PINK FRIDAY: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!


I was very honored when my friends at Glam and the American Cancer Society asked me to help spread the word about the upcoming Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks that will taking place around the nation next month (click here more information about the walks right here in Atlanta! And yes, I will be walking!).  And if we’re gonna be talking about walking for breast cancer awareness, it’s only right that I put on my pink laced sneakers!

I think putting on cute sneakers and walking a few (or 20) miles is the least I can do to promote breast cancer awareness — something that I truly believe is so incredibly important (although, I think these ladies one-upped me in their pink bras last year!)

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you guys how important this cause is, but you know,there’s something about being young that just makes you feel invincible.  Sure, women under 40 account for only about 5% of new breast cancer cases, but we’re talking about 5% of a pretty large number.  According to the American Cancer Society, in 2011 alone, approximately 230,480 new cases  were expected to be diagnosed, and 39,520 women were expected to die from breast cancer.  And, as a black woman, it was also interesting to learn that black women in particular seem to have higher incidence rates of breast cancer before 40, and are more likely to die from breast cancer at any age.

Knowing all of this information now, it is no surprise that my primary care doctor referred me for my first mammogram at the age of 26, after discovering what she thought was a suspicious lump.  Of course, the thought of getting a mammogram terrified me beyond belief…I even made my mom come with me! Thankfully, it turns out that I have what fancy medical folks call “fibrocystic breasts” also know to us laymen (or women) as lumpy boobs.  This basically means detecting a normal lump vs. a cancerous lump may be a bit tricky for me.  So, while I don’t necessarily do monthly self exams, my doctor taught me how and recommend that I do them often and let her know right away if I notice anything abnormal…after all, nobody knows my breasts better than I do.  And, the ACS recommends the same for all women…we all need to be ultra aware of how our breasts look and feel.  Early detection is key in the fight against breast cancer.

“From 1990-2007, death rates decreased by 3.2% per year among women younger than 50, and by 2.0% per year among women 50 and older.  The decline in breast cancer mortality has been attributed to both improvements in breast cancer treatment and early detection.” – American Cancer Society

So, am I telling you to run out and get a mammogram tomorrow? No! But, I am telling you that awareness is essential…for you, and for every other woman you know. So spread the word!

And with that, I am going to leave you all with another awesome and inspiring video from breast cancer survivors who’s lives have been touched by the American Cancer Society and the Making Strides movement! Enjoy!

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the American Cancer Society’s nationwide series of walking events to raise funds and awareness to end breast cancer.

How has breast cancer impacted your life?  Will you be walking this year? 

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by the American Cancer Society (ACS) via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the American Cancer Society (ACS).
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44 Responses to “PINK FRIDAY: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer!”

  1. Elsee More says:

    I have lumpy breasts too. First mammogram at age 15, whew. I notice EVERYTHING now!

  2. Naomi A says:

    What a great cause. I try to walk/run the Race for the Cure every year with my mom, a 7 yr survivor! P.S. I am scheduling my first mammogram this month!
    My recent post My, How Riveting!

    • Yay for mom! That is awesome…and it is so great that you show your support for her by participating in a walk/run!

      and woot woot! *hi five* on scheduling that mammogram appointment!

  3. Tasha says:

    Great cause Eboni! I got my first check when I was 25. Loving this look
    My recent post Louis Feraud Skirt

  4. Ria Scott says:

    I got my mammogram last week!

  5. Rocquelle says:

    Wow, what an awesome initiative hun!! Thank you for sharing and increasing awareness.
    My recent post SMILE

  6. so great that you are involved in that! very inspiring!


  7. I think breast cancer is one of the most important things to watch for so thanks to all that donates and sponcers breast cancer.

  8. Pamela Hacker says:

    I'm a 2 time breast cancer survivor.

  9. Pamela Hacker says:

    I'm a 2 time breast cancer survivor.

  10. Pamela Hacker says:

    I'm a 2 time breast cancer survivor.

  11. Mary Pope Cummings says:

    Praying for a cure for Breast Cancer that it may be eradicted in the very near future. So thankful that Glam and American Cancer Society asked you to step up to the plate to spread the "PINk FRIDAY: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" word!

  12. I am a 13 yr Breast Cancer Survivor!

  13. I donate, walk and wear pink all the time….

  14. Mary Mcmenamy says:

    I have it right now I go every 6 months till I rid it hopefully.

  15. Lost my aunt to breast cancer…praying for a cure

  16. tonya says:

    awsome job keep up all the good support

  17. Crystal Barraza says:

    Check this out

  18. Kristina Johnson says:

    Keep fighting <3

  19. Marcelle says:

    Excellent site, upbeat and perky. The message of awareness hits the mark, thank you! I know many survivors but also have lost some very special women that I loved (still do).

  20. Catherine says:

    Love this site

  21. LOVE the shoes!!! And I'll be Making Strides next month in honor of my mom who passed away three years ago from breast cancer.

  22. Kristina Johnson says:

    Wear pink!

  23. Melodee Ellis says:

    I get my mammogram every year. I think it is great that we have people who want to walk and do something to help find the cure to breast cancer.

  24. Pamela says:

    I have had mammograms since age 21 due to excessive lumps and am friends with several women who have had breast cancer and SYRVIVED!! I now take a medication that predisposes me to cancer and am even more aware. I stand by you all and pledge my support<3

  25. Pamela says:

    I fully Pledge my support As several friends have been diagnosed and SURVIVED!!!

  26. Iris Delgado says:

    I am a Breast Cancer survivor. Went for a regular mammo on 2010 and there it was.

  27. De Vonee Kaiser says:

    I get a mamogram every year. I had two aunt and maternal gramma die from breast cancer. :-( My gramma alse had colon cancer too. I pray for a cure soon

  28. My sister had breast cancer many years ago thank goodness that she survived it and has being doing well ever since. I can't imagine what a women goes through when they find out they have breast cancer I just know I have been lucky not to have gotten it but, that doesn't mean I still can't. I wish nothing but, the best for those that have gone through this ordeal and may they find peace in knowing that there are those in the world who care about them and only wish that one day there will be a cure for it.

  29. confessionsofamommyof5 says:

    This is a great cause! I support it because my aunt it a survivor!

  30. Amber H says:

    Prayers for a cure, two great aunts with it, both survivors with only one boob now

  31. Praying for a cure for breast cancer and all other cancers…..

  32. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 39 and after a bil mastectomy, I am proud to say I am cancer free and a survivor.

  33. My heart goes out to all yal

  34. Kaitlynn says:

    Definitely inspiring! When should you start getting a yearly mammogram?

  35. Chandi Meyer says:

    A friend lost her battle to breast cancer 2 weeks ago. She had a double masectomy and chemo and radiation and surgeries. The cancer spread to her brain. This is a horrible disease. Congrats to all the survivors!

  36. My grandma is a2 time breast cancer survivor

  37. joanne says:

    I know it is not a fun thing to do but it is a necessary thing that needs to be done. I lost a sister to breast cancer, I get mine Please get yours.

  38. […] weeks ago, I shared a little bit about how breast cancer has affected my life, and celebrated the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer movement…if you’re in Atlanta, it’s not too late to sign up to walk in the […]

  39. Margie says:

    Had my head shaved to support my best friend with breast cancer.

  40. Charlene Ballerino Blusiewicz says:

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer @ the age of 33 . That was 20 years ago and then a 2nd primary @ the age of 37 year old. After bilateral mastectomies, I have been cancer free!!! Wahoo!!!!

  41. Sue Demele says:

    I wear pink an purple for sisters an brothers

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