Channeling My Inner Hipster.

Usually, I’d stick with the “one statement piece is plenty” rule and keep the styling really simple for my leopard jeans, buuuuut for whatever reason, I felt compelled to channel my inner hipster and pile it on… leopard jeans. check. slogan button emblazoned anorak. check. giant link chain. check. slouchy beanie. check. wedge booties. check. giant bag. check. check. check.  All I’m missing is a pair of signature nerd glasses.  damn it! (I actually have a pair of these somewhere…where are they?!)

Old Navy Beanie | H&M Anorak | Denim Shirt via TJ Maxx | Vanilla Star Leopard Jeans via Target | Sole Society “Abby” Booties | ASOS Bag (sold out, other colors available here, here, and here)

Once again, I am hiding something under this beanie.  This time it’s a head full of bantu knots.  As much as I love the look of my  bantu knots, I have to say they are a LOT of work.  Do you know that I have to re-knot them every night? Mmm hmm, yep.   Such is the life of a fine-haired natural girl.  The only way to really preserve my curl/style is to re-twist, re-braid, re-twist every night.  Since I work from home, I can take advantage of the co-worker-free zone and simply not take my hair down, buuuuut that doesn’t make for very cute outfits…that is, until I discovered the slouchy beanie.  Umm, where have I been? Curly Nikki tried to tell me, but somehow I just got the memo.  Now, I just need to buy more colors because Fab already asked me “So ummm, are you gonna wear that beanie everyday now?” *side eye* LOL!

p.s. You might be thinking… didn’t she just wear those jeans? no, no, no. I waited a few days before wearing them again. hehe! Oh, don’t act like I’m the only one.  Since these jeans have a print, I can’t wear them back to back like I would my regular jeans.  *sigh* I would like to point out that these jeans were VERY tight when I first tried them on.  After wearing them twice, they are now a perfect fit.   I was kinda worried that they wouldn’t loosen up enough because they are a junior’s size 7…I actually wanted a 9, but couldn’t find that size anywhere.  So, if you happen to find these jeans at your local Target, try them on…if they are just a little more snug than you’d like, I say get ‘em.  Don’t quote me on this, but they should loosen up.  Mine certainly did!

Have a great day!! XOXO.

The Fashionista Next Door

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8 Responses to “Channeling My Inner Hipster.”

  1. I like this look! Bantu Knot tutorial please ? :)
    My recent post I Want Her Hair: Tracee Ellis-Ross

  2. Rocquelle says:

    I love the mixture of several statement pieces!! I wish I could get my hair in a beanie, lol. I often wear jeans days in a row, so I though nothing of it; I just know they're fabulous!!!
    My recent post Your Body Is Fabulous- Oludara

  3. Sometimes more really is more. :) You are rocking that leopard print!
    My recent post See by Chloe Fall/Winter 2012/2013

  4. Cute mama! I love rocking my slouchy beanie over my wrap when I have to run an errand. Love those jeans too!
    My recent post Work It: Nneka Saran

  5. designerdrop says:

    I always do the beenie over my bantu knots when I know I won't be able to re-do them that evening! those jeans go so well with the booties. Now if only Target would come to Kenya…!
    My recent post Follow me with Bloglovin’ on the right panel :-)

  6. kenzie says:

    i absolutly love this look!!
    My recent post 29 is fine

  7. K.D. says:

    I love that beanie Eboni & the way you styled it w/ this look! I've been meaning to buy some since going natural, but somehow i haven't. lol
    My recent post Healthy Hair Icon: Jonna!

  8. Love this look! I don't think it's too much at all!

    My recent post You Need a Smile?

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