Bloggers Do It Better: Color Blocking

Hello, my friends! I hope everyone had a great Monday.  Mine was rough. It’s about 7:13 pm and I am definitely still sleep :)  I think I told you guys a while back that I had started watching 24 aka THE MOST ADDICTING SHOW OF ALL TIME! I am so glad I didn’t watch the show when it was actually on the air. I would have had a major anxiety attack. Lol (just kidding).  Anyway, I am watching it on Netflix instant queue and I have been staying up waaaay to late trying to watch as many episodes as possible at once.  This really has to stop. Thank goodness I only have two seasons left.

Anyway, this post is not about 24. It’s about COLOR BLOCKING and most importantly how Bloggers Do It Better. Lol! Bloggers Do It Better is actually a new style challenge started by the lovely Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly.  You may have seen the new badge on my sidebar… well go ahead and click it, learn more, and join the fun if you are so inclined! I’ll tell you the gist of it… Kristina will be charging bloggers to showcase how real people (us) rock the latest trends in a real way… and with real style.  She’ll assign a trend, we’ll rock it, post it, and link up on her blog the following week.  Needless to say, our first assignment was ——–> COLOR Blocking!

Forever 21 Tank | Vintage Pleated Culottes (SFAM Vintage Boutique) | Target Belt | Jessica Simpson “Astor” ($59.99 on sale now!) | Vintage Clutch (Gifted) | L.O.G.G Jean Jacket (H&M) | H&M Flower Pin in Hair | Dots Beaded Necklace

I previously told you guys how excited I was about color blocking here, so clearly I was up for the challenge! It also gave me the perfect excuse to rock my new cobalt blue pleated culottes.  Seriously, how cute are these things??? I LOVE THEM! Thanks to Reiko & Jaunette for scoping them out for a sista! :) For those that don’t know, Reiko of Gods Favorite Shoes and Juanette of Fashion Nette-Work have an amazing little vintage boutique loaded with goodies for those of us who are into vintage duds. When I saw these “Skinny Jeans Be Gone” pants as Reiko and Jaunette affectionately called them, I had to have them! Pleats…Cobalt Blue… Culottes (Yes, I said CULOTTES)… YES, PLEASE! Lol! (I am sure you guys can probably guess who was not amused by these pants Lol).

Now, I actually wore my new culottes to a Style Envy, a mixer and accessory trunk show hosted by Seven 74 Boutique and Urban Suite PRSeven 74 Boutique is THEE cutest little accessory boutique here in Atlanta. They had sooo many cute pieces!  I met up with a few of my Fashionable Atlanta girls — Charee, Adrienne, and Jai and we were  all like kids in a candy store! I took lots of pics and of course, I bought a couple things so stay tuned for a follow up post complete with pictures soon!

So, Fab didn’t even realize these were pants until I got home from the event…

Fab: Wait, are those pants? What are those?

Me: Yeah, they’re culottes

Fab: Ugh! Now, I really don’t like those.  I was wondering why that skirt was so wide??  *shaking head in disdain*

Me: OMG, babe, these pants are so cute! Seriously, I got so many compliments on them.  Everybody loved them.

Fab: No, I don’t like them. They look so wide. *shakes head again*

ummm, wide? Hmm, I am pretty sure “wide” is not a good thing. Lol!!! I was just talking to my girl Tysha on Twitter and we both agree that there should probably be a support group for husbands of fashion bloggers. Lol! They really try their best to understand, but we are a crazy lot. Lol!

I just noticed that my hair looks like it’s thinning in these pictures. What the heck?  Well, don’t worry… it’s not.  My hair is very fine and it was still wet in these pictures.  Geez, I look like I am recovering from a bad perm. Lol. Please just focus on the outfit. Thanks!

Have you tried color blocking yet?

The Fashionista Next Door

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58 Responses to “Bloggers Do It Better: Color Blocking”

  1. Bwhahahahaha! Fab is too funny!! I can see how he wouldn't "get" these pants, but they are FABULOUS!! I am absolutely loving colbalt / royal BLUE and it looks great with the other bright colors. And of course, that jean jacket is perfection with this. AGAIN! LOL! Lastly, I adore how the clutch matches the tank.
    My recent post Out of the Blue

  2. Tamika says:

    GREAT combo! LOVE that you are wearing pants and not a skirt–what a fantastic design! I'd love some pants like this. I just got a hot pink/fuschia belt and have been itching to work it in a color blocking outfit. Im feeling you on this one! LOVE!!!

