How To Wear Wedge Sneakers (Warning: May Cause Spontaneous Jumping!)

Some trends come on the scene and almost everybody loves them immediately – peplums and cap-toes, for example.  Then there are those that have to grow on you over time.  And still there are others that are equally hated and loved by the masses no matter how much time you give it…like the wedge sneaker! They came on the scene earlier this year evoking mixed reactions from fashion enthusiasts everywhere.  And, even among those who love the trend, there are many who prefer to love them from afar.  You know how that goes — “I love them…on you! But, I’m not sure how I would wear those.”  I’m clearly not one of those people. Lol! When I love something, I just cannot let someone else have all the fun…I’ve gotta join in.

Xhileration Sweatshirt via Target (old, similar, $39) & short sleeve version, $29) | H&M Jeans ($20 in-store) | ShoeDazzle “Urge” Sneakers | ASOS Oversized Bowler | Necklace via AmericasMart | Lips: Certainly Red by Revlon

I bought this pair of bright orange “Urge” wedge sneakers from ShoeDazzle…it was love at first sight!  And actually, ShoeDazzle did a great job with styling their models with these shoes if you’re looking for a little inspiration. (I think these are sold out now, but you can definitely get on the waitlist.) So, the key to styling these shoes is to play up the sporty appeal. Tuck those skinny jeans or leggings in (solid colors and prints are equally cool), and opt for a graphic print tee, an oversized sweater, or a casual jacket on top.  They also look great with a nice pair of shorts – cutoffs work especially well.  Love these casual looks on Alessandra Ambrosio, Keri Hilson, and Rosie Huntington!

Now, I’ve also seen some celebs rocking their wedge sneakers with flowy dresses, skirts, and other less-than-sporty ensembles.  To be honest, I am not a fan of that look.  I think it looks a bit awkward.  But, you know me — I never say never.  Someone could probably convince me otherwise.

 Are you a fan of the wedge sneaker trend?

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43 Responses to “How To Wear Wedge Sneakers (Warning: May Cause Spontaneous Jumping!)”

  1. Hope says:

    I love the way you pulled this together… I myself am not fond of wedge sneakers maybe because I am a true sneaker head, give me some dunks and I'll rock em them til the wheels fall off! But for those who do not wear sneakers at all I think this is a great alternative. Love the red ones on you!!

    • Envy says:

      thats not true….a true sneaker head would embrace this style as this is a SNEAKER wedge…. if you love sneakers give it a try! it wont hurt, it wont look as good as a pair of jordans, but this just makes your sneakers a little more somthing, somthing! lol

  2. Kerissa says:

    Love the color and your outfit. I actually ONLY wear sneakers to workout and they are usually old ones from my son.

  3. Who knew sneakers could look so chic? I'll definietely give this a try :)
    My recent post Collegiate Chic: Transitioning Colored Jeans into Fall

  4. I actually like the wedge sneaker trend! Yours are too cute and waaaay cheaper than the highly coveted Marants! You looked like you had so much fun with this post!
    My recent post London Fashion Week: Issa London Spring 2013

  5. I am not a fan of the wedge sneakers, but you wear them so well!! I love all of your fun poses and your awesome jumping shots!! xo

  6. love this look on you! & the red just pops! ..not to mention all the fun you are having! you have inspired me to take pics of myself today…& have fun with it!!

  7. Melanie says:

    Super cute outfit!! I have been loving the sneaker wedges lately. I recently bought a black pair & I love them! I want to wear them with everything..hehe! Love how you styled them with the sweater & the jeans!

    My recent post Heart Sweater

  8. Super cute! I will be getting some gray or black ones!
    My recent post Weekend Style: Model Call

  9. Taliah says:

    Awww…so cute Eb! This really made me smile! Love the red wedge sneakers!
    My recent post FWH at FNO

  10. I agree with you! I like the way you styled them!


  11. Lol, you are really loving these shoes!! I love the bright color.
    I like the idea of wedge sneakers, but on other people. I haven’t worn sneakers in a non-athletic way in years and don’t know if I can pull it off or want to invest the money in this trend.
    fshnonmymind recently posted..OOTD- Simplicity
    fshnonmymind recently posted..OOTD- Simplicity

  12. Tasha says:

    YESSSSS to the excitement. You actually jump really high. lol. I am loving the look and the shoes are AWESOME
    My recent post Karen & Karen Midi Skirt

  13. maimusings says:

    I've just jumped on the wedge sneaker train out of necessity (I dnt rly wear sneakers but I was in the carnival) & im still on the fence. Mine are off white/tan but I'm thinking of dyeing them (dark brown, burgundy or plum). This post is way too cute, you look like you're having a blast.
    My recent post It’s Friday!

