Penny Loves Kenny & Lace

Happy Friday!! We’re skipping Style Me Friday again this week…sorry guys! The good news is I pulled out my new Penny Loves Kenny “Nira” wedges, and they are…if you missed yesterday’s post about Off Broadway Shoes, check it out! That is where I found these beautiful shoes.  I love the print…and I love the style of shoe.  They’re kinda like a work of art, no? If the print is too much for you, but you like the style of shoe, you’ll be happy to know they also come in black and silver.  I wouldn’t mind having them in black, myself…but I already have black wedges (I have to remind myself of what I already have. Lol).

Unknown Lace Blouse (VERY similar, $59) | Merona Shorts (sold out in this print, other prints here, $18) | Penny Loves Kenny “Nira” ($89) | Mimi’s The Look Necklace ($35) | The Sak Crossbody Bag (similar, $25)

So, you guys, I nearly had a meltdown yesterday.  I walked outside to make a quick trip to Nordstrom to buy a full slip…something that’s been on my “need” list for while now…I have several sheer dresses that I’ve been wanting to wear.  Anyway, I hopped in my car, turned the key…and the damn thing wouldn’t start. UGH! I’ve had my car for about 6 years now…just paid the damn thing off last year…and for the first time ever, it just won’t start. The engine turns over, but it won’t start.  So, I proceed to freak out because I live in the boonies and I. NEED. A. CAR.  Of course, there is always Fab’s car, but his A/C went out and it’s about 3000 degrees in Atlanta!! GRRRRRR!  Okay, Fab’s uncle is only the best. mechanic. ever. so I tell myself, “Eboni, this isn’t the end of the world.”  WRONG!  Uncle Paul is in San Francisco for TWO WEEKS! Are you kidding me?! GRRRRRRRR!

Breathe.  Think.  Breathe.

After storming in the house and lamenting about life, and cars, and bills…and life, again! I decided to cook dinner, and I realized this is probably not a big deal, after all.  We can get Fab’s A/C fixed pretty easily. I work from home, so we don’t really need two cars….and my car will get fixed in a few weeks when Uncle Paul gets back in town.  No need to freak out, right? Crisis averted. :)

Have a great weekend!! XOXO.


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23 Responses to “Penny Loves Kenny & Lace”

  1. Oooh, loving all these layers of print mixing. You look super sweet!
    My recent post Gone Campin'

  2. kenzie says:

    OMG!!! those shoes are AH-MA-ZING!!!!!!!!!!!
    My recent post Lyst Alert

  3. Veronica says:

    Sounds like it just might be time for a tune up. You'll be fine!
    My recent post For the Shoe Obsessed Vol. V | Black & Bright

  4. Dominique says:

    Those wedges are sooooooooooo cute! ♥ them and the shorts oooo la la
    Yes girl car problems always make me bonkers I feel ya
    My recent post MAKEUP WITH MIMI 101: Fall/Winter Edition

  5. Tia says:

    Awww everything will work out with your car! I'm a big fan of those shorts!!! Love how you styled them & I NEED those shoes!
    My recent post Brit Girl Does: Pampered & Martini's

  6. Fab outfit and I luv Penny Loves Kenny Shoes!!! Good luck with the car!
    My recent post Jessica Simpson Once in a Lifetime Sale!

  7. joyandsunshine says:

    Unexpected car trouble is the worst, and Atl is definitely a city where a car is required. On the sunny side, you're lucky to have a family mechanic you can trust who will be back in town soon :-) Hopefully, everything will work out well. Also, cute look! I like the texture/print combo.
    My recent post Boring Outfit Re-Do: Black Trousers and White Button Down

  8. I love those shorts and that pop of red from the necklace.
    My recent post Summer Snapshots

  9. threadinducedeuphoria says:

    I LOVE those shoes!!! Sooo cute!!! And also luckily you work from home!! Imagine trying to get to work for two weeks without it!! So dont worry, it could have been much worse :)
    My recent post Web of confusion…

  10. Bukky says:

    Good luck with the car!! Aaand where did you get your elephant ring from? Love it!

  11. Meda says:

    I've been following your blog for awhile now and you NEVER EVER disappoint. I'm loving those wedges…TOO CUTE! Wishing you luck with your car.

  12. Nic says:

    awww, good luck with your car. what a blessing you work from home tho :-)

    LOVE your shoes and shorts…great combo!

    My recent post Facebook Friday: Colorful and Summery

  13. Tiffany says:

    Love the wedges. Cars that don’t start suck!!! But then you don’t want to say they suck because you want to br nice to them LOL. Send yourself a cheer up card ;)
    Tiffany recently posted..WTH HOT A** WEDS
    Tiffany recently posted..WTH HOT A** WEDS

  14. Those shoes are the biz, girl! Great post, keep it coming! Smooches!

  15. ChellBellz says:

    I want those shorts!!
    My recent post Back to Basics #Mincing

  16. Melanie says:

    WOW!!! Those shoes are! LOL Love them!!! :)

    My recent post Barbie Pink

  17. […] received a question in the comments on last Friday’s post regarding my elephant ring, and where I got […]

  18. Ereka D. says:

    You are ALWAYS so CUTE, and OMG! Your shoes are TDF, looovveeesss them!!!

  19. the entire outfit is HOT and those shoes are FIRE.

  20. Ryan Curry says:

    love the wedges! just got em on for $34.99! so stoked!

  21. kinkycornbread says:

    love the wedges! just got em on for $34.99! so stoked!

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