ShaToBu Shapewear Tights {Review}

Tights that burn calories while you walk? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, according to the folks at ShaToBu, that is exactly what you can expect from their line of Get Fit™ Tights.  How does it work? Well, first, I guess it’s important to point out that these tights are shapewear…not just tights.   The concept behind shapewear is not to just suck it in for the moment, but rather to reshape your body over time with compression and resistance technology.  So beyond that,  these “Gift Fit” tights are fitted with seamless resistance bands, which ShaToBu claims are shown to “significantly burn extra calories throughout the day.”  Here is a quick video that can explain how it works much better than I can!

Needless to say, I was excited to give them a try.  I obviously can’t speak to weather or not I actually burned more calories, but I can tell you about the comfort and style of the tights…and if they happen to be burning calories too…well, I ain’t mad!  I took them for a spin last night, and I was impressed!  (Oh! You guys get a sneak peek at tomorrow’s outfit post! hehe!)

What I Liked

  • These tights really stayed in place! They are moderately high-waisted, coming up to my natural waist and they did not roll…or curl…or shimmy on down AT ALL!  There is also SUPER high-waisted version that would be great for body con dresses and tops, where you don’t want to see a line at your waist.
  • They also did not dig into my waist creating visible rolls (you know how that is!).  They laid very smoothly on my waist.  This alone makes them worth their $28 price tag.
  • The diamond pattern was great, and they also come in regular, ribbed, and footless.
  • They seem to be really durable. I definitely had some close encounters with a jagged nail, and they survived.
  • Overall, these might be the most comfy tights I’ve every owned.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Because these tights are also shapers, the control top comes down pretty low on the thigh. You can kind of see this in the picture above.  I tend to wear tights a lot with my shorter skirts and shorts.  These really wouldn’t work for that purpose. I actually tried wearing these a couple weeks ago with a SHORT leather shirt, and you could totally see the control top on my thighs. No bueno!
  • I think that’s it, really. Otherwise, I loved them! :)

So, in addition to the tights, ShaToBu also carries a wide selection of seamless shapewear products that are definitely worth checking out.  I am really interested in trying the Get Fit™ Everyday Slimming Posture Supporting Tops (shown above).  These everyday basics are right up my alley because they look like regular ol’ T- shirts.   My back is actually a major problem area for me, as  I am a a victim of the bra strap induced back fat, and it drives me BANANAS.   I think I mentioned this before, but I was really hesitant to try shapewear at first because I feel like you can always see it under clothes, but I have learned that the seamless body suits create really smooth lines under fitted shirts…and if you get the right one,  you can’t really see it.  Well these tops look like they might kill two birds with one stone.   I love that!  I also have really bad posture…anything helps! LOL.

Have you tried ShaToBu? Would you try ShaToBu?

The Fashionista Next Door

Disclosure:  I was sent a pair of ShaToBu tights to review; however, this is not a sponsored post, and I was not compensated in any other way for sharing my thoughts on this product.  All opinions are my own.
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5 Responses to “ShaToBu Shapewear Tights {Review}”

  1. jeimy says:

    I love the tights and the colors are beautiful great look!!
    My recent post Mixing prints…

  2. Ash says:

    I really like the diamond print on them, but as you said, not so sure about how low the control top goes…couldn't hurt to try them though. I'm excited to see this outfit tomorrow, I'm already loving the colors :)

    My recent post Getting Kinky: 1 Year of Being A Naturalista!

  3. Shasie says:

    Thanks for this product review, I would definitely like to check them out! I love the outfit that you wore the tights with
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

    My recent post Celebrating a Friend's Birthday!

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