Green With Envy

For my St. Patty’s day post, I wore my Lulu’s green sheer pleated skirt but I told you guys that wasn’t what I actually wore on St. Patrick’s day.  If you are a Fashionista Next Door follower on Facebook, you got a sneak peek of my real St. Patty’s Day outfit — this flirty green dress from Zara.

As you all know, I am LOVING color this spring.  Zara has a ton of gorgeous dresses in vibrant colors for about great prices!! I picked up this great Kelly green dress a couple months ago.  First of all, it’s ponte…who doesn’t love anything made of ponte? It’s such a great fabric… basically wrinkle free, and it feels like sweats! Really, can you beat that? Heck no! Unfortunately, the dress is no longer available in green on the website (not that it matters since you can’t buy online anyway).  It could still be available in stores.  The dress also comes in red if you’re interested.

I accessorized my dress with my H&M white flower pin. Remember, my flower pin obsession last summer? It’s baaaaack. Anyway, I also decided to do a little color blocking opting for a pair a low heeled blue pumps.  This is pretty much the way Zara styled this dress on their website (less the flower pin). I thought it was so cute. I just had to recreate it!  I couldn’t find Zara’s blue suede court shoes in store, but I did find these INC “Atlantic Blue” pumps at Macy’s for $60.

Fabrice didn’t get the blue shoes. I tried to tell him that matching doesn’t necessarily have to mean literally matching but he wasn’t going for it. Lol!  A few days later I found ran across this picture of Heidi Klum wearing blue shoes with a coral top in People StyleWatch, and I just had to show it to him.  Of course, he still said it didn’t match but at least he knows I’m not just making this stuff up.  Lol! I’ve had the matchy matchy debate with him many times before. I am pretty sure he is not gonna get on board “not matching” anytime soon.

Photo Credit: The Budget Babe

Would you wear shoes that didn’t “match” your outfit?

The Fashionista Next Door

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18 Responses to “Green With Envy”

  1. lynn says:

    I am going to step out the box this week and wear a non matching shoe! Not matching is the NEW matching!
    Thanks for the inspiration…
    My recent post BESOS MARCH BABIES!

  2. Hayat says:

    Very cute dress and it fits you perfectly. Love the shoes' color too. I might have to swing by the mall and check Zara after work today. As for matching the shoes, I ALWAYS avoid the "matchy-matchy".. I just make sure that the colors of the outfit and shoes compliment each other. For example, if I am wearing prints, I'd pick one color from the print and do it in the shoes. One time I wore a purple dress and paired it with royal blue pumps, everyone thought I went overboard and should've done silver shoes instead (so blah) As Stacey and Clinton say on What Not To Wear, outfits, shoes, and bags don't have to match, they simply have to go.

    BTW, I don't match the polish on my finger nails and toe nails either:p

    Happy Monday!!!
    My recent post La3dass- Moroccan Lentils Stew

  3. tyty says:

    hahaha! guys never get it and they give you that crazy look like "i know you ain't wearing that?" lol Zara is my summer fix, you cant resist their selections! you look good in green Missy! Then again you look good in almost every color! Loving the look! very summery!
    My recent post Vegas Purchases

  4. haha i totally understand the non-matching shoe thing. my 6 year old son tells me im not matching all the time. he just has to match his shoes with his shirt and maybe even throw a jacket of the same color in. i think it really is a guy thing!

    and yes i throw in "non-matching" shoes and clutches ALL the time. it's about adding other colors to the outfit :-)

    you look great…love the shoes!
    My recent post On The Style-List- Shoe Clips

  5. Sing says:

    I sure would. I think it makes the outfit overall more interesting to use another color or pattern.

  6. TyJ says:

    I remember the flower pin! Love it! The green dress looks gorgeous on you–tell the fiance that the shoes go with it perfectly! LOL!
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  7. megan says:

    I loooooooooove this!
    My recent post Golden Sun

  8. Love Love Love this dress. You look Fab as always and the blue shoes totally go!! What do hubby's know about fashion…. Not a thing! LOL LOL
    My recent post Featured in- STACKS Magazine

  9. Kori says:

    I probably wouldn't, but you look adorable in them! Hope you had a great weekend doll! Kori xoxo
    My recent post One Of A Kind

  10. Corie says:

    I love how vibrant you look. The dress and the shoes are perfect!
    My recent post Cant Wait for the Rain

  11. leslie says:

    I absolutely love the color combo on Klum. And don’t get me started with the animal print. When its the right blend it is soooo jazzy without even trying. So I guess that’s a YES!!! Love your color combo!

  12. Laarni says:

    I need a mismatch guide!

  13. vanessa says:

    I love that green dress. You always look cute in your outfits. Keep styling….

  14. Girl, I would and do wear shoes that don't "match!" But this totally sounds like a guy thing to say! Um, this dress is so complimenting on your figure. I don't know if it's the fabric or the cut or what, but it looks bomb! :)

    My recent post 3 signs today is Monday

  15. foodfashionandlow says:

    wpw! Green is a great color for you. Love the dress and how you added the blue shoes for a bit of contrast and a subtle color block effect. The neutral handbag blends seamlessly for a very chic look. Love it!

    My recent post Blue Velvet

  16. redpassion says:

    lovey green whit blue:)
    My recent post Elisa Palomino

  17. fdiary says:

    I love that you are incorporating more color into your wardrobe. Great dress, you look extra cute my dear! Keep doing your thing! ;-)

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