Don’t Worry, I’m Still Alive

In case you were worried about me (probably not), don’t worry! I am still here.  It feels like forever since I did an outfit post. When was the last one? What was I wearing? I can’t even remember…Oh, it was the cropped top.  That was last Friday! Sheesh! (This is me talking to myself)  Well, I’ve gotta be honest, I haven’t taken a single picture all week (translation = I haven’t gotten out of my lounge clothes all week).  Thankfully, I had these pictures from this past weekend when I went to lunch with my cousin (when I picked my AWESOME new turquoise pumps!). I felt pretty sassy in this outfit.  I always love mixing feminine with masculine, like this floral peplum corset paired with my new favorite boyfriend shorts

H&M Corset | GAP Shorts | DIY Raven Bag | Dots Necklace | Cheapie Earrings | Versace Sunnies

What I love about looks like this is the understated sex appeal. Fab even gave me the eyes as I was walking out of the door.  That’s a sign that I did well in the sexy department. Lol!

Side Note: How much do you guys love the change of scenery for these pictures? I know I love it! I am so sick of my saaaame old back drop. I am trying to find other places to take pictures…

Did you notice that I am debuting a new LEOPARD PRINT BAG!!! Woohoo! Remember when I said I was trying to convince Raven to add leopard print carryalls to her collection? Well, I’m not gonna take all the credit (Reiko!) but I’d like to think my compelling arguments begging & pleading for a bag in this print are to thank… lol! Just kidding, just kidding! But seriously, thanks to Raven for the awesome bag. I love it! I also LOVE being able to support my fellow bloggers in their business endeavors.  It’s just another cool blogging perk for me.  When Raven blows up, I’ll be able to say that  bought some of her first pieces!

Oh!!!! I have been meaning to tell you guys that if you LOVE the Jessica Simpson Dany’s but weren’t able to find them anymore, Asos released an identical shoe recently.  Now, the tan is sold out but they do still have the gray available in size 9 and 10.  If you’re interested, I’d move fast! They are bound to sell out super fast.  They are about $140 (kinda pricey, buuuut if you really want them…this is why Reiko calls me an enabler! Sorry!)

Well you guys, tomorrow is the last day to enter my Blogiversary $50 LuLu*s gift card giveaway!!!!! I’ll be picking a winner on Monday and I am SO excited.  I also just reached 500 followers via Google!! Wooohoooooo! You guys ROCK! Another smaller giveaway might be on the horizon if you don’t win this one.  Gotta celebrate the big 5-0-0, right?

Last words before I go…I NEED A TAN!!! #ThatIsAll

Thanks for Stopping By!!

The Fashionista Next Door



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37 Responses to “Don’t Worry, I’m Still Alive”

  1. Lia says:

    You look amazing, and I am loving those shoes so much!! The bag is gorgeous too, I do love the leopard print! Congrats on hitting 500 followers, that's amazing!!
    My recent post Summer Chic Outfit Post

  2. drreginia says:

    Loving that shirt Eboni..the backdrop is fab.

  3. courtnee says:

    So you know I'm stealing,er,borrowing this look…right!?
    You look awesome and I'm digging the backdrop too!!

  4. Precious says:

    Very cute outfit!

  5. Abi says:

    You’re right this is understated sexy. I love it, totally my look. I’m cutesy so I can’t pull off sexy so this type of look is my only chance at sex appeal lol. Nice background.

  6. Toria says:

    You look cute as always! Love the corset top! :)

  7. Tyesha says:

    Loves it!! You look very pretty of course and I love that the look is simple, but yet so chic!! I'm loving the print in the top as well.
    Enjoy your weekend!!
    My recent post Who Wore It Better- Brooklyn Decker vs Jennifer Hudson

  8. QueenDiva says:

    I love this outfit. With the heat wave we had… This outfit is perfect. Love it!!!
    QueenDiva recently posted..WorkWear Wednesday- Heat Wave
    QueenDiva recently posted..WorkWear Wednesday- Heat Wave

  9. Josee P says:

    I'm still alive, I'm still alive.. you put that song in my head now. :)
    Love the background. Congrats on 500

  10. cute! I love the shorts <3
    congrats on your 500 readers, I can't wait til I get there :]
    My recent post Deal Alert- 10 for 25 worth of elf cosmetics

