What I Want Now: Leopard Print Jeans

I know you probably read the title and thought to yourself, “Okay, that’s it! She’s taken this leopard obsession to far!” LOL! But, it’s true…I am currently craving a pair of leopard print jeans.  On paper, they sound awful, and I wasn’t even that thrilled about them when I saw all the celebs rockin’ them — SJP, Katie Holmes, Isla Fisher, and the list goes on… but after seeing this pic of Danielle Lineker on one of the many street style blogs I read, I couldn’t get them out of my mind… I need them!

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What really makes them work is the muted, washed out leopard print.  It’s not over tehe top…and of course her styling is nice and simple.  She is wearing the Current/Elliot Stilleto Skinny Jeans, which retail for $198 and also comes in gray.  Way outta my price range, but if you got it like that…get ‘em girl!  I found a great look for less on Alloy.com, that I’ve officially added to my wish list!  The Gray Cheetah Print Stretch Jean is only $36.90 and looks pretty damn close to the Current/Elliot jean in gray.

What do you think? Would you wear leopard print jeans?

p.s. I know you’re probably wondering what’s going on with outfit posts this week? I just haven’t gotten “dressed” all week…very sad, I know…and it was raining…and (insert another excuse here!).  Style Me Friday is on as scheduled, and hopefully I’ll be back on track next week! Sorry guys! Meanwhile, I hope my fashion musings have been enjoyable.

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22 Responses to “What I Want Now: Leopard Print Jeans”

  1. @Shalilac says:

    I have a pair that have been in my closet for over a year and I've never worn them. I think you just inspired me!
    My recent post I've Always Believed in Fairytales

  2. Latreacia says:

    I just got these for $27.99! They are on sale for $34.99 but use code PRESIDENT for 20% off! http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?…

  3. That Girl E... says:

    I love them, Leopard is definitely in. I need to find me a pair.
    My recent post I HEART WINTER

  4. Kiki says:

    These are super cute, I cannot wait to go shopping after my weight loss challenge is complete! The washed out look is what has me SOLD!
    My recent post ROCKIN' LINKS| Natural Hair and Body Jewelry with Afrique la Chic!

  5. weareringside says:

    Danielle has sold me on them…now I need a pair for myself!
    My recent post What I Wore: 10.18.11

  6. Prissy says:

    I love'em! I saw some at Forever 21 a while back!


  7. Nikell says:

    Personally, I don't think those are for me. I'm sure you'll make them look super cute though. I'll have to pass this time around.
    My recent post Making Big Plans Part 3 of 3

  8. Dominique says:

    I would definitely wear a pair, I think the grey pattern would be more my speed than the obvious tan one. Great post

  9. Taliah says:

    Cute post and i need a pair of lepo print jeans too!

  10. Charee says:

    They are too cute Eboni!! I have a pair in my closet and they are just sitting there still in tags… LOL My daughter got them for me last year for Xmas. They are def GORGE and I can sooo see you rocking them out!!!

  11. Carsedra says:

    Cute jeans not sure if I could pull this off though!! I have to know where my limits are with some fashions/trends and this might be one of them. :-) But I am sure you will look great in them!

    Carsedra of:


    My recent post Weight Loss Journey – Journal Entry 1

  12. lynn says:

    UMM, Hell yes! Those jeans are hot! I can see them paired with a oversized sweater a fur vest, a basic crisp white button shirt! Oh, the possibilities are endless! Not to mention Alloy is offering free shipping this week! Loves it!
    My recent post A Steal, not a Splurge!

  13. I love the Current Elliot leopard jeans but I seriously don’t even care to spend so much money on jeans anymore. Unfortunately, all of the budget pairs I have spotted have been gray and not tan. I should have bought the ones that popped up on F21’s website weeks ago.
    fshnonmymind recently posted..OOTD- A Mix-Up
    fshnonmymind recently posted..OOTD- A Mix-Up

  14. Kiz says:

    I already have a pair that I'm trying to figure out what to pair with. I got mine at Mandees 2 mo ago. I believe they were $34.99.

  15. Steph says:

    Those are such a good find!
    My recent post The Non-Failure Paint Job

  16. Rocquelle says:

    1. You can never have too much leopard in my book!
    2. I kinda like the affordable pair better.
    3. You would look fabulous in these!!
    Rocquelle recently posted..Your Body Is Fabulous- Taliah
    Rocquelle recently posted..Your Body Is Fabulous- Taliah

  17. Sing says:

    I like em, they are tastefully done.

  18. Absolutely I would! I love leopard print everything. I may have to DIY a pair though.
    My recent post Thrifting Thursday: Tassels & Vintage

  19. i love leopard, well animal print anything…i mean i am seriously obsessed.

    oh and guess who else is into leopard print pants?

    i wish his mama dressed me!!
    My recent post missoni for target giveaway…

  20. […] when I blogged about leopard print jeans back here.  Well, I moved to slow on the gray ones I was eying at the time, and I missed out! […]

  21. Twicedaluv says:

    Eboni, OMG, as I told you before we have so much in common with the leopard. I have these leopard print jeans from Target. I got them on clearance a couple of months ago. Yes, love, love,love!

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