Just In: Mossimo “Paisley” Pumps

How flipping cute are these? Only $29.99 at Target. They are the “Paisley” pump, and they’re available online and in stores. I love the heel! It’s so modern, and it makes the shoes look a little more expensive, in my opinion? They also come in other colorways including leopard print! Mmm hmmm. yes. leopard!

So the real color is somewhere between the picture above and the one below.  The picture above is a little dark because the lighting was just bad…the picture below was taken with a flash, and posted on Instagram with one of the filters, so the color looks a little light.  Just keep that in mind.

Mossimo “Paisley” Platform Pumps | $29.99

p.s. I am not able to blog much this week, but I have been tweeting and instagramming like crazy!!! Hit me up!!!

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16 Responses to “Just In: Mossimo “Paisley” Pumps”

  1. @IMPR4Less says:

    I just tried on this shoe last night!! The color is awesome and the leopard is fierce. I hope they go on sale soon.

  2. Erin says:

    I picked up this shoe in Target last night and my husband said, "You have those!" He must think all shoes look the same, because the only shoe I have like this is the Jessica Simpson Cheetah in cranberry (and that only matches in color!). Silly boys. ;)
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  3. TheFierceFatty says:

    These are awesome!!1 Got my eye on either the gold or black glitter!!!
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  4. I saw these! I may need to pick these up, I need some solid pumps!
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  5. Jane says:

    Woah those are extra cute! Are they comfortable?
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  6. Jessica says:

    So cute! I want these but don't have any room for more shoes!!!

    xoxo Jessica
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  7. Nic says:

    VERy cute! i love the color and the price!!

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  8. ooh! fashion steal! that color is perfect!
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  9. Can't believe those came from Target!!!!
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  10. Carsedra says:

    I am going to run to either a store or online to see about getting these!!! They are too cute, I love the chunky heel!

    Carsedra of:
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  11. Channing says:

    They come in leopard?? Yeah, they might need to come live with me!
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  12. Patience says:

    Wow! These are gorgeous and yummy. When target gets certain pieces right it really goes above.

  13. I tried these shoes on at Target before Christmas and loved them and they are pretty comfortable. I bought them, but ended up returning them when I bought some purple heels elsewhere that are very similar.
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  14. Foxylous says:

    Those are gorgeous! Target's shoppers are really onto something.
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