Day to Night: Red Jeans

Hey Lovelies, I am feeling a lot better last week.  I’m not sure what my deal was last week, but I am glad that uninspired feeling has passed.  Could it have something to do with the sunny skies outside? hmm.  Okay admittedly, I never made it out of my pajamas yesterday but today I was more than happy to get dressed… in a recycled outfit from Saturday night. LOL!  I actually wore the “night” version of this outfit to go out for margaritas with Fab this past weekend, and I knew then that I wanted to rock a “day” version with flats later.  If I was going into the office for work, this is definitely an outfit that I’d wear if I was planning on hitting up happy hour after work.  I’d just have a change of shoes and accessories in the car!

(I am not sure what’s going on with my camera, but the quality of these pictures is horrible. They are fuzzy looking and the color is bad. Ugh! and for some reason my hair looks like a frizzy gray cotton ball?  It didn’t look like that in person. LOL. Maybe it’s time to start saving for a real camera.)

Day Look

Leopard print flats and large hoop earrings.

Old Navy Sweater | GAP Denim Leggings (no longer available. Similar at Delia’s, BOGO 50% off) | Thrifted Clutch | Sole Society Talullah ($35 on sale now!) | Braided Crystal Collar c/o Mimi’s, The Look for Less | Mimi’s, the Look for Less Cable Cuff Bracelet

Night Look

Swap out the flats and hoop earrings for pumps and gold studs. Easy as 1 – 2- 3.

Sole Society Catherine | Random Cheap Earrings (cheap & similar)

This sweater was one of my recent Old Navy sale finds. I had been kicking myself for not buying this H&M navy/green striped tee.  It was one of those things that I passed on thinking I could get it later. #Fail.  Needless to say, when I saw this sweater I jumped on it.  I can’t tell if it’s black/green or navy/green but I don’t care — I think it give the same overall effect because of the bold green stripes.  What do you think?  The sweater is still available online here in limited sizes, if you’re interested.

Seriously, what is the deal with my picture quality today? I don’t get it… it’s like my camera just gave up on me? ugh! It’s almost enough to make me trash this post…but that would be dumb… so I won’t. Let me just walk away from the computer…

p.s. Sarah, I replied to your comment on my Sole Society post today, but in case you missed it I wanted to let you know that I went up a half size in the Talullah and they are a perfect fit.  I also tend to have problems with flats with elastic in the back, so I totally understand your issue.  If you decide to get them, let me know how they work out.

p.p.s Can you guys tell that I LOVE my new Mimi’s necklace? I think I’ve worn it every day since Friday. LOL!

p.p.s. My buddy Rocquelle gave me a Kreativ Blogger award today. THANK YOU!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO.

p.p.p.s. The second reader appreciation giveaway is coming up at noon EST, so check back! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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23 Responses to “Day to Night: Red Jeans”

  1. AAG says:

    Cuuuute girly!! The bold lip and hair is beautiful!!! :-)
    My recent post To all the designers and photo editors!

  2. Shanda says:

    Love all of your red pants/jeans looks…I have learned to always keep a different pair of shoes in the car…for those just in case days!!_Your hair does not look like a grey fuzz ball. It's beautiful! You always look great Eboni!

  3. You look great! I love this outfit so much–both the day and night versions!!
    My recent post What I Wore: 10.23.11

  4. I like the little details, glad you're feeling better sweetheart

    My recent post Thrifty Fifty: Beacons Closet the slope

  5. Dominique says:

    Love that sweater!

  6. It looks as though you may have a smudge on your lens. Use a lens cleaning cloth to get rid of it. However, the outfit looks great! Glad that your spirits are lifted this week.

  7. Cute look! I don't own a stripe shirt or sweater! Need to get one. you hair looks great.
    My recent post Blogalicious: What I Learned

  8. Red jeans! Love them I wore my old navy jeggings this weekend and LOVE them. I would have never ever thought to put these colors together but the outfit looks great. Lol @ big grey cotton ball.
    My recent post Feelin' Fancy

  9. Inez says:

    My camera does this to me ever so often, have you cleaned your lens lately? That's usually my problem and then if my pics aren't taken in good light they're messy. But in all honesty your pics aren't bad at all!

    I love your hair and this outfit is so cute! :)))))
    My recent post "Blazed" & Inspired + an Award

  10. Rocquelle says:

    Love it, gorgeous hair and all!! I think I might be obsessed with your sweater now, lol.
    Rocquelle recently posted..Coated
    Rocquelle recently posted..Coated

  11. Charee says:

    Love this look Eboni…. I love red pants so you can never go wrong when wearing red! Girl go ahead and invest in that DSLR.. it's sooo worth it!! :)

  12. KeeKee says:

    Such a great color combo! Nice and bold and I'm loving the red lippie!

  13. I saw that top and thought it looked quite familiar. :) Which reminds me that I should pull it out. You wouldn’t mind if I “borrowed” this outfit, right?
    You look fab in this and the color mix is kind of unexpected but totally works.

  14. Katie says:

    not sure what else to say but love it love it love it. both versions are spectacular.

  15. Inez says:

    Cute striped top.The heels prepped it up for an evening out, but I'd rather the leopard flats
    My recent post As Mute as the Speaker of the British House of Commons

  16. Zavonna says:

    Loving the day and night looks. May have to try that this weekend, I have two different functions to attend.

  17. Fajr says:

    I need a pair of red jeans like yesterday! Being that red is my favorite color it baffles me that I don't have a pair. Yours look great and I am loving your hair Eboni!
    My recent post 33 Tips on Finding your Passion Today!

  18. Kim says:

    Love this look…so cute!
    My recent post 3 Ways To Add A Little Flair of Leopard

  19. Kim says:

    Love this look…so cute!
    My recent post 3 Ways To Add A Little Flair of Leopard

  20. Marquita C. says:

    I love this look! I just snagged a pair of red cropped pants from the Limited for $15! Love the hair too.

  21. Frankie Logan says:

    it’s sooo worth it!! Love the look and yes, the necklace is FAB!!!

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