Style Me Friday: Sneakers

Happy Friday! It’s been a pretty long week for me, so I am definitely ready for the weekend.  Anybody got anything fun planned?

(BTW, yesterday the weather was so nice in ATL, but only because there was a tropical storm brewing, and now…THE THUNDER! Thunder and lightning freaks me out like no other… always has, but THIS SOUTHERN THUNDER is no joke! I’ve been in ATL over a year and I’m still not used to it.  It sounds like the sky is caving in. Sheesh.)

Anyway…Style Me Friday. LOL! It was about 75 degrees, and while I was planning on using a look submitted by my girl KoKo, I couldn’t resist the urge to bust out a little bare leg action.  It’s been so long!  So, I went with a look submitted by Prissy instead.  When Prissy and I visited the Tanger Outlets back in November, she was kinda surprised when I bought these Nikes.  I mean, of all the things to spend my gift card on, tennis shoes? YES! I told her that I planned on really wearing them, and she said “Like really wear them? Like you would post an outfit with tennis shoes on your blog?” and I said “Hell yeah…with a skirt! It’s gonna be really cute. Trust me!” LOL, and here we are!  Fast forward to February, and my sneakers still hadn’t made their debut (although I have worn them A LOT!)  Well, Prissy fixed that, didn’t she?

As usual, I made some changes to my look based on my style and my closet. I went with a running shoe instead of a high-top sneaker.   This style is actually much more flattering for my legs  because they don’t cut me off above the ankles (I’m not a model afterall…I’m short!).  I also swapped out the gold belt for a long chain.  I do have a gold belt, but I wasn’t feeling it when I tried it on. The chain seemed like a more appropriate accessory the sporty chic vibe I was trying to achieve.  Lastly, I topped everything off with my trust-dusty jean jacket because…well, I am just not gonna walk around in the middle of the day wearing a body-con dress.  I mean, I’ll wear stilettos anytime, anywhere, but a body-con seems a little overkill. LOL!

H&M Jean Jacket (old, similar) | H&M Dress (in stores now for $12.95) | Nike Eclipse II Sneakers c/o Tanger Outlets | Necklace & Watch via AmericasMart | Thrifted Tote (similar)

“Sporty Chic” is actually one of the top trends for Spring 2012.  Sporty pieces from sneakers to windbreakers to baseball caps and visors were shown on the spring runways!  And these Isabel Marant sneaker wedges are a celebrity fave (Bey even wore them in her “Love on Top” video.”  I say the key to pulling off this trend is to really just own it! Add those sporty pieces to your otherwise girlie ensemble as you would any other unexpected accessory.  As with all trends, your execution shouldn’t be too literal.  You don’t wanna look like you’re actually headed to the powderpuff field, if you know what I mean. LOL!

Photo Credit

Oh, and by the way, Fab totally approves of this outfit. LOL! Go figure…


Would you wear tennis shoes? With a dress? LOL

Have a GREAT weekend! XOXO.

The Fashionista Next Door

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32 Responses to “Style Me Friday: Sneakers”

  1. Love it! I have that same dress from H&M in a few colors, they are so versatile. I am definitely loving the sporty chic look, its my go look on the weekend, my tootsie can rest from wearing heels.
    My recent post Trending: Neon

  2. samida18 says:

    Super cute and thanks for the link love!

  3. Charee says:

    THIS IS JUST TOOOO FREAKIN CUTE EBONI!!! I am DEF going to be rocking this come Spring/Summer!! COMFY and CUTE… my two favorite C words!!!

  4. Tia says:

    Eboni, this is so cute! I love how the chain gives it a throwback look…think Run DMC, LOL! I love sneakers and will def be rocking them with dresses/skirts this spring!!!

  5. It very rare that you wear flats…and sneakers at that. I LOVE this look on you! Those legs….guuurrrlll!!! FIERCE!!!
    Miss Rockwell recently posted..Friday Favorites…Vol #7
    Miss Rockwell recently posted..Friday Favorites…Vol #7

  6. Hey hottie! Love those kicks!

    My recent post In My Bag: The Blues

  7. Leslie says:

    Never considered it…think I might now. Cute!!

  8. Ash says:

    Oh yeah! I love wearing sneakers with a dress, though I'm a lot more casual about it, haha! I'd like to try and dress it up a bit though to find that sporty chic balance. You're too cute! :)

    My recent post Rock This!: Solange Knowles, "Today I'm Wearing…"

  9. You've done it again Eboni! I love the sneakers with the LBD. I feel like I say this to you all the time, but I'm gonna need to try this! Enjoy your weekend! Hope the thunder is gone for good!
    My recent post Chambray Love

  10. Tairalyn says:

    Loving this outfit…. You have inspired me to sport my Converse with a Dress. WATCH FOR IT :)
    Thanks lovely – for giving me yet another What I Wore post….

