Style Me Friday: Monochromatic

Happy Friday!!! It’s a REALLY happy Friday for me because guess who’s home for good?! Yeees! Fab!!!! *throws confetti* He came home last night, and he is NOT going back to South Carolina. I can’t believe he was there for almost four months.   I guess our long distance relationship gave us good practice for LONG business excursions.

Needless to say, I didn’t do any blogging last night, so it’s a mad rush to get this post up before work this morning!  This week’s Style Me Friday look was submitted by Dominique over at Lipstick Manual.  I actually saw this look on Miss Lucia Lolita’s Fashion World myself last week, and LOVED IT! I was thrilled when the submission came through, but I actually replied to Dominique and told her that I didn’t think I had the pieces to pull it off…and I don’t.  I don’t have that awesome camel-ish maxi skirt, or that awesome camel and orange color-blocked sweater.  But, I thought about it, and aren’t I the one that’s always going on about not taking your inspiration too literally? So, what was it that I loved about this look?  Well two things — the silhouette of the billowy maxi and the fitted knit, and the neutral, monochromatic color palette.  We already established that I didn’t have the pieces needed for the first, but hmmmm, I think I might be able to pull together pieces to accomplish the latter.  So, I grabbed my GAP Perfect Khaki Pants and paired them with a camel Old Navy v-neck.  For the pop of color, I layered a pink cami under my sweater (though I would have preferred orange!).  And, lastly I wore my Charming Charlie mixed metal bib necklace, since I didn’t have a wooden statement piece.

Old Navy Camel Sweater | Target Tank | GAP Perfect Khaki Pants | Sole Society “Talia” | ASOS Bag (sold out, other colors available here and here) | Charming Charlie Bib Necklace (similar here & here)

I think the look came together quite nicely!  It’s a nice change of pace for me…very minimalist.  I don’t do monochromatic looks often, but they really are very chic.  I think the key to pulling without looking dull (especially when you’re using nuetrals) is texture and hue play.  Mixing knits, with wovens, and monochromatic shadow prints adds  interest.  My outfit works because the khaki pants are a slightly different shade than my camel sweater, and of course the fabrics are completely different.  Also, your accessories can make or break the outfit.  Again, I think the beauty of a monochromatic palette is the minimalism of the look, so I didn’t want to pile on a bunch of jewelry, but as the inspiration look demonstrates quite beautifully, one good statement piece does the trick!  So, I kept it simple with a statement necklace, a watch, and my standard hoop earrings…and of course my new favorite bag :)

Aside for the standard black on black, are you into monochromatic color palettes?

p.s. Thanks for all your feedback on my new makeup regimen. I am glad you guys like it! I am kinda lovin’ it too!  I’ve also heard your requests for a weight loss post, and I am on it! I am also going to be doing a hair update in the next couple weeks, and I PROMISE I will get that damn bantu knot video edited soon. I don’t know you YouTubers do it. Editing videos takes FOR-EH-VER! I’m working on it…

Submit looks for Style Me Friday here, or upload them to my Facebook wall!

Thanks for stopping by!!! XOXO.

The Fashionista Next Door

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25 Responses to “Style Me Friday: Monochromatic”

  1. Pretty Girls Rock Dresses says:

    I always like your look better than the inspiration………LOL ;)

  2. Tia says:

    I <3 Lolita! I love how you made this look your own!!! The tank is genius!
    My recent post Brit Girl Does Coco Curls &amp; Convo

  3. Again a great interpretation! I'm glad you gave it a whirl! Yay for having some face to face time with your hunny! Enjoy your weekend Ife!
    My recent post High Low Can You Go

  4. Dominique says:

    You did it and it came out perfectly! I love your necklace too ♥

  5. I love this outfit!
    *patiently waiting for the weight loss & hair posts…*
    I just spent the better part of the last hour reading your loving long distance blog… amazing!! I've always admired your ability to stay so positive while he's traveling, but now I see why! Knowing the back story, I am so happy for you & Fab!! =] I just love love and your story is so beautiful… I can't believe all of that happened in just a year! I'm so happy for you two and I wish you many more years of happiness =]

  6. Style & Poise says:

    You both look lovely….

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  7. I tried a monochromatic look a while back and it was actually one of my favorite looks. I love this on you…these colors look so great together.
    Miss Rockwell recently posted..Rock On With Your Red Pumps…
    Miss Rockwell recently posted..Rock On With Your Red Pumps…

  8. Nikki says:

    Love the pop of pink with the monochromatic look! I also just finished reading your loving long distance blog…all I can say is awwww.
    My recent post Steals and Deals

    • hehe! thank you, Nikki! that loving long distance blog was actually my very first blog, but I couldn't keep it up without getting to personal for the hubby's comfort level, so I let it go LOL. It's always nice to look back at though.

  9. soulshadow55 says:

    Even though this look is supposed to be monocromatic, I love the pop of color you achieved by using the hot pink under your sweater. I also love the length of your slacks. For some reason a lot of people don't hem their slacks at the right length. Can we see what kind of shoes you have on, they look like wedges or maybe platforms? Whatever, they match perfectly with your slacks. Lastly, I really, really like the necklace!! Another fantastic Friday look!

    • awww thank you!!! The shoes are wedges, and I wore them in last Wednesday's post with skinny jeans, so you can see the entire shoe! —>

      …and on the pants, I got lucky! These were the perfect length for me with the type of heels I wear, but you are right! It is very important to trousers hemmed to the proper length for the shoes you plan on wearing. Sometimes this even means buying to of the same pant — one for heels and one for flats!

    • I agree the pink prevents the look from being a true monochromatic look.I do like the structure of the pant but the top is too rigid and structured. This look would have been more appealing with a softer textured top. Which would have also played up her figure.
      My recent post Fashion Critique

  10. sundaze says:

    Love how this look turned out!

    Funny you mentioned weight loss posts at the end. As I was scrolled through I thought, "wow, she's shrinking." Lol. It was the first time I noticed how much smaller you are. You look great.

  11. Inez says:

    I love the play with different tones and textures of neutral. Pink always goes well with neutrals. Your necklace is lovely.
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  12. Nikell says:

    Fabulous look! I've been wanting to try the monochromatic look lately. I like the pop of pink too. (^_^)
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  13. jeimy says:

    You did great with the pieces you had I love the look!
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  14. Chanel says:

    Love the camel!!! Have a great weekend! Xx

  15. I love the inspirational look. So comfy but cute.

  16. Patience says:

    You look gorgeous. Really love the close up pic. And camel looks great on you.
    My recent post Look for Less: Marc Jacobs Crossbody Satchel

  17. K.D. says:

    Yay!!! Fab is back! :D You look so chic in this outfit! I love that necklace.
    My recent post 'Fro Fashion Week: Pt. 3 Massage, Thrifting, &amp; Fashion Show!

  18. Tosh says:

    1) You look so great hun! 2) I love this outfit! 3) You are so pretty! 4) Those trousers fit you like a dream!


    Tosh :-)
    My recent post the sweet days of spring are whispering my name…

  19. Such a cute look Eboni! I love the monochromatic. And the inspiration, haute!
    My recent post Red Stripe

  20. Cass says:

    It's beautiful and chic! Best thing is that I could wear it in a casual day or even in the office. :)

  21. Melissa says:

    Trousers look so stylish! I fall in love with them
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  22. […] I don’t really own much khaki at all. In fact, I own only two pieces of khaki…period.  These khaki pants and the khaki shorts I’m wearing here, which are actually a recent purchase from Old Navy […]

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