  11. you are too cute!! love the mix of edge and girly!! :) That little corset is adorable, would look great with skinnies and a pair of heels. And those earrings!!!!!!! love and need'em! lol…
    My recent post HOT Fuchsia

  12. Girl, I'd be giving you the eye too! That is and understated sexy look. And dang, let's talk about THAT DIY RAVEN BAG!!! LOVE!
    My recent post Video Review- Maybelline Color Sensational Clear Lipliner

  13. Inez says:

    Cute floral peplum top and great clutch. Loving those Jessica Simpson's

  14. Prissy says:

    Very cute & chic outfit, Eboni. You're definitely giving off a subtly sexy vibe! You are really making me want the Danys and a DIY Raven bag! Ughhhh!!! I agree, you are an enabler! LOL
    My recent post Rock it &amp Roll it- Prissy

  15. MJ says:

    I'm soo loving this outfit!! That corset is too cute, yet subtly sexy!! I'm digging those shades too! Awesome backdrop for the pictures too by the way! :)
    My recent post Friend Friday- Packing for a Summer Vacay

  16. Exit 248 says:

    understated sex appeal is RIGHT. i love this. its something that just about anyone can rock. the long short with the HIGH heel and corset all mix into perfect proportions. i'm doing this this weekend for sure.

    have a great one!

  17. Katie says:

    understated sex appeal is RIGHT. i love this. its something that just about anyone can rock. the long short with the HIGH heel and corset all mix into perfect proportions. i'm doing this this weekend for sure.

  18. Robin says:

    Glad you're back! I love that bag. You did a great job mixing the femininity of the top with the masculinity of the shorts.
    My recent post Sweet and Wild

  19. tyty says:

    I LOVE IT! yah im sure i already told u that LOL but i gotta say it again! i love the balance the baggy shorts down below with something gurly and fitted at the top! FAB and if i cannot find that top of yours anywhere then I'll just be drooling over yours until you decide to hand it over! LOL hint hint! loving it though! Summer is here enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo Ty
    My recent post Act Like A lady think Like a Man

  20. theworldoftiffany says:

    Background is fierce. i'm biting that LOL (you know you and I talk like Theo and Cockroach from The Cosby Show :)
    Lovin it

  21. Corie says:

    Eboni I think you look really cute. I love the top, the heels, and of course that bag.

    You should try Shoe Land too…if you're looking for some Dany look alikes. They have them there for $23. The platform isn't that high but they are really close.
    My recent post Blue Grass

  22. Nadjah says:

    Just Gorge!! loves it all

  23. Shen says:

    Cute outfit and I do love your location! I have been looking for some graffiti or wall art to shoot in front of, now after seeing the awesome juxtaposition of your outfit against that wall I’m convinced even more that I need to find a little slice of graffiti for myself!
    Shen recently posted..Sporty- Sexy- Cool
    Shen recently posted..Sporty- Sexy- Cool

  24. Alexia Miller says:

    that leopard print bag is soooo cute, I really need to find one like that! I luv Leopard

  25. Style Chic 360 says:

    Love the mix of patterns!
    My recent post Make a Colorful Statement

  26. Em K says:

    Awesome backdrop, the graffiti really does mix things up! Def got the understated sexy right with the bf shorts & corset top. Love the leopard print bag, it just adds to the overall outfit :)

  27. Loving the new back drop! Oh, and that outfit is too cute! love the shoes especially!

    I need (want) one of those bags!

  28. fashiontulip says:

    Sooo cute Ife! Loving the floral and leopard combo….i think they play well together. I need ur sunnies too boo! lol

  29. majormusthaves says:

    Love this look! Yoiu are such a beautiful girl with original style. Love!!!

  30. FASHION du jour says:

    I'm such a lame commenter! Must do better. You look adorable! I love it! Very cute clutch too! :) See you soon!

  31. GFS says:

    OMG! This gives me all kinds of AMENS! I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this! From the pattern mixing…to the photography….the shoes….the shorts….the perfect top! EBONI!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! I'm tweeting this look!

  32. GFS says:

    And yes you are an enabler!!!

  33. Sunny says:

    The Jessica Simpsons and H&M top are fabulous!!!

    God bless!
    My recent post As an aside

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