  3. chyenne0201 says:

    Rotfl at your husband!!! love the fit do and the pants are so comfortable! Yeah definitely a support group is in lol!

  4. dana says:

    I love this outfit! So colorful and beautiful! BTW I love the pants lol

  5. Prissy says:

    I'm a huge fan of this outfit! I absolutely LOVE the culottes. I have a floral pair that I thrifted, but havent worn them yet! You're definitely inspiring me to wear them now!!! Also, the pics on SFAM did not do these things justice!!! I thought they were a dark dark purple, but indeed they are a very vibrant blue….which makes them so much more FAB!!!!

    Fab is sooooooooooo crazy!!! But, at least he's honest. If he doesnt like it, he will tell you. Most men are scared to say anything & let you walk out the house looking all crazy! LOL
    My recent post Thrifting Saturday

  6. You are really rockin' the trends! Color blocking, culottes and pleats! Awesome. You look beautiful!

    Come and see how a 49 year old Color blocks!

  7. Kelsey :) says:

    let's talk about how i was planning on wearing these colors this weekend!! like…in the SAME way. blue skirt…yellow top…smh….great minds, my friend

  8. LOL….this is funny…but you look great, I love your culottes. I'm going to try the color blocking trend soon!
    My recent post All aboard

  9. Charee says:

    Fab cracks me up! hahahahahahaha Too funny. Again, you look absolutely! :)
    My recent post Color Blocking

  10. Sing says:

    Awesome job! I saw those pants in the shop and wondered who snatched them up. Great choice! You did color blocking a huge justice, inspired!

  11. LOVE this outfit, as I knew I would from the preview you gave on Twitter!!! Those culottes are to die for!! Your husband is hilarious; my boyfriend doesn't even ask questions anymore, lol.
    My recent post Consider Me Color Blocked

  12. God's Favorite Shoes says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh I'm screaming!! I act like I designed those culottes or something! You made MAMA proud! I' mso proud! YOu know I'm so gonna repost this right!! Screaming!! AAAAHHHHHH

    THank you for supporting SFAM!!! We are SO gonna meet when I get to ATL!

  13. 406olivia says:

    Oh, Fabs! I always get a kick out of his outfit responses…and those pants are uh-mazing!
    My recent post WOW what Olivia woreblack- white &amp red all over

  14. Randy :) says:

    ***FAINTS*** Love this look, everything from the flower in hair to makeup, to the color blocking and my favorite signature jean jacket (I add denim jacket/vst to ALMOST all my outfits) LOL

    My co-worker just brought those JS Hot Pink Astors and I was like girl those are too neon pink for me…now you rocked them so right I may have to snatch em online ASAP!

    She did it again y'all!!! :)

    My recent post The Secret Scrolls 4411

  15. Corie says:

    Eboni I love those culottes! I had to see where you got them from. I need to go over to SFAM!
    Corie recently posted..Why do I have to keep explaining this
    Corie recently posted..Why do I have to keep explaining this

  16. Bekah says:

    WOW! I love the pants… the color AND the pleats… too amazing!

    and you have color blocking DOWN! I am taking notes… :)

    matters of merrymaking

  17. Juanette says:

    Eboni!!!!!!! You look SOOOOOO fabulous in those pants, I love the bright colors you paired them with! You are doing it RIGHT mamacita!
    My recent post In The Fashionistas Closet- Risky Business

  18. Kasey says:

    I love your colors and yes, I tried color blocking with pink & red!!!

    you are WORKING IT GIRL!!!!
    My recent post col·or block·ing- a lesson in brights

  19. Bows & Sequins says:

    Those colors look fabulous together! I'm inspired to get a pair of those pants :)
    My recent post Cupcakes &amp Color Blocking

  20. Kim says:

    Speechless…love everything:-)
    My recent post On My Blazer Kick

  21. Love the outfit…I haven't worn culottes since elementary school! They look great. Your color blocking is on point, I need to try this.