  14. Carsedra says:

    Such a cute outfit, I am totally loving those shoes, red my favorite color!!

    Carsedra of:

  15. Jasmine says:

    I'm still iffy on these, but I love the way you styled them! Please check out my blog
    My recent post Date Night

  16. Nikell says:

    I love the wedge sneakers. They let you wear high heels and be sporty at the same time. I may have to look into getting a pair. Yours are really cute (^_^)
    My recent post Easy DIY Tortilla Chips

  17. Sydney says:

    I love how you styled them! I had the grey Urge shoes in my checkout for a long time but decided against it. Now I'm regretting not getting them after seeing you rock them! I just got my first Shoedazzle order today and I already want soo many more :)

  18. I just adored some a week ago and really cannot wait till they get here! I like your look!

  19. bunnymysweet says:

    I'm still on the fence but you look absolutely adorbs in them!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)
    My recent post Work Ready

  20. You are too funny in these pictures girl!!! I love it! I see you're having fun! I admit this trend had to grown on me, but now that is FULL grown, I have got to get my hands on a pair!!! Still trying to find my perfect pair. Love the ones you have and they give this look a perfect pop!!!! WERK!!! (They look real cute with my purse, LOL!!! No I didn't forget about it!)

    7eventh Letter
    My recent post Brights and Black

  21. Niurka says:

    I have been on the wait list for those in the beige color. Can’t wait to get a pair to style them. Love the way you put it all together and LOVE these poses. Get it chica!

    Niurka recently posted..It’s All About Statement Pieces…
    Niurka recently posted..It’s All About Statement Pieces…

  22. I got some over the weekend that are embellished with spikes! Actually it was the spikes that pulled me in. Love how you styled yours.

    My recent post Fall 2012 Fashion Trends: Mixed Metallics

  23. Momma Sharon says:

    Adorable, sexy, joyful, funny, eazy-breezy, and styled on point, ALL IN ONE, how DO you do it???!! You make me wanna go get the pair I saw last week!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    You did a great job putting it all together!

  25. When it comes to wedge sneakers I'm definitely one of those admire from afar peoples. They look great on you but I just won't do it. Are they actually comfortable though? I like my sneakers comfy…

  26. I love how you styled them! I am next in line!

  27. I am so totally obsessed with the wedge sneaker…just ordered a pair! Can't wait to style 'em up!
    WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!
    My recent post 30 again

  28. simplychic says: i wonder if i could pull of this wedge sneaker trend. converse is typically as sporty as i get…
    My recent post a day at the races

  29. Ria says:

    I've been loving the sneaker wedge for a longgggg time now. I wear them with a lot, even the dresses and stuff. Trust me it'll grow on you because I never thought I'd go there either.
    My recent post I Start It Up, Turn It Over

  30. Stacy says:

    Those jeans are hideous! Burn them! Total fashion crime

  31. Gilkana says:

    I think you just convinced me to try these… Love the outfit!
    My recent post Gracias

  32. Amanda Nicole says:

    You look amazing, I was sure yours were some high-end designer, I can't believe shoedazzle! Thanks for showing designer chic in an affordable option. You look adorable :

  33. Amanda Nicole says:

    A question, are skinny jeans the only way to go? I need help, I want to get the nike ones which I love, but I have wide hips and do not do skinny jeans!

  34. […] How to Wear Wedge Sneakers (Warning: May Cause Spontaneous Jumping) […]

  35. Sasha Versace says:

    You're so beautiful!

  36. Eva Chanya says:

    Wow,I love this…got my pair too…great ensemble look lovely

  37. NikkiMorrill says:

    I own 2 pairs so far…have deff paired them with some boot cut jeans and all I had to do is tuck the front part of the jean behind the tongue and it still looks cute…I am a big girl and I don't like the pain of wearing heels but love the way these make me look longer and leaner and give me a boost of confidence to strut it like I'm wearing heels but the comfort of wearing sneakers!

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