Matching is Overrated

Fab couldn’t agree with me less on this point, but I always say matching is overrated.  I mean, who made up that rule that says your shirt has to match your shoes, anyway? Sure, it’s a cute look if that’s what you’re going for, but who says it’s mandatory to “match.”  In my opinion, complementing is just as stylish as matching.  Sometimes (probably more often than not), I like to wear accessories that complement my outfit, even if they don’t quite match. 

Kasper ASL Jacket (thrifted) | Evan Picone Blouse (thrifted) | Vintage Belt (Lily Kai Vintage Boutique) | Zara Jeans | Steve Madden Pumps (old, similar here ) | ASOS bag (sold out in this color, but other colors available here and here)

Take this outfit for example, I could have easily gone with navy or yellow shoes (or even a “colorless” nude shoe)…but a POP of red seemed much more fun and interesting! And a quick visit to the good ol’ color wheel tells me that red, yellow, and blue are quite complementary.  After all, these are our primary colors — the colors from which all other colors are derived.  These colors were were made for mixin and matchin!

Aside from trying to convince you guys that it’s okay not to match, this outfit also demonstrates how AWESOME thrift shopping can be!  My thrifted/vintage items ran me about $12 total (shirt, jacket, belt). Throw in the cost of my jeans which were purchased during Zara’s mega sale last month, and this outfit was less than $40, excluding accessories.  Not bad at all!

Do you prefer to match? or are you open to unexpected pops of color?

Do you like to thrift shop?

The Fashionista Next Door

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30 Responses to “Matching is Overrated”

  1. Lakeitha Duncan says:

    You know what would have made this outfit even better?! Some red lipstick!!!

    I love the look personally!

  2. Ticka says:

    I don't think that everything has to match. My hubby doesn't agree with me either when I say stuff like that. Mainly because just a few years ago, I was the matchy-matchy queen. I got into the blog world and discovered a whole new way of thinking… and I love it!

    Your outfit is super cute! The flower button-down was the unexpected piece for me. The red shoes look like they're exactly where they should be.
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  3. GFS says:

    I am so "anti" matching and pro "going"…as in "it goes." My husband somehow has developed the gift of telling me when I don't match although I have NEVER once asked his opinion! LOL

    And that bag…it's EVERYTHING. YOu are really trying to tempt me. I've been laying low on the shopping lately but that bag is trying to lead me into the depths of shopping hell! I rebuke thee!

  4. Give me pops of color and complimentary colors any day. I think I avoid matchy-matchy because my mother does it and I’m constantly telling her things don’t have to match, they can just go together.
    I’m all for thrift shopping although I don’t get a chance to do it often. It can be time consuming to sift through all the racks, but you can’t beat those prices and the unexpected clothing gem.
    fshnonmymind recently posted..OOTD- Ms. Fancy Bottom
    fshnonmymind recently posted..OOTD- Ms. Fancy Bottom

  5. Rocquelle says:

    I am surely not one for matching; I actually feel a bit weird when I match too much, lol. You look so cute! I love the red and yellow, and pop of print! Also, your hair is gorgeous and that bag i need.
    My recent post Your Body Is Fabulous- Ticka

  6. Big Girl says:

    Match? Where they do that at? LOL. I love complementing colors. Matching reminds me of the whole notion that your bag must match your shoes, uh, boo that! Also, I love thrifting can't get enough of it!
    My recent post Thrifting Heaven *ahhh*

  7. Molly says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I find mixing “complementary” colors to be much more interesting than a matchy matchy look.
    And this outfit is a perfect example of why! I’m new to your blog and if your looks are always this cute, I’ll be back for sure.

  8. Sing says:

    Way to mix it up. Folks in my town are very matchy matchy overall. I try to think outside the box from time to time. I like the Zara bag.

  9. 7eventh Letter says:

    Yes Honey!!! I LOVE it! Some people can pull off this look better than others. But some just have to match EVERYTHING. You look great. And i wanna break your arm for that bag. I LOVE it. Let me add Metallic bag to my wish list!

    7eventh Letter
    My recent post And I'm Proud!

  10. Mello says:

    What has your shipping experience been with ASOS? I want a shirt, but need it in 2 weeks. A friend told me that it takes a long time, because it has to go through customs. She thinks I wouldn't get it in time.

    • Miss_Ife says:

      ooh, two weeks is a tight. I wouldn't risk it with the regular free shipping. I think on average it does take about two full weeks to receive my shipments from ASOS, so you'd really be pushing it. I hear their expedited shipping is super fast, but I've never tried it. I think it's like $12.

  11. Charee says:

    Love this Eboni!!! I am sooo against matching too. You look too cute!!!!
    My recent post ready for spring

  12. Mello says:

    Thanks for the quick response. I guess if really want it, I'll throw in the extra $12. Love your flower shirt/jacket combo :-)

  13. Wow Eboni! Here here to thrifting! This jacket is fantastic! I love the yellow and leopard!
    My recent post One Love BDay Week Inspiration No. 3

  14. Ashlei says:

    I love it! Unexpected pops of color are so much better than matching! And like you said it makes things more interesting :)

    My recent post Leopard Spotted

  15. Tia says:

    So cute! love Love LOVE the addition of the red pumps! That's my color of late :)
    My recent post Urban at 'Fro Fashion Week: Part One

  16. Nikell says:

    I knew this was going to be a cute look from yesterday's pics. I've been challenging myself to not be so matchy. I think I've been fashionably lazy and being matchy doesn't take much thought or effort. Good find with the thirfting. Honestly, I prefer to thift over shopping new. It's like a treasure hunt.
    My recent post Will You Be Ready?

  17. Cute Cute Cute! I love this look. The pop of red is FAB and the color of that bag is gorgeous!
    My recent post Sizzling Strawberry Chocolate Flame Cupcakes

  18. Sheila says:

    I'm kinda still in the matchy matchy mode, but trying to break that habit. I'm pretty good about mixing prints though, but the colors need to coordinate
    My recent post Daffodil and Gray

  19. Leslie says:

    Super cute!!! Love the pop of color….fabulous

  20. Although it was a block of color this outfit works…I would definitely rock it, and I just love that belt.
    My recent post Birthday Celebration

  21. I love your blouse! It can be fun to not be matchy-matchy. A great post to read before I get dressed for work!
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  23. adorablyyyyy…..
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  24. relatablestyle says:

    Looking fab there! :-) I love your red pumps, now I finally got a pair of my own! They are a bit like a cousin to yours, in patent and with a round toe, but also with a wood-like heel.
    My recent post Shoe Review – Red Pumps

  25. I love….not matching! Unexpected pops of color are so fun. You definitely set it off with those red pumps! Loving it!!!
    My recent post Friday Favorites…Vol #5

  26. I sam with you on this Ms. Fashionista. I tell people the same thing, but habits are hard to break for some. You look super amazing and I love all the color non-matching that u have going on. super cute from one curviebirdie to another!!!!!!
    My recent post Love Your Style

  27. Channing says:

    I think I need that bag. And I agree, matching is overrated, well, depends on my mood.
    My recent post Rainy Days, The J.Crew Way

  28. jessj says:

    Ahhhh EB I looooove this outfit! You are perfection
    My recent post Lapis

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