Motions Brand Manager Walks Me Through the Naturally You Product Line!

Earlier this month, our friends over at Motions made their way down to Atlanta as a sponsor for the inaugural Black Girls Run! Drive to End Hunger 5K/10K Race.  During the expo portion of the weekend long event, race participants were able to stop by the Motions Beauty Bar to hang out with Lexi of, learn more about the new Motions Naturally You product line (and grab a few samples!), and get some expert hair and beauty tips!

This beautiful lady was the winner of a contest Motions hosted along with Lexi over on, and she won and all-expense paid trip to Atlanta for the run! NICE!

When I stopped by the expo, I had a chance to sit down and chat with Motions Brand Manager, Karen Smith!  We talked all about the Motions Naturally You line, and what sets it apart from the old Motions formula.  (By the way, can I just say that I love this woman. She was too funny, and all around charming. It was such a pleasure to meet her.  And yes! Karen is natural.  She shares her favorite product from the Naturally You line below!)  

Karen didn’t want to take any pictures, but I wouldn’t let her get out of it…then she busted out the signature hand-on-hip-and-lean fashionista pose on me…mmm hmmm! LOL

I recently tried the new Naturally You conditioner for the first time because it came in my CurlBox, but how long has the Motion’s Naturally You product line been on the shelves?

We came out with our natural’s line in January of this year.  We’ve seen this “natural hair trend” really turn into a movement.  So, we decided to come out with our product line so being natural can be affordable…you know, like affordable beauty. [Natural hair] products are very expensive, and to find the right product, you have to curl cocktail and figure out what your hair texture is, and what the best products are for it.

So, walk me through the line and tell me what we can expect to be differing from the original Motions line, because I would venture to say that most people have tried at least one or two Motions products.

Yes, it’s interesting — We were a little nervous, and this is what took us so long to come to market… Motions is known for their relaxer business.  Motions is synonymous with relaxer. And, we wanted to come out with a product with products that would give us credibility within the natural hair sector, but also make sure it’s affordable.

So, we have our Moisturizing Cleanser, and it’s a cleanser not a shampoo.  When you say shampoo to a natural person, they think heavy sulfates, and yes we have sulfates; however, it’s the right level of sulfates.

I mentioned to Karen that my hair actually needs light sulfates. It’s very fine and gets very oily, very fast. Anyway, moving along…

We also have our Smoothing Conditioner, and we’re calling it a smoothing conditioner because it helps to soften the curl pattern. Some people are looking to define their curl, so you kinda want to soften it up before you get ready to style it.

Next, we have three styling products on the line – our Radiating Gloss, and actually while we’re here, Ursula Stephen, one of our celebrity stylists is saying before you work out, put the [Radiating Gloss] on your hair and it will help to absorb the sweat and moisture and keep your hair from getting frizzy.  Then, we have our Hydrate My Curls Pudding, which is really going to elongate that curl pattern.  So, this is for those ladies who really have a really tight curl pattern, and they want to stretch it out a little bit.  And, finally, we have our Define My Curls Crème, which just won the Ebony Beauty Award and we are very excited about that! It has a bit of holding properties in it, and you hear the word “crème,” you think that a crème should be white, but it almost looks like a petroleum jelly.  It is great for double strand twists, and courser, kinkier hair types, because it adds moisture back into the hair.

The last product we have is my new favorite – the Deep Conditioning Masque.  I have color on my hair, and a lot of women with natural hair love color.  Well, with that color, comes dryness…and with being natural, comes another level of dryness.  So using this masque once a week will really help add moisture back to the hair.  This product is really what our claim is all about – it helps to strengthen your hair and moisturize it at the same time.

So, this is our new line, and it is $6 everywhere.  You can find it at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Sally Beauty Supply, Target, and of course your local beauty supply stores.

You mentioned the Define My Curls Crème was good for courser, kinkier hair types.  What about a looser, wavier curl type? 

For curly to wavy, the best product is going to be the Hydrate My Curls Pudding.

Okay, because the issue that I have with my hair is that products are too heavy. I want my curls to be defined without being heavy, greasy, or crunchy. I know I’m never going to have big fluffy hair, but I want it to be as big as possible.  (And, at this point I whipped out my phone to show Karen pictures of my hair because my hair was in a bun. She didn’t think I was crazy! LOL)

Okay, so I would say the pudding is still light and fluffy.  It has the shea butter, coconut, and avocado oil, but it it’s not too heavy to where your hair just goes limp.  It has just enough moisture so that when your hair air dries it has volume, without being puffy and frizzy.

And, what do you recommend for the natural girl who also likes to wear her hair straight?  I have to tell you that even though I never had a relaxer, I flat ironed my hair into oblivion and it was so damaged.  And, I still want to wear my hair straight some time, but I don’t want to sacrifice my curly hair for that one weekend that I want to wear my hair straight.

I think what you were missing was something to protect your hair like the Radiating Gloss. I wear my hair in a tousled pixie cut, which I flat iron.  And, what I use is the Radiating Gloss, and it really seals in the moisture and protects my hair when I’m using that 450 degree ceramic flat iron on my hair, that I just have to have.  I think it’s all about finding the right product, and then you can go back and forth without damaging your hair.


After interviewing Karen, I was really excited to try the Motions Naturally You line.  The affordability of it alone makes it worth trying.  Even the least expensive products that I currently use are twice the cost of Motions.  They were sampling the Deep Conditioning Hair Masque and the Hydrate My Curls Pudding, so I grabbed those and will keep you all posted when I give them a try.  I can’t wait to see how the pudding works with my wash and go.

Have you tried any products from the Motions Naturally You line? What did you think about the products?

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2 Responses to “Motions Brand Manager Walks Me Through the Naturally You Product Line!”

  1. Tasha says:

    Please keep us posted on the line. I have been hearing reviews and they are all great. My sister is transition to natural hair so I have been buying her products like crazy.
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  2. Danielle says:

    Karen is HILARIOUS! Did she try to tell you she's from upstate New York with her heavy Texas accent? lol. LOVE that woman. I really like the deep masque, shampoo, and the conditioner from the Naturally You line :)
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