Almost Fall

Happy Wednesday, Lovelies! Okay, so I know technically it is already fall, but until yesterday it was still 70 – 80 degrees here in Atlanta a.k.a. still too hot for all my fave fall clothes! I wore this outfit last Sunday to run a few errands.  I was excited to wear this long-sleeved striped t-shirt that I actually bought at H&M sometime this summer.  You see, I am still adjusting to the southern summer.  In LA, I totally would have been able to wear this t-shirt during the summer months… especially, in the evening.  Here in Atlanta, I definitely would have spontaneously combusted upon stepping out the front door.  Okay, maybe I am exaggerating but my new nick name would have been professor pits. I told you guys about my sweating LOL! So, I happily ripped the tags off this t-shirt on Sunday, and I even topped it with a vest…and I smiled.  It is almost fall…at least in terms of my wardrobe.

Old Navy Utility Vest (Newer Style, $24.99 on sale now) | H&M Striped Tee | Forever 21 Suede Skirt (REAL SUEDE, $24.90) | Handbag Heaven “Blake Schoolgirl Satchel” c/o Handbag Heaven | Mossimo Leopard Kitten Heels (Newer Style by Merona, $25) | Versace Sunnies | Mimi’s, The Look for Less Necklace & Bracelets + Assorted Bangles

So, you guys know how I feel about kitten heels. I think I’ve talked about it here before. They are just so awkward to me! I definiltey have a love hate relation ship with these shoes — love the print, hate the heel, kinda love the shoe as a whole. Lol. For some reason I thought they really worked with this look.  What do you think?  Since the skirt is sooo short and the overall look was casual, I didn’t wan to wear heels.  In retrospect, I wish I had just worn my new leopard loafers.  Which reminds me, for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, I did finally find a pair of cheap loafers on, but they sold out before I had a chance to blog about them! Grr! Sorry guys! I will be sure to let you know ASAP if they become available again.  The good news is Go Jane still has the same style of loafer in a bunch of other solid colors and they are super cute if you ask me… and only $20! I ended up buying the mustard color too, which is actually too small.  The next size up is not available so I may end up selling them in my shopAny takers?  The shoes were so inexpensive, I don’t really wanna pay to ship them back. LOL.

These pictures were taken in downtown Fayetteville.  Last time I took pictures in this area, I said I was gonna make it a point to make my over there more often.  It’s a nice departure from my driveway, don’t ya think?  Across from the gazebo where I took pictures last time is Heritage Park, which is essentially this fountain surrounded by brick inlaid with stones carved with historic facts about Fayetteville.  It’s a quaint little area.

p.s. I am looking for Style Me Friday submissions for this week! Submit your Looks here or on Facebook!

Thanks for stopping by!! XOXO

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26 Responses to “Almost Fall”

  1. Megan says: I love this. I just got the never version of the vest for $7 in stores and I almost love it more than my jacket…
    My recent post Bejeweled

  2. Roni says:

    Love this look! So Chic….and lovely pics!

    My recent post Vintage Loving: Neon Lines

  3. Prissy says:

    This is so cute & chic!!! I love stripes paired with leopard. They make the cutest couple to me :) I have been wanting that vest FOREVER!!! I saw another reader said she got hers for $7 in the store?? OMG!!
    I dont know how I feel about the kitten heel. I have one pair myself & I just dont wear them. If I do, I wear them with long pants….

    My recent post Fall/Winter Wishlist: Leather Riding Boots

  4. tasha says:

    You look super cute. Really love the combination of color and stripes =)
    My recent post Even Blouse

  5. A Sassy Woman says:

    Awww You look so nice! i love the kitten heels! I could see myself wearing something like this to work :) Go girl!
    My recent post Pulling Strings Giveaway

  6. Sing says:

    Love your photos. And the outfit, very Fall like and good layering. And your tumblr has me totally obsessed with leopard.
    My recent post Make It Last

  7. Aracely says:

    Super cute! I'm loving the satchel!

  8. Such a fun mix of patterns…and loving the bangles, babe!
    My recent post WVW: Paisley for Pumpkins*

  9. Charee says:

    Cute Cute Cute!! Love the color of the seude skirt and the striped top with it. The shoes are cute, I'm the same way with the kitten heels.. I guess my motto is go HIGH or flat. LOL I bought me a pair of leapord loafers from Delia's! I just ordered them Monday, so I haven't gotten them just yet… they were cheap.. only about $39.00. You look GORG girlie as always!! :)
    My recent post ‘birth” day

  10. Dominique says:

    I love that vest definitely have to get one and I feel you on the kitten heels they are awkward to walk in after you've been wearing skyscrapers for so long lol

  11. So cute and nicely put together. So who knew Forever21 had real suede skirts for the low. And I don't like Kitten heels either. They are so akward. LOL!
    My recent post Pink, Pleats and Twitter

  12. I LOVE the b/w pic of you! So pretty! I kinda think the kitten heels dress up the outfit a bit. I feel weird in them too, though and know what you mean. However, I would not be opposed to seeing this same outfit with the leopard loafers (so jealous you got those). I have this same vest and I wear it all the time. You look great Ife!
    My recent post An Ode to Jalopies Past

  13. Ashley says:

    I am loving everything about your outfit! The colors, the stripes & the leopard! I actually just ordered this vest also! I definitely feel the same way you feel about the Atlanta heat! I’m so so excited it’s starting to “cool” off a bit for fall!

  14. Nikell says:

    I love the vest with the stripe shirt. I just finished making a vest yesterday. I have officially been inspired on how to wear it LOL. The shoes…to live for ^_^
    My recent post Availability over Ability Part 3 of 3

  15. EttF says:

    Love those shoes. I actually bought the same pair for my Suster last year, at Tar-Jay for all of $3.00 on clearance. Didn't have my size though :( Cute look over all too.

    Ears to the Feet
    "Where shoe shopping & thrifting come together"
    My recent post Still Unworn

  16. I love that picture of you in blk/white on the bench! Gorge! I need to borrow that bag for blogalicious!!!
    My recent post Walmart Haul

  17. jamie says:

    Cute!! thumbs up! I'm like you, a little chill came thru South Carolina and I broke out my long sleeve ts. lol! Now its back to the 70s.:( womp.
    My recent post ~Fresh Coat~ Revlon Starry Pink….

  18. theworldoftiffany says:

    Very awesome look. Chi-town will be breezy this weekend. I can't wait :))))

  19. Corie says:

    Very cute Eboni! I love the vest. I was just in Old Navy…I didn't see that vest. Think I'll make another trip tomorrow. Also, I like the kitten heel. I have a couple of pairs. I never wear them…not sure why.

    And you are too crazy talking about our weather like that LOL. The temps should be in the 60s next week.
    My recent post Style …. or …. Comfort?

  20. Shay says:

    Boy, if I had legs like yours… trouble! LOL I luv this outfit. I think I'm the only blogger on the web who doesn't own one of those vests LOL.
    My recent post Diva Feature: Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose

  21. Ebony, I feel your pain. Having the same wearther issues here in Dallas. Look fabulous and I love this look.
    My recent post Carlos by Carlos Santana Fall Lookbook

  22. I adore this look! I've been looking for that Old Navy vest for weeks now!
    My recent post Scarlet & Wonderland

  23. Fashion Pad says:

    Love the color combo. A striped top and anything military inspired just goes so well together. CUTE diva!
    My recent post Reader Request – White Suede Booties

  24. bettyboop says:

    luv this look , adorable heels

  25. I love this outfit Eboni!!! The kitten heels definitely work!
    My recent post Risque Business

  26. big sunglasses…

    […]Almost Fall | The Fashionista Next Door™[…]…

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