    Lol @ Fab, at least he is honest!
    My recent post Chic and Cheap

  22. ajajanea says:

    Im SOOOO loving that yellow clutch :-D

  23. Mai says:

    You definitely did color blocking justice. The culottes are gorg and the vibrant blue looks really good on you. i can't wait till it gets a little warmer on my side of the US so I can bust out my spring outfits.
    My recent post

  24. This outfit is absolutely fabulous!! I love all of the colors and those gauchos are perfect. Shopbop has a pair of bright blue Alice + Olivia gaucho pants that I've been coveting and these are so similar.

    I haven't tried color blocking yet, but you are inspiring me to give it a try!
    My recent post OOTD- Out in the Fields

  25. Roni says:

    Love everything about this! Well done! You def. have a new follower in me :-)


  26. foodfashionandlow says:

    Eboni, you look out of sight! Love your color block look and I want want want that clutch! You look FAB! And these colors look really good together.

    My recent post Lime Twist

  27. tyty says:

    I'm wiping away my drool as i type! LOL is that a good thing or bad thing! OMG is all i can say! i am so in love with this outfit i donot know where to begin! The pants (culottes) which i did thought was a skirt is FAbulous! Hey it can serve as both! The yellow tank and the pink belt! BANANAS! You know what just let me swoon and have my moment! U killed it hands down! xoxo TY
    My recent post Dominoes

  28. Tanvi says:

    Your outfit just made my day look brighter!!! Amazing :)

    ♡ from ©

    My recent post How to wear Pearls casually

  29. Heather says:

    Ok… what you’re wearing is cute (blue and yellow almost always look nice together), although it’s not something I would wear, personally. HOWEVER, y’all fashion folks and your color blocking will NEVER convince me that it is ok to wear red and pink together. Never, never, never. Hahaha! It hurts my eyes.
    Heather recently posted..Book review- “The Word- Black Writers Talk About the Transformative Power of Reading and Writing” edited by Marita Golden
    Heather recently posted..Book review- “The Word- Black Writers Talk About the Transformative Power of Reading and Writing” edited by Marita Golden

  30. Abi says:

    I think I enjoy hearing your husband’s reaction to your outfits as much as I enjoy seeing your outfits lol. Its funny because its so typically male.
    Anyway I love this look. I think I’ll be brave and try colorblocking this summer, hopefully I can pull it off.

  31. so cute! love the coolotts (how do you spell that…lol)

    this is a nice challenge she has going on here. i might have to participate.
    My recent post Giveaway Winner and a NEW STYLE CHALLENGE

  32. Katou says:

    This outfit is just amazing i love it, i didn't try Color blocking yet but i'm definetely inspired i looove it ;)
    My recent post Fashion Week Tunis 2011

  33. GorgeousInGrey says:

    Well how cute are! Love it Love Love it!!

  34. Kimberly says:

    Damn, girl, this looks awesome!! Love the color blocking and those pants are HOT!!!

  35. Kerissa says:

    I wake up every morning excited to see your new posts. The culottes are the perfect color. I want a pleated skirt like that NOW! The flower in your hair was such a lovely touch to bring to the look. Especially feeling how you rock your jean jacket. I own 2 and wear my dark GAP one with everything.
    My recent post Pampered by Me

  36. Sacramento says:

    You are the most fantastic one in the world.
    I get all confused in your blog. I never know which direction to take or which one is your last post, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  37. Sacramento says:

    I am following you everywhere now, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Adding you to my blogroll, too.

  38. DistrictCouture says:

    LOL!! Yes, there does need to be a support group for the men of fashion bloggers – they just don't understand. As soon as I realized they were culottes, I thought they were even CUTER! So chic – and it's not like the culottes we wore as kids in the 80s. If anything, this is a nod to the 60s and looks so great with all the bold spring colors. You look Easter chic, doll! xoxo
    My recent post 30×30 Remix- Day 8 – Spring Swing Skirt

  39. Inez says:

    Love the culottes. Love the way u color blocked that outfit. It's a great look
    My recent post Unattainable pedestal of perfection

  40. Momma Sharon says:

    Culottes, Palazzos, what ever yu'd like to call them, they are GORGEOUS, and I love the pleating all the way down the leg. Sorry Fab, these are a hit!! You are truly a Fashionista, my dear!! Sooooooo well put together, the color scheme is totally Spring, and fun, and fabulous!!

