Style Me Friday: Eboni and the City

Happy Friday, Lovelies!  Am I the only one who is feeling a little bewildered about the year coming to an end? Ummm, didn’t we just celebrate NYE like a couple months ago? I guess not, right. I swear the older I get, the quicker the years fly by.  Why is that? Does adulthood = a warped sense of time? I remember a single semester in school feeling like FOR-EH-VER (in my best Sandlot voice).  Anyway, enough rambling! I will come to terms with the fact that it is December, and Christmas and NYE are right around the corner. *sigh* So, hopefully I can find some time to do a little gift guide for you guys, but in the event that I can’t pull it off, be sure to check out DWJ’s gift guide, which I am featured in! I also owe you guys a full post about my hair (complete with a length check), but I am going to talk a little bit about what I’ve been doing to my hair in this post after I run own my outfit details.

Today’s Style me Friday submission comes from reader, Tiffany.  I am not sure if she has a blog, but I so appreciate her taking the time to send over this HOT pic. It’s right up my alley. Love the rocker-glam-chic feel of this ensemble from the Express website!  Love the textures, love that it’s totally amped up casual, love the gray and black palette. I just love. LOL. Tiffany actually sent this over a few weeks ago, and I’ve been itching to recreate it, but it was still a bit too warm. Now that the temps in ATL have dropped below frigid, it’s FAUX FUR TIME!

As per the usual, I made some departures from my inspiration to accommodate my closet. I didn’t have printed metallic leggings, so I swapped them out for a pair of faux leather pants (that happen to be from Express).  I have a plain gray t-shirt (though I love the model’s cat print tee). I kept the cropped black blazer, but I didn’t have a black fur scarf or snood, so I replaced it with a faux fur vest…which was actually more practical for warmth! Last but not least, I opted for my lighter gray Sole Society “Abby” wedge booties since I didn’t have charcoal gray booties.

Worthington Faux Fur Vest via Imperfect Concepts Boutique (similar here and here) | Old Cropped Blazer (Similar here and here) | Mossimo Gray V-neck, $8 | Express Faux Leather Pants (similar here and here) | Sole Society “Abby” Booties | Nameplate Necklace c/o My Name Necklace | Gifted Bag (This is a sneak peek…more info to come!)

Okay, so this outfit totally made me feel like a New Yorker — from the fur vest, to faux leather pants, to the nameplate necklace — I just felt like Eboni and the City in this look. LOL! It’s a sassy kinda feeling, in case you were wondering. LOL!

Now, on to my hair.  I decided to go ahead and flat iron my hair for Thanksgiving.  I was getting kinda burned out on styling my hair.  The healthy/natural hair techniques certainly work in terms of meeting your goals, but they are also very time consuming. I just needed a break! Beyond that, my ends were screaming for a trim.  We already know that my ends were terribly heat damaged, but they were getting to the point where they were knotting like crazy, and I was literally having to cut the knots out.  I just figured giving myself a nice all around trim was better than the “search and destroy” method for removing knots. I know a lot of women swear by this method, but I don’t have the patience!  So, I went ahead and flat-ironed my own hair last Wednesday and cut about an inch. (I really need to cut a bit more… baby steps).  When I initially straightened my hair, I set it on Caruso Steam Rollers. Umm, this created pageant hair, but whatevs.  It was the best thing I could think of to set my curls without heat, and it worked! For the next couple days after that, I was pin curling my hair and sleeping with a satin bonnet.  Finally, ever since about Tuesday, I’ve been finger parting my hair down the middle and doing to loose bantu knots on each side to create loose waves.  I am actually kind shocked at how long my hair is lasting without getting oily! Yesterday, I decided it was time to moisturize. It’s been about 7 days, after all. So, I sectioned my hair for the bantu knots, but before I knotted it up, I rubbed a little bit (less than a dime size amount) of Paul Mitchell “The Conditioner” on my palms,  and rubbed it into each section of my hair, followed by a miniscule amount of coconut oil. You guys, I was AMAZED at what a difference this made. My hair had just started to get a little frizzy and dry looking. This morning, when I took the knots down, my hair was shiny and smooth (but not oily).  I am so impressed with all these new methods of hair care I’ve adopted. It’s so rewarding! Anyway, I did take length check pictures, and I’ll write a separate posts with updates on my regimen and products!

I am gonna skip the insights on personal style, because let’s face it, your eyes are probably glazing over already at this point!

Have a great weekend!! XOXO.

