Archive for February 22nd, 2012

ShaToBu Shapewear Tights {Review}


Tweet Tights that burn calories while you walk? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, according to the folks at ShaToBu, that is exactly what you can expect from their line of Get Fit™ Tights.  How does it work? Well, first, I guess it’s important to point out that these tights are shapewear…not just […]

Sole Society Update: No More Monthly Fees!


Tweet Hi ladies (and gents!).  I just received an email from Sole Society with some exciting news.  With new shoe clubs popping up left and right, Sole Society has upped the ante to secure their spot as your favorite!  So guess what? They’ve gotten rid of the monthly fee.  That means there’s no need to […]

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