  41. Jody-Ann says:

    Love this color block combo! all my fave colors in one shot :-)

  42. Rita says:

    IN LOVE with this!!! <3 Rita

  43. Maria says:

    I love the outfit! I wish I could be so bold to wear all those bright colors together. By the way – thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my color-blocking outfit :) Great to meet fun bloggers!
    My recent post My Interpretation of the Color-Blocking Trend

  44. theworldoftiffany says:

    Def. a cute outfit
    My recent post New Theme- Tapestry

  45. Toria says:

    Super cute outfit….love the colours!
    My recent post Maxwell – This Womans Work

  46. Larami says:

    This post made me LAUGH! My husband has a strong aversion rompers, culottes and anything slightly off-the-cuff. When he saw my colorblock post the first thing he asked was "What's that think on top of your head?". Um, a BUN?! Poor guys. You did an awesome job with this!
    My recent post Color Block Blogger Link-Up

  47. Shasie says:

    Those pants are sooo much fun! Love your color block. I came across your page from the bloggers do it better challenge! I'd love for you to check mine out when you get a chance!
    My recent post PINK

  48. Shen says:

    OMG! work it! love those pants you pull them off with ease! most people would be lost on how to style it, probably including me! haha The fact that they are in that totally unexpected but fabulous color is awesome. I love clothes that have a little mystery and make you question, what is that?!

    P.S. Love your blog, your so spunky, the energy is great!

  49. […] this week, I participated in the Blogger’s Do It Better Color Blocking challenge.  I figured I’d keep the Color Block Party going with this […]

  50. Fajr says:

    I love those culottes and lol @ Fab. Men just don't get women's fashion!
    My recent post Card Carrying Member of the Ladies Who Love Bangs Brigade

  51. Mode Plus says:

    I'm amazed on how fun color blocking is. I'm going trough the BDIB list and I must say I love your look. And when I saw it wasn't a skirt, well i had a moment of silent. Mon dieu, this outfit is beyond. You did color blocking like no other.

  52. Adrienne says:

    What a bright, pretty outfit, and I love the culottes!

  53. Jules729 says:

    I love this.. nice job with the colorblocking girl! I love the colors. I have that belt in pink and orange. I love it! :)
    My recent post 5 Reasons I Decided to Start a Fashion Blog

  54. Girl I'm weak at your husbands 'disapproval' of your pants!!! I too think they are soooo cute and the color is fierce! As a matter of fact, your whole ensemble is put together perfectly-I love all of the colors together-especially the hot pink shoes! Ugghhh men, they always have a hard time figuring out our style. I'm soooo jealous that you got to attend a trunk show and meet up with different bloggers-Virginia is terribly WACK. Trunk shows-yeah right, nothing of the sort goes down in these parts and I'm probably the singlemost fashion blogger in this part of VA so a meetup is…. again, totally unheard of :-(
    My recent post Youn Wanna Start With MeBecause the F is For Finisha

  55. Ciaa says:

    Love love love it !!!!!!
    My recent post Designer Spotlight-Malaika

  56. L.Duncan says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and I must say that your style is sooooo cool!

    I’m definitely becoming a new follower!

    BTW, Love the paints! I also love the color blocking. I have a dress that I purchased yesterday that is orange, magenta, and hot pink! ANd guess what shoes I got to go with it???? Those Jessica Simpsons! I didn’t see the pink. I have the gold. I figured that would be the perfect outfit to wear to blogfest 2011 in NYC this week!

    Have you seen the new online mag House of Fifty??? I may have to feature you in one of our issues! Oh, and I live in Atlanta too!

  57. afvallen buik…

    […]Color Blocking | The Fashionista Next Door™[…]…

  58. […] max, but it became incredibly dry and started to shed like crazy. I thought I was balding, and my edges got so thin that I was embarrassed to wear a ponytail.  I also realized that whatever remnant of a curl […]

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