H by Halston “Blythe”

Hey lovely people! I have to make this a really quick post because it’s already 10:49 pm and I still have a bunch of crap to do before bed. I just wanted to show my 6th “Home Office Style” look. Wowza! It’s the Nov 9 and I have successfully dragged my butt out of bed and put on real clothes for no one but myself for 6 out of 9 days. I could get used to this.  So far, here are the benefits of getting dressed for my home office:

  1. I am DEFINITELY more likely to go out and shop run errands on my lunch break.
  2. I am also more likely to go out after work.  Last Friday, my girl Baby Shopaholic called me to meet her downtown at the last minute. Since I had already gotten dressed for the day, I grabbed my bag and was out the door in 10 minutes! There was no fretting about what to wear.
  3. I just feel better when I pass a mirror! (that’s gotta be worth something, right?)
  4. I am already noticing that my styling muscles are getting back in gear, and I am picking out my outfit for the day much quicker!

All in all, I have to say that I do believe that “getting dressed” daily has been beneficial.  Who knows, I may never go back to my lounge pants (well, that is with the exception of days like this past Monday LOL).

H&M Sweater (old) | Express Faux Leather Pants (sold out, but these are similar) | H by Halston “Blythe” Wedges via Bakers ($59.99 on sale now + extra 25% off with code PSW25) | Curly in the City Clutch | Champagne Pendant Necklace c/o Mimi’s, the Look for Less | Wooden Bangle via Beauty Supply

Okay, now let’s talk briefly about the shoes! I. LOVE. THEM.  Okay, so the truth is I had been coveting these Theyskens’ Theory Wedges, which retail for $465. Yeah, not gonna happen!

So, I searched and searched for a Look for Less, and I did find a few other options that I loved, but they were also more than what I wanted to pay.  For example, there is the Bebe Okra, which is actually closer to the ones above because they are closed-toe, but they retail for $110.  There was also the Bakers Lola, which is on sale for $84.99 but the solid black is no longer available. DRAT! They have several colors available, but they all have a snake print wedge. Cute, but not what I’m looking for.  Next, there was the H by Halston Helena, which is also on sale for $65.99 in black , but it has a sequin upper, which makes it a lot less versatile in my opinion.  There was also the Wild Pair Jilly, for $89.99 — still more than I wanted to pay.  There were a few others, believe it or not, but I won’t bore you with anymore. LOL. I think you guys get the point. I was REALLY searching for these shoes.  Finally, I landed on the Blythe and OMG! It’s on sale for $59.99…and OMG again! I found a coupon code for 25% off. SOLD to the lady in the leather pants (or whatever I had on that day LOL)! So, they arrived on Saturday and I couldn’t be happier.  I really wanted closed-toe, but ehh…that’s just a minor detail when a shoe is this fabulous! I’ll just invest in some nice tights for winter!

Didn’t I say this was gonna be a quick post? I guess I lied…Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and link up your Home Office Style look of the week. I can’t wait to see! :)

Happy Day Before Friday!! XOXO

The Fashionista Next Door

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39 Responses to “H by Halston “Blythe””

  1. Erica B says:

    So cute! I'm stealing this look! You look great!
    My recent post What I'm Wearing: Lady-like + Sparkle!

  2. msbajanbeauty says:

    Those wedges are HOTT! You look super chic in this outfit! Much too fab to be just a home, you should go out for lunch today, lol.
    My recent post Sheer Perfection

  3. Sing says:

    So chic, you look great! One again, I love all the pieces. And your curls are poppin'!
    My recent post PJ's & Slippers

  4. Shoes….SHOES!

    *wipes drool*

    Love this outfit. Definitely a *right-click save* in my book!!
    My recent post Copy and Paste: Old Navy

  5. Those shoes are xtra HOT! What a great deal! you need to txt me when you find something like that : )
    My recent post Help Mama Pick a Dress: Movie Premier

  6. Oh I love this whole look from head to toe. The cowl neck sweater, the leather leggings, and of course those fabulous shoes. A+++++
    fshnonmymind recently posted..OOTD- Let’s Have a Meet-up
    fshnonmymind recently posted..OOTD- Let’s Have a Meet-up

  7. L.duncan says:

    You’re killing me!!!! Love those!!!

  8. Prissy says:

    Loving this look! Very cute & those shoes are HAUTE!!!

    My recent post Nailed It: Tangtastic

  9. GlamourFanatic says:

    The shoes and pants are beyond fabulous! Ordering the shoes TODAY!!!

  10. lgifitness1987 says:


  11. Lindsay says:

    So cute! LOVE the way you styled them. That leopard bag is so gorgeous!
    My recent post Danger Danger!

  12. Ok Ife, I have to be honest with you here. This outfit pretty much rocks the cashbah. I absolutely love the tough leather pants with the soft and comfy sweater! I am so glad that you are getting dressed everyday because then you can be inspiration to all of us! You look amazing!
    My recent post Matty and Me

  13. Yvette says:

    That suedo/ leather combo…. ::swoon::. Love!

  14. courtnee says:

    Sometimes I think you live in my head…or I live in yours! I was just looking at pics of cropped leather pants. I have an old pair from bebe that I can finally fit again(!!) that I'm about to crop them…and… boom!…you post this outfit today!

    Love it! You look fab!

    The shoes are the bees knees and a coupon…I might have to buy them! I've been doing so well with the no shopping thing. Damn you interwebz and all your fabulous things I should own!!!

  15. Now that Im a stay at home mom I guess Im "working from home too lol. I do try to get dressed everyday though. It does keep me from hiding out at home and never getting out :) You look fab as usual. Especially your hair!
    My recent post Style: Black and Blue (TTO)

  16. jeimy says:

    this look is soo hot I love the new you ha ha ha there was never a new you but you know what I mean the dress up one ha ha ha you have such great style why waste it.. this look Im soo gonna copy you look amazing and every time I see you, you look smaller and smaller ..I love this one of my many favorites


    My recent post Casual Tuesday…

  17. As someone that works from home a lot myself, I can say that I am much more on point the days I get dressed. Great 'fit!!!
    My recent post Fierce Filosophy: The 'customer' in 'customer service'

  18. Erika says:

    Simple and Chic…LOVE IT!
    My recent post Erika Loves…..Caiden Trace

  19. love this and those shoes are awesome sauce…and there really is so much to actually getting dressed while working at home…

    on the days like today when i don't get up and get dressed, i still get work done but it takes me way longer to even think about getting outside!

    My recent post UPDATED: sally hansen 2011 holiday salon effects collection…

  20. Nikell says:

    I love the sweater!! And that clutch…to live for ^_^
    My recent post The Fear of The Lord Part 2 of 2

  21. tasha says:

    LOVING your outfit and as i look at those shoes i want them more and more. Also having hair envy right now. i need a step by step how you got your hair like that lol
    My recent post Silk Land Blouse

  22. Mello says:

    I'm drooling as well. Haute shoes!!

  23. Less Is More says:

    You look great Eboni! Cute shoes too.
    My recent post New Sam Edelman "Willow" Boots For Sale

  24. Cute look! I absolutely LOVE those shoes!
    My recent post Harajuku Mini For Target Drops November 13th!

  25. bettyboop says:

    i luv this entire look amazing wedges
    My recent post "I LOVE MY " (RED BLAZER)

  26. Cute outfit. Your link for the pants won't work. It's an error message. I have to have that clutch!

  27. Fashion Pad says:

    Great reasons for dressing up. I find that when I look good (IMO), I feel good, AND I wanna get out of the house more. Cute wedges and that clutch is HAUTE!

  28. 7eventh Letter says:

    I surely hope you were able to go somewhere in this outfit. Its certainly too good to waste working from home, LOL! I LOVE your researching skills on finding an alternative shoe. I know who to ask when I need help finding an inexpensive alternative.

    7eventh Letter
    My recent post Spotted in Orange

  29. Megan says:

    i said this before on facebook and i'm going to say it again….GORGEOUS

  30. Marie says:

    Obsessing over those shoes. Wow. And you look flawless, as always! Way to go.

    So What If I Like Pretty Things
    My recent post Rolling Outta Bed + Letting Accessories Do The Talking

  31. Tiffany says:

    This look is too cute!!! I like the way the sweater looks ;) shoes are super cute too. I hope you went somewhere after work so others could see your cuteness!!
    Tiffany recently posted..WTH????
    Tiffany recently posted..WTH????

  32. Tosh says:

    you look gorg! I missed out on those TT wedges :-( Love the shoes!

    My recent post turban preppy…

  33. AAG says:

    My recent post Style is color.

  34. Veshoevius says:

    Such a rocking look! I LOVE the shoes! Good for you looking so stylish to work at home – I think the psychological benefits are undisputable.
    My recent post Inspiration

  35. mia says:

    Thoses pants and shoes are calling my name. I'm doing pretty good on the challenge. I have notice I have been getting better about putting looks together.

  36. tyty says:

    OK seriously EB! How did I miss this post? LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit is stylishly cozy! Love the forest green cowl neck with the leather tights! and hose wedges!!!! girl i am so jealous that you can wear open toe shoes in cali/Atl and i'm still wearing closed toe boots! :( xoxo Ty
    My recent post NOIR

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