Boyfriend Shorts

Do you ever have those days where your outfit is soooo much cuter in person than it is in any of the outfit shots you took, but you just don’t have the time or energy to retake your pictures? Yeah, it was one of those days. I don’t like this pictures very much, but I promise the outfit was really cute! So cute in fact, that it is a re-run from Mother’s Day. lol!  I went to a casual brunch with my mom, sister, and aunt when I was in LA and this is what I wore.  Since I was in a different city and nobody saw me, I figured why not just wear it again.  Not to mention it was sitting at the top of my suitcase (which has not yet been unpacked! Don’t judge me! lol.)

Xhileration Top (Target) | GAP Cuffed Shorts ($39.95) | Leopard Scarf (Foreign Exchange, similar, $16) |  Target Leopard Belt | LC Lauren Conrad “Zander” sandals (Kohl’s, $31.99) | Vintage Bag (gifted)

So of course, the first thing my mom says when she sees this outfit is “You just really like not matching,” and my little sister chimes in  and says “That’s the style.” Lol. And I just shake my head and say “matching is overrated.”  Seriously, it really is! Who says my shoes have to match my shirt? and how says I cant wear leopard with floral? I happen to think these prints complement each other perfectly. Hmph!

Anyway, I really love these shorts! I wish I had bought them in other colors.  I have a lot of short shorts, but these relaxed comfy shorts are a nice change of pace. I love how low they sit on my waist.. makes me feel kind sassy.  Similar to boy friend jeans or relaxed fit pants, my philosophy on the relaxed shorts is they must be worn with heels.  In my opinion, they look quite sexy worn this way…

Let’s talk about this belt for a minute. I had been looking for a calf hair or even faux calf hair belt under $20 FOREVER! Of course, all the belts I found (and liked) were $35 and over. I was finally on the verge of sucking it up and shelling out the dough for a a $42 Michael Kors belt on Zappos when I walked into Target and spotted this belt for something like $14.99 (I think!). You guys seriously, I wasn’t even in the belt section.  I don’t even know how I saw this thing. It was like a flash of leopard in my peripheral vision… it was calling my name… Lol.  And this my friends, is why I LOVE TARGET!

What do you guys think of these shoes? I have been stalking them online for a few months now. They are from the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s.  I actually saw Lauren Conrad wearing them in an issue of People Stylewatch a few months ago, but at that time they were still full price. I waited for them to go on sale and used one of my 15% promo codes to get them down to about $30.  I really love how open the shoes are with just the three horizontal straps. They are so cute!

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27 Responses to “Boyfriend Shorts”

  1. gen321 says:

    Super cute outfit! Love the shorts. I did a post about my mother’s day outfit. How cute I thought I looked and how the photos detailed some of the flaws in my outfit, so I know the feeling.
    gen321 recently posted..BACK TO BASICS!
    gen321 recently posted..BACK TO BASICS!

  2. theworldoftiffany says:

    I love Target too and my shopping hiatus is almost over THANK GOD. I like those shorts. I wonder if they look strange on tall girls??/ Hmmmmm
    My recent post New Theme- Vertigo

  3. Tanvi says:

    Matching is definitely over rated! Love the look and your pink lipstick! :)

    ♡ from

    My recent post Secrets to Glowing Skin

  4. Rocquelle says:

    I don’t know why you don’t like these pictures, but your outfit looks fab in theses pics! I too think floral and leopard together! I’m glad that my mom is to a point now where if I match to much, she asks “where you going?” or “what’s wrong with you?” lol
    Rocquelle recently posted..Stories to Tell
    Rocquelle recently posted..Stories to Tell

  5. Finally, someone who can break these stupid rules that people seem to think are etched in stone.
    BRAVO !!!
    I think your outfit is perfect.
    And it looks great on you !!!

    A Second Chance Around recently posted..Dear Kids- Stop Being Pigs !!
    A Second Chance Around recently posted..Dear Kids- Stop Being Pigs !!

  6. GFS says:

    I love the fit of the shorts and the mixing or prints! You are killing it!

  7. L of Avid Accents says:

    so cute. love the floral and leopard. and NY and Company also has that pony hair belt.

    my little sister tried to get me on the matching thing yesterday. i had a monocramatic look and she pointed out all my reds weren't the same….. lord one day that child will learn not to go around looking like a tall apple. why are people afraid to break the rules…smh.
    My recent post DIY- Dollar Store Hat Challenge

  8. The Girls says:

    Looking fly girl! & that scarf is just fierce!

  9. SACRAMENTO says:

    You look beyond fantastic in those short with a touch of wild animal print.
    You absolutely ROCK.

  10. Inez says:

    Love the leopard an floral. Cute shoes. Love that it only has three horizontal straps, gives your lovely feet some rest. Cool outfit.

  11. Kellie says:

    Well…rules are meant to be broken…right..?!?! I wore all white last week and my daughter was like "mom, you're not supposed to be wearing white yet"….as if *in my cher from clueless voice* You look great as usual!
    My recent post Happy Friday!!!

  12. Sing says:

    The shoes look great and comfy.
    My recent post Hot Pink

  13. Rita says:

    so cute!! What lipstick are you wearing?? <3 Rita

  14. fashiontulip says:

    So cute! Love the mixed prints and leopard scarf. i just bought a crinkle leopard scarf from ebay this week and i cant wait to get it.That pink lipstick looks good on you missy!
    My recent post Leather in the Evening

  15. You look totally cute in these pics, watchu talking bout, WIllis??
    I love how fearless you are with the pattern mixing. It's a skill that I'm working on, but looks effortless on you. I might have to check out these shorts because they totally look comfy and so do your shoes. I'm curious about the LC line of shoes at Kohl's. Are they comfortable to wear?
    My recent post OOTD- Didnt Mean to Wear My Robe!

  16. Krystle says:

    I love Target for the exact same reasons, girl! I had to style my dress for tonight in a hurry and did it ALL at Target!! And I agree on the shorts! They MUST be worn with heels for sure! My outfit today [didn't post} was in some relaxed shorts and they just needed heels for sure! I'm totally with you! This look is fab!! I agree on the pattern mixing as well! Some people just don't know! :)


    My recent post Wedding Fun &amp Dressing Up!

  17. Jules729 says:

    I love the shoes! I think a few shoes from her line are adorable, but by the time I came across them they no longer had my size – in any! :(
    My recent post Nude Pumps- Dash from Sole Society

  18. Marissa says:

    I lived in my boyfriend shorts last summer, and I'm just waiting for it to warm up here so I can break them out again. And your right – matching is overrated. :)

  19. ladyoffashion says:

    I love your scarf & your shoes, I have not seen too much of Lauren Conrads collection, but this is fabulous! The clutch is nice as well. I'm also a fan of the boyfriend shorts, because I really don't 'wear short shorts because of my height it looks like a ridiculous mini skirt on me! -xxoo
    My recent post In The Name of Thrifty-Chic and a Layover

  20. Veronica says:

    i love those shoes! I know this looked really cute in person – you're working it. I love your blog by the way.

    I love LC's stuff. I'm sad her line didn't do well but then I'm happy because it's at kohl's and probably much cheaper than it might have been otherwise. I found a beautiful last year that screamed "buy me." I cant wait to were it agian since it's warmed up.
    My recent post YesIts Another Mohawk

  21. lvdavis says:

    I love your scarf and your shoes. the clutch also adds a nice touch.
    My recent post Lovemarks

  22. Fajr says:

    Haha to your mom and sister! Matching is soooo last year and I mean your scarf and belt match so what more do they want! I certainly have those days where nothing looks right on camera. I must get better with outfit posts!

    My recent post Are you a Savage Blogger

  23. Shasie says:

    Yes I've definitely had this happen before too!

    Live Life in Style

    My recent post Vintage Decade- 1930s

  24. […] In case you were worried about me (probably not), don’t worry! I am still here.  It feels like forever since I did an outfit post. When was the last one? What was I wearing? I can’t even remember…Oh, it was the cropped top.  That was last Friday! Sheesh! (This is me talking to myself)  Well, I’ve gotta be honest, I haven’t taken a single picture all week (translation = I haven’t gotten out of my lounge clothes all week).  Thankfully, I had these pictures from this past weekend when I went to lunch with my cousin (when I picked my AWESOME new turquoise pumps!). I felt pretty sassy in this outfit.  I always love mixing feminine with masculine, like this floral peplum corset paired with my new favorite boyfriend shorts… […]

  25. Lucy says:

    I love how you mixed the floral and leopard prints! I'm always too nervous to try, but it looks so good!

  26. jessj says:

    I love your outfit, yes. But what I'm really digging is your HAIR! What did you do???

    • Miss_Ife says:

      hey JessJ! I just pressed it the old-fashioned way. It was about a week old on this day. I just through it up in a ponytail!

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