braiding to make it bigger too.

  2. that turned out toooo cute. I definitely have to try those. to get the jada hair….Have you tried doing individual braids instead of cornrows?….and using less product. that should get the right "coffee shop hair" lol
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  3. K.D. says:

    Awww Eboni, you look as cute as a button in this pics! Have you tried doing a braidout or a twistout?

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  4. Very cute. I one and only "styling secret" is curling my locs using pipe cleaners (the craft kind).
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  5. Well those are interesting! Wonder what they would do with fine, STRAIGHT hair?? http://www.dlynne16.blogspot.com
    My recent post Happy Days Influence on Leather

  6. Sing says:

    Ohhhh so cute. Great job hun.

  7. tyeshasbrown says:

    You look cute..you did a good job!!

  8. lynn says:

    I swear by John Frieda Frizz Ease products. It really works, my favorite is Dream curl. Also Herbal Essence has some anti frizz products as well. I suffer from frizz and these products really work. It looks great, but you are looking for more volume I think, like Jada. What about pin curling it after it sets? Just a suggestion.
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  10. Adrienne says:

    I have to try this! Your hair came out cute BTW!

  11. Great post, girl!! It turned out looking beautiful!! I might have to try it!

  12. Shanda says:

    !!! I've got to try them!! I love it! Love your makeup also!
    My recent post Lady

  13. Ana says:

    Looks Pretty!
    There are some very similar wave clip/rollers called "Ryler-Stylers" Ryler Deep Wave Rollers they come in different sizes and you can see them here: and http://www.GMBShair.com > select Hair Rollers from the left hand menu> and 4th row down

    • Miss_Ife says:

      Thanks, Ana! I updated my post with links to both the Ryler Deep Wave Rollers and the Conair Wave Clips. It is so funny that you commented with the links yesterday, because of my other readers sent me the link to the Connair clips yesterday, too. I am positive they weren't there before. Lol! Anyway, THANK YOU!!!! :)

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  16. Juanette says:

    I love big hair! I think you can achieve a similar look with a braidout on stretched hair. Also, have you tried curformers, they give you a curly look that you can tease out to make it bigger also.

  17. MiiSS kECiia says:

    Shut up! I've been looking for something like these… Thanks for posting (=
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  18. carolina says:

    i got some of these at walmart and couldnt figure out how to use them so i googled it and came across this. now i know how to use them but my hairs just so long (like half way down my back) that i dont think these will be enough.. maybe i can go back and get another pack

  19. hello there, your site is wonderful. I actually thank you for work

  20. gratefulwhitegirl says:

    I'm a white girl with fine, straight, heat-damaged hair, sigh. The slightest bit of product makes my hair look stringy, so I'm always scouring drugstores for the latest body-boosting contraption, ideally one that doesn't a) come in a bottle, or b) require more frying (braidouts always turn me into a sad-looking frizzpuff). I just picked these up at Duane Reade (one package left, buzz must've started) and want to seriously thank you for posting the single explicit instructions for their use (not even the Conair site's done that, and zero how-to's on YouTube). Obviously you and I have completely different hair types/issues/concerns, but I'm going to follow your instructions anyway and see what comes of it, maybe also take lynn's suggestion for added body by setting with pin curls. Prior to reading this post, I just didn't have a clue. And ditto on all the compliments posted here, the end result (hair and makeup both) looks gorgeous on you!

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  22. Barbara Lewis says:

    I used these on my daughter last night! We did a dry set with Design Essential wrap lotion. It came out super cute!

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