The Fashionista Next Door


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35 Responses to “Style Me Friday: Eboni and the City”

  1. lgifitness1987 says:

    Love the outfit Eboni!! I would think that pairing a fur vest w/ a blazer wouldn't work, but this is the second time I have seen it in action and it WORKS!! I am gonna try something similar to this when I go out this weekend! Thanks!! Have an awesome weekend :)
    My recent post LET'S GET IT TIGHT!!! : Home Workouts w/Coach Christian

  2. Ashlee~Shevonne says:

    Before I even opened up this post I KNEW it was inspired by express! not because I've seen the look already, the styling just had Express written all over it! I think that kind of brand recognition is awesome! You look super cute by the way. Loving your hair straight!

  3. This is easily one of my favorite outfits I've seen on you! & I LOVE THAT BAG! You are definitely one of the reasons my obsession with animal print has grown. DETAILS SOON PLEASE !! <3

  4. jeimy says:


    did you darken your hair ?? it looks great

  5. Lilly says:

    I'm in love with this outfit! It's perfect from head to toe :)

  6. Erika says:

    You look absolutely GREAT! I love this look Eboni.
    My recent post Erika Loves…Painting with a Twist

  7. Rocquelle says:

    Love this look! Nothing like varying textures to make a black and grey look spectacular!!

    Your hair has grown so much! It looks fabulous!
    Rocquelle recently posted..SMILE
    Rocquelle recently posted..SMILE

  8. I totally, completely, absolutely love this outfit!!!
    The fur, the chic leggings, the color; it’s all perfect.
    Sigh, I seriously feel like my closet is missing out on the “leather” leggings.
    fshnonmymind recently posted..OOTD- Hanging on to Fall
    fshnonmymind recently posted..OOTD- Hanging on to Fall

  9. tyty says:

    OMG EB! this look totally works for you! I love everything that I dont even know where to start! The booties are HAUTE!, Loving the combo of fur and leather in this outfit so girly yet so edgy! And your hair Madam, Too cute! xoxo Ty
    tyty recently posted..Blisstful Moments ….
    tyty recently posted..Blisstful Moments ….

  10. megan says:

    I am in love with this, i really need to get some leather leggings.
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  11. Aretha says:

    This is such a cute outfit and I'm loving the different textures. The booties are a must have :-)
    My recent post Sole Society Shoes

  12. Dr. R says:

    Just a pure-d-cutie. I love the legging and boots. I really need to check out Sole Society because they have some awesome stuff.
    My recent post Fine in the Fall

  13. Bre says:

    Time does speed up the older I get, ha ha. This is a great post. Love that you can take an inspiration photo and make an outfit similar with what you already have. This is a good lesson for everyone not just fashion bloggers!
    My recent post my new-ish loves

  14. Shasie says:

    I feel you! This year went by WAY to fast. I can't even separate events anymore because it all seems meshed togehter

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
    My recent post What I Wore

  15. I LOVE THIS!
    My recent post Thriller…

  16. Tiffany says:

    Wow! You did a great job recreating this look. I can't wait now to try it myself. Thanks so much for the shout out. ;)

  17. Myah says:

    Your recreate is SO haute! Very cute. And your hair looks awesome.
    My recent post Fitness: My Weight Story

  18. Katie says:

    holy SASSY batman. you kill it in this outfit. love love love it.
    My recent post STOLEN IDEA

  19. Love your hair it looks so long and full!
    My recent post Beautiful Textures Review

  20. Prissy says:

    Love this!! Great job, as usual! I love how you improvised the fur scarf for the fur vest!That clutch is amazing. I would love to have a bigger one!

    Prissy recently posted..Weekend Shopping
    Prissy recently posted..Weekend Shopping

  21. Pretty hair, pretty lady, pretty outfit!
    My recent post Perfectly Polished: Essie Chinchilly

  22. Christabel says:

    i love this fashionista, its not easy to think of things like this, more gresse to ur elbow

  23. Veronica says:

    I'm loving this!!!!! very nice!!

  24. Vivi says:

    Really like the faux fur vest. Been looking for the right kind.
    My recent post Silver Accents

  25. Tyesha says:

    Eboni girl you are just to CHIC in this look. I love everything about it..the fur, the leather pants, leopard clutch. Everything was just straight on point :) You nailed it and your look is much better than the inspiration. Definitely "Eboni & The City" perfect title!!
    My recent post Dare to Try: Sponsored Post

  26. astold says:

    love those pants! and love your hair!
    My recent post Velvet Blazers For Women

  27. Nic says:

    love the outfit AND the hair!

    My recent post Weekend of Thrifting Part I

  28. Taliah says:

    Love how you switched up the boots to a grey color! Cute look!
    Taliah recently posted..Joan Smalls in Givenchy: Pre Fall 2012
    Taliah recently posted..Joan Smalls in Givenchy: Pre Fall 2012

  29. Timber Decking…

    […]Style Me Friday: Eboni and the City | The Fashionista Next Door™[…]…

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