Bloggers Do It Better: Neons + Neutrals

Happy  Friday, my friends! What’s everyone got planned for the weekend? I am gonna go spend some time with the girls. It should be a good time!  Well, I am sure you’ve noticed… it’s Bloggers Do It Better Day! and this week’s challenge was to rock Neons and Neutrals.  You guys may remember that I actually did a Neons + Neutrals post last month! I was happy to give this trend another spring for the Bloggers Do It Better challenge.  As you can see, I had fun with this one… HELLO HOT PINK SEQUINS! Lol!

I love this skirt paired with white. It just pops! Seriously, when you’re wearing hot pink sequins, I think pairing it nuetrals are kind of the only way to go.  After all, I’m not going for the Las Vegas showgirl look. hehe.  Even with the white blazer and tank, I still had room to play around with a little bit more color.  The orange bag and turquoise shoes complement this look perfectly without taking it over the top. Oh, and even Fab liked this one…I think that makes two in a row. I’m gonna have my man repelling license revoked if I don’t watch out…

Express Sequin Skirt (old) | Worthington Blazer ($34.99, JC Penney)| Random White Burnout Tank | Minx Me “Etsa” Pumps | Curly in the City Bag ($18, Etsy ) | Seven 74 Boutique Bangle | Dots Necklace | Cheap Beauty Supply Earrings (ha!)

This is actually what I wore to a birthday celebration for my good college buddy Bianca! She celebrated her 29th birthday with ladies night at Dolce Restaurant and Bar in Altantic Station.  I hadn’t been there before, and I wasn’t too impressed with the food but the drinks were GREAT! They have a Moscatini (Moscato Martini) that is dee-lish! I am not a sweet wine person, and I don’t generally care for Moscato but the martini version is very pleasant… perfect for ladies night!

This was day 4 of my flexi-rod set by the way! Don’t hate on my Michael Jackson curl in the front. Lol :)

I’ve gotta make this a quick post because it’s my lunch break, but don’t forget to hop on over th the Bloggers Do It Better Link Party to check out all the other Neon + Neutral outfits!

p.s. I know the posts have been a little sporadic. I warned you guys... Sorry! :)

p.p.s. I did a hair update video but I haven’t had time to edit it… hopefully this weekend!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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44 Responses to “Bloggers Do It Better: Neons + Neutrals”

  1. Love the skirt and how you just went crazy with colors. :)

    My recent post Bloggers Do It Better- Neon Neutral Kapow

  2. designedbyann says:

    Love your outfit! This skirt is sooo cute! and you are right it is better to style it with neutrals I love the shoes+bag also…turquoise is a favorite color of mine!

  3. Sacramento says:

    You look adorable in that pink skirt clashing with orange and blue, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    My recent post 5 Days Unplugged – Paloma´s Birthday &amp The Thyssen Museum

  4. You rocked this challenge!!! That skirt is SO FABULOUS!!! Paired with the turquoise heels is even MORE FABULOUS!!!! Very nice!


  5. You did this Ife! You are so cute! love the skirt and the colorful accents. I love moscato so that drink sounds so good to me!

  6. Robin says:

    This is PERFECT!!! You know I'm all about the pink sequins! Don't worry too much about the man repellant card–men always find a way to creep it back in there! ;-)
    My recent post Prima Face

  7. MsAmina says:

    NICE!!! I love it and… You have gorgeous legs!!! (so jealous!)

  8. Fajr says:

    Love this look! I'm all about color and you worked all of them in there without looking like a bag of Skittles! Your hair is too cute!
    My recent post The Hater Within- How to Quiet your Inner Critic

  9. Berty says:

    OMG……You look bananas! Love it one of my fav post yet….Love your hair :)
    My recent post Look for Less – Lilys Signature Gold Feather Earrings

  10. Courtney says:

    OMG I love it i love it i love it!
    My recent post Getting My Greek On

  11. Prissy says:

    This is too cute, Eboni!!!! You look HOT girlie! I love the skirt, shoes, clutch, everything!! You're making me wanna go to Penneys for that blazer (and I have a 15% off coupon) LOL!!!

    My recent post Red Robin Sneak Peek

  12. Precious says:

    Such a lovely outfit!!
    My recent post Gray Slouch Hat

  13. Cheryl-Ann says:

    You look way too cute! Love how the piping on the clutch matches your shoes! Great Fit!!?

  14. The Girls says:

    You are definitely rocking my favorite color in that skirt! & you look so gorgeous. The outfit looks great on you!

  15. jemappelleshen says:

    Awesome Skirt!! Love this look! I participated in the BDIB challenge too, stop by and check out my look!

  16. ladyaglaia says:

    girl, you're getting hotter by the day! I love this whole look on you :)

  17. Bernadette N. says:

    You look AMAZING! I love everything about this look, from the skirt to the white blazer to the bracelet to the shoes to the…everything! And your hair looks great!

  18. Sunny says:

    Your shoes and blazer are amazing!!!
    My recent post As an aside

  19. Kate Mills says:

    This skirt is to die for fabulous! Your blog is so gorgeous too! very well put together. I am now following you!


  20. taya says:

    I love this outfit. I would never think to put these colors together but it goes together perfectly.

  21. You really took this challenge up a notch. I love everything about how you styled this look. It is so classy with the right amount of sexy!! I am also very obsessed with anything sequin (you should see my closet), so I have a bit of skirt envy right now ;-( But KUDOS you knocked this one out the park.
    My recent post BDID- Look On The Bright Side

  22. Kerissa says:

    Eboni, THIS is terrific! Everything about it screams sexy even the MJ curl :) The sequined skirt is the perfect summer colors againt the pure white. What I enjoy so much about your blog is the fabulous mixed with being practical. Me, the everyday woman is inspired. Thank you. Can I shop your closet??

  23. Toya says:

    OMG you are killing that skirt!! I love it – you look AMAZING!!!
    My recent post DAY 5!

  24. Iky says:

    That skirt is cute girl, and white does make it pop. Love the shoes too btw

  25. caroline says:

    That skirt is ah-maz-ing! I love the sparkle!

    Make sure to stop by my blog for the big giveaway!


    My recent post Neon and Neutral

  26. I think this look is sooooooooo H-O-T!!!!! It all works so well together, the shoes, the bag, the skirt with the white backdrop of the shirt and blazer-LOVE!!!! Get it! :)
    My recent post Florida Orange

  27. Shasie says:

    I love it!! Such a cute skirt with the blue pumps!!

    Live Life in Style

    My recent post FEATURING MY FATHER

  28. Kimberlee says:

    Go girl! This outfit is fierce from head to toe :)
    My recent post Happy Fathers Day!

  29. GFS says:

    Look at you rocking those legs!!!!! *sucking my teeth* *Jealous*

  30. White and neon pink, with a touch of turquoise and orange. Perfection. Who knew! This looks amazing on you. Your legs go on for miles in that skirt and keeping the rest of the outfit simple really made it pop. Love.
    My recent post A Very Special One-Year Blogiversary!

  31. mrsbossa says:

    Beautiful! Absolutely perfect – you are so good with colour! I am really into white this season, and that has never happened before… :)
    My recent post Delighted- Destroyed and Dangerous- women in the media

  32. audrey says:

    I totally agree with my bro. this outfit gets the whole fam's approval. love it!

  33. Singing: "night feva, night fevaaa" (from saturday night fever) Lol I love this skirt. Makes me think of that move, kind of diso era ish. You always bring it and cute rod set!
    My recent post You are NOT the father!

  34. WOW!!! This may be my all-time favorite outfit of yours! This is so flawlessly put together. I mean, seriously – that zipper color matching the shoes?!?!? AMAZE! The color combinations, pops of color and that BRACELET!! And your hair just sets it OFF!! Great job! Hands down the best look of the challenge, IMO! hehehe! :)
    My recent post GIVEAWAY- Win the Beauty Dress!

  35. Shalilac says:

    I absolutely adore this outfit. If I had legs like those I'd be in a mini skirt everyday! That bag… I'm gonna stop over to that link and see what's really goin on ;~)
    My recent post Bloggers Do It Better- Neon Neutral

  36. Ahhh, this is amazing. It was such a fun surprise scrolling down and seeing the fabulous shoes after sweating that skirt so much. And then seeing that little bit of turquoise on the bag to go with the shoes? *bows down in awe*

  37. tyty says:

    Can't remember if I commented on this outfit but hell even if I did i'll do it again! I went nuts when I seen that outfit! The sequin skirt was love at first sight! You gotta wear this skirt more often and don't leave it neglected! Pls i beg you, I'm sure Fab is begging also! LOL I love seeing you in bright colors, yes the monochromatic look works for everyone but color is your thing! I'm loving it all! And I gotta get my hands on one of them clutches, just waiting for some more to come in! xoxo Ty
    My recent post Cogniac and green kinda day!

  38. Kymberly says:

    I LOVE this outfit. Its not matchy, but its not all over the place. I think Im going to have to try to mix it up with some colors.
    My recent post 6 Months Already

  39. @artblt says:

    VERY cute look. Your makeup looks hot too. Fab post!!
    My recent post Summer Fashion is Cool

  40. Angie says:

    I love the colors you selected for this ensemble! Very fresh and summer-like.
    My recent post The United States Botanic Garden, Washington, DC.

  41. Kaadia says:

    I HAVE this skirt!!! I wore it in a similar way! I had on a basic v-neck tee an orange vest and magenta converse and I made sequins work for my intro to philosophy class! I think I wanna try it again but this time more dressy for a dinner or something!
    My recent post Free your mind and the rest will follow..

  42. Tyesha says:

    Idk how I missed this post. I believe it was when I was on vacay, but Eboni girl you are rocking it in this look…That sequin mini is HOTTT and you are wearing it. I'm feeling the colors in this look. Everything looks great your hair, makeup, color combination=PERFECTION!
    My recent post “Total Rock Star Look” & Win a Trip to Fashion Week

  43. […] it… I just don’t prefer it.  And the thing is, I am not a modest dresser by any means (hello hot pink sequin mini!).  I am quick to show off  3/4ths of my legs, but I rarely show of the decolletage. I tweeted […]

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