    Come on by Little Miss Mama, I promise the Tea is always served HOT and the Cupcakes have a perfect Icing to Cake RATIO.

    My recent post Look for Less: Kirsten Dunst

  11. I can’t wear sneakers with dresses because the two pair that I own are for the gym only.
    I love this look! I’m all for sporty chic but can’t execute it with the stuff in my closet. I really like the bright laces on your sneakers and like that you are rocking them with a sexy dress. You totally pull off this look.
    fshnonmymind recently posted..OOTD- The Right to Bear Legs
    fshnonmymind recently posted..OOTD- The Right to Bear Legs

  12. Channing says:

    So CUTE!! I love this look, and the chain is perfect. I like the photo accents too with the inspiration picture.
    My recent post Make The Vision Plain

  13. Corie says:

    Eboni this outfit is too cute! I love it! Sneakers and all…

    I want that necklace though…

    As far as the weather, we didn't get any rain or thunder. But I did hear about certain areas in GA that got it pretty bad.
    My recent post Feature Friday: Jaela (Jaela's Beautiful Way)

  14. Niurka says:

    This is absolutely adorable Eboni! I will def be pulling this look off. I have a hubby who believes in wearing sneakers 24/7 and he is always trying to get me to look a little more "casual". This is the look that I need to be going for. Now I need to find that dress chica! :)

  15. i would totally wear sneakers with a dress. and this makes me excited for my custom nikes my hubby just ordered me for my birthday off their website- they should be ah-mazing! i like the idea of a simple black mini dress and jean jkt with killer kicks!! happy weekend to you too!
    My recent post Friday Fill In The Blank Fun

  16. jeimy says:

    love it you did great the look is chic and sporty at the same time !!!
    My recent post In the Nude…

  17. Danielle says:

    Love it! I bought a pair of red Adidas high top sneakers a few weeks ago and broke them out on Thursday. LOVE them! I wore them with a pair of jeans and a dark brown menswear leather jacket. Then I prettied it up with hair and makeup like the true Queens girl that I am….lol.
    My recent post Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer: Out, Damned Spot. Out, I Say!

  18. Tiffany says:

    I wear my summer dresses with Coach sneakers all the time. I don’t really display it on my blog but I have a very vast sneaker collection. You look very chic my dear.
    Tiffany recently posted..And Now the End is Near
    Tiffany recently posted..And Now the End is Near

  19. This is one of the trends I CAN’T wait to rock!! Love your look the sneakers are so cute, I’ve been wanting a pair of black ones with a bright accent color. :)

  20. Zay says:

    I like this look, I'm going to try this but change up my accessories and maybe wear something similiar to converses.!!!

  21. shenneth says:

    I really like how you styled your dress! Your sneakers are a fun, stylish alternative to heels. I'm inspired give the sporty chic look a try as well!
    My recent post All About the Boots

  22. Lucka says:

    I love this outfit!! So cute:) I have a giveaway on my blog so feel free to join it:)

  23. jamie25 says:

    What a lovely style, I think I need to managed my self with that kind of fashion style…
    jamie25 recently posted..white card NSW
    jamie25 recently posted..white card NSW

  24. Inez says:

    Love your inspired version. Cute pink laces on the sneakers.

  25. megan says:

    how is it that everything you style is so effortless?
    My recent post Layering Leather

  26. Taliah says:

    Really cute, chic and casual! Love your sneakers with the sleek black dress!
    Taliah recently posted..Shop with Meinto
    Taliah recently posted..Shop with Meinto

  27. Alicia says:

    Ok so I know I say I love it and fab a lot loo but what’s not to love you’re so cute and always dress so stylish. I need to submit a style me Friday soon :) I’m saving for a new camera I’ll be post OOTD again soon.


  28. Kristin says:

    Looooooove the neon accents! Such cute sneaks!

  29. Prissy says:

    It actually turned out really cute!! LOL! It reminds me of an 80's girl! I like it!!!

    My recent post My Love for Vintage Necklaces

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  31. […] pink/black Nike, pink high-tops, neon yellow, Madewell & Keds collaboration, colorful Bensimons, black chucks with red pants, brown Bensimons, blue/red Onitsuka, floral dress with studded sneakers, floral Keds, red wedges, jeans/blazer, pink dress and cobalt